The most widely held boast is that of an ability to cause me a lot of suffering and an ability to cause me more but it is not developed on reality either, Celebrities are the only people doing the fighting here, I simply want to end their gimmicks making sense to me because they damage my Books to secure my attention and work my mind for it. The reality of responding without thinking much is that their society gits hated my guts and we know is it due to their need to handle me and decide how I existed which got a response of a certain behaviour towards their communities as well, same as the civil rights people hated my guts because I did not think that their father characters were important people and now the Celebrities who hate my guts as well for the same reasons of getting up in public places to trash my health, career and finances telling me what to do and how to exist, as to make them physically and financially comfortable. It must have been such an unusual thing to network for my social life which brought me into contact with female journalists, that I should have had my entire life flushed down the loo because these gits had to use it too, they even go on to tell me that they knew their behaviour came with consequences but I was too insignificant for those consequences to apply, which sets the stage for how badly it will be ended.

Eventually we hear about the Queen making a statement on the way Americans drop the ball on environment matters which gets them telling me it’s about the British telling Americans what to do, while it is really about their Industry gits who ensure my career did not mean anything to anybody whenever it did not serve them, particularly money madness gits who are not exactly the most wealthy which they want to be by using industrial activity to collect their own taxes from the public while beating down the poor, going off to tear down areas of Natural conservation, as part of a blackmail process; we know there is that point where they have been fighting their own wars separately from the US government and the follow on need to show up here and tell us what privileges they deserved when they suffered loss of life but it is really bad and messy at this stage. The Germans on the other hand, who do the same beat the imagination as to their reasons; we know that they loved to make statements that made a complete mess of what we did to hold the hand up at the boardrooms where decisions were being made an Industry, keep the environment issue on the winning agenda or it will never be done, time and again facing disaster when Germans make statements about their power, dominance and manhood, which tilts this balance and brings about outcomes such as people who think their Crude Oil should be on arable land and not in the pipelines, winning the day during votes. Then there was stupid Women who never stopped abusing me in a sexual context over claims they needed to ensure that something bad happened to people over what happened to them, over which we also heard that others had no ideas on how to get around to the Terrorism problem, whereas if I pointed out that the question of which States were failed states and which were successful States and which were a work in progress, in Africa, Middle East Asia and Europe, which were their mortal enemies of which we know that the Russians were, it would have told them everything they needed to know about terrorism but at that stage they would have become completely disinterested because thinking about America had suddenly become the only thing that mattered. Then the popularity goons will get off telling me to stick to things my size which I have never understood; I mean I do understand that they loved to make a mess of matters about which I was having current, continues and recurrent success, so if they had no success on those matters, I would always have had an upper hand, providing the platform to set me out as a brain that had no brawn but they have never really explained what sticking to things my size meant, although we know they have been complaining I organised my life in a way that was a danger to others, picking off what Armed services people who deal with jobs where if you are tackling somebody twice your size in a setting where you were fighting for your life, dreams are never going to help you there, whilst your ability to hold your breath could be the difference between life and death. How I get caught up with it being a matter of what Americans are seen spending their time on; one huge big stupid responsibility after another – where it claims I am the same as terrorists because I am religious, which allows terrorists to put up errands for me that runs in the air and anybody could pick up at any time, then my personal favourite being the need to make a complete mess of the work that British security services were doing on the socioeconomic no man’s land which exists between communism and democracy, make a complete mess of it, having never come up with an alternative, only for us to find that they had developed a route to economic recovery which involved taking advantage of successful states for the benefits of the entire western world because they were Americans. Then there is the part where they clash with the Queen as well, a matter of the Central banking system picking up property and equity to develop items that serve as National economic holdings, working with the Monarch – the Americans would rather attack the Queens interests, than do anything about bitcoin goons trashing the global financial system, as long as they preferred to complain about my role which was harmful to them but the effects although felt were a mystery.

Eventually the ultimate question becomes one of the fighting everywhere and indeed whether we knew what the fighting was about but it has always been the story; story ownership gimmicks, culture ownership gimmicks, media and celebrity appearances gimmicks and so on, it will distract me from University and leave me with student loan debt and is nowhere near satisfied and then it is whipped up to a frenzy that they rely on as the answer for all their problems, after which they get off fighting my wars for it as well. They do love to suggest it is the point where I should do some fighting myself of which there is none to; the street idiots who get imagination up my bum as part of their lasciviousness gimmicks will not take a risk outside of those madness which dynamics were one of their parents doing things which goes against their sense of popularity because of their perverted interest in me and it’s not clear when they will realise that after 18 months of paying attention to the society boys and girls, there will be no good ending for their imagination getting up my bum because I refused to go along with their stupid needs – so far everything corrupt fat cat at industry is lost and I am talking about it way too early with respect to my schedule as such, since I prepared to do far more damage before I did but seemed to have done enough damage at an earlier period of time. They do claim the challenges I faced were the ones I ought to have expected for my position and yes they are, simply not the part where people handled my books as a method of having something close to my heart by which their media and famous idiots can express a part of their personality that shows there is little difference between Celebrities and thieves, it is illegal and I warned them I will not be seeking redress at the Law Court for it, so they are about to see all the cards laid out for a decision and if they do not make one, I will – It is important to get back to a time when it didn’t matter if I were Royalty or not, in fact I enjoy the way that I am and then I am not, is driving them insane. The confession is one of people who got hurt and killed fighting my wars, ruining me, either way, the most annoying is the one developed by an idiot who claims he is running an education system, to teach them how they could get imagination around my private parts and label me a bum, while they clung to my book shop through a means of raising the point about my financial wellbeing as compared to my age, which shuts down public interest – it should not be raised where the public is trying to associate with my Bookshop if people were keeping their salaries.