I have been asked about what is causing me the most trouble most of the time in view of my Bookshop garnering a Royal Public image attention around the world without the financial success every day and told that my route to success is taking too long. First of all which my route to success is not taking long, it’s a matter of the time frame in which I have made my own decisions to get matters sorted out – for instance, the abusive behaviour of the Media, its Personalities and Celebrities is purely narcissism but I cannot tackle when another group of fools had taken over my concerns using the Publicity to set a stage for involvement that does not involve reading what I have written, such that each time they turn up they make everything I am doing toxic, culminating in an outcome where everything I have worked for is being factorised by another group of idiots who never stop telling me they will build a life on my income margins without consequences because size matters – so it’s a group of fools that have set themselves out in a position which means whenever things go wrong around my concerns, they suffered the most but intend to turn it into some disastrous situation for me like a relationship with the devil through a process of perverting the services that I will provide at a Bookshop while chasing the conveniences of my Royal Office – according to history, pushing back meant whole parliaments stopping me until I dropped out of University then whole Parliaments wrecking what is left of my career because they saw me with a history of sorting out the problem. Hence I must consider that the main problem is a group of idiots in suits who never pay attention to their own jobs because making a mess of other peoples career was more pleasurable 70% of which are Politicians, 20% of which are Civil service workers and 10% split between City Centre operatives and Shop Managers. They have always told me the problem was that I get whatever I want and then I developed a terrible behaviour which is utter nonsense – what happens is that their corruption of involvement concerning men’s world generally makes a mess of my whole life in terms of a group of fools that are always complaining about being victims, targeting me for 15 years over some pleasurable narcissism they must have every day, while the female world will be one about Celebrities running around Town on my earning margins, to secure custom for show business products on my income margins and tell me I may stop anything that bothers me but not the Girls if I wanted to avoid trouble with a big mouth; they have always suggested that they knew there were consequences associated with their corruption of involvement but did not think it would apply to them because their stupidities were so incredibly important, while happening to be the people complaining the most over the mess they made of my finances, since it means they must say I am Royalty in order to pillage which hurts and say that I am not in order to get away with loot which hurts – I am therefore open to any new ideas that their stupidities have got still. The point here is not just a matter of some people who claim to be victims all the time targeting me for narcissism over such a sustained period of time which I completely understand as it were, it’s a matter of the fact that these idiots will continue to enjoy this behaviour provided they are able to get the Public deciding who was right and to ensure they were in that position at all times even for a minute, so I have issued warnings about preparing to tackle their careers for about 2 weeks now, planning to work it to such a stage that the slipperiness of being able to make this mess, tell a lie when being told off and continue, stopped, especially the Celebrities who do it in order to achieve equality that operates along the lines of being going through hell and at the other end, instead of gaining an accomplishment, simply achieved something the Media put me up to, which would ensure they kept their career while they knew what I know and therefore gained some form of social equality while keeping other tools that may offer them an advantage – I have tolerated this mess from idiots who don’t have money problems and are not getting help from any foodbanks the last time we checked, since 2011 and it has not spared me a single day since either, the sensibilities of famous people. So it would have been easier to just set out Publicity which suggests everything they do with my concerns does not have my approval but that is not so easy with these other idiots making a mess of it – what I must do then is eliminate everything that gives them the means to suckle me, right down to a personality I had built at a Hermitage being something I can be detached from and built up on Media so that while they got on with their profitable stupidities, it offered them security, I am as such expecting the outcome to be the usual process where they got hurt and or killed and I got away with it.

I have been told I excel at the self-loathing and self-pity which is utter nonsense – what we have here is the adage of those who claim to be the best at grabbing people’s career and public image, their gimmicks have been Years in the making. The other story about how it is nice to see that I am actually working is not an emotive story but it does have a time and a place too – the big problem we have faced here has been 8 years of my time being spent by a collection of fools with ideas on how I ought to write some Books and how I ought to sell them, without actually meeting me, since doing so would have meant they bought and read the Books in question but it is so intense the outcome is that they are situating themselves well enough to switch off interested parties at my Bookshop whenever they wanted. The Trader insults are usually the one about the idea that if I got around all their problems, then I might perhaps earn a passing glace for my Books which at the deployment of some insulting Publicity along with their Celebrity stupidities means I end up somewhere stuck and living their stupid dreams without getting paid for it and I will not tolerate any more stupidities at my expense from them beyond this for my part in the matter as well. The same story applies with their role being one of making sure low lives like myself did not get to tell Celebrities and important people what to do while mine is one of Equity I broker with the Celebrities which they need for the jobs they do to make the money we hear all the blabbing about – the core problem here being still that these idiots are so full of themselves they are unable to keep their hands off other people and mind their business, so it’s a damned if you did and damned if you didn’t situation for the Celebrities that their stupidities are trying to protect from me, which such resulting outcomes as their idiocy grabbing some fame careers that have been abandoned and they never grab fame career without spending my work doing so, now blabbing nice to see me working, thinking they are the only fools on the planet that can get their imagination up peoples bottoms with a big mouth. We are already at a stage where they cannot stop professing their hate for me which is largely due to the way I ensure their stupidities did not move into my right hand all together but it’s the same tale all round each time they believe they have had a lease from having to complain about me as well, a stupidities associated with the idea that eating some food was a crime, while their idiocy was the successful pricks who also knew we lived in a society where we organised our lives in a way that ensured criminals had a difficult existence which they ended up taking out on completely innocent people because they thought it made sense to do so and it is complaining about me currently, seems the whole thing will end very well all together, blabbing a nice to see that I am working – which is rather ground zero compared to the stupidities associated with the trader based complications they create for me at this Hermitage and I will not tolerate it. I do get asked if it is what some of the gestures I make at people mean but it isn’t – the gestures I make are meant to send a very simple message i.e. their stupidities know where the problems are and they are not entitled to govern me, doing so will risk the prospect that I got my hands on that stupid society as well, which if I did will begin a process where they saw it for the last time as well. Those who claim I talk but am unable to do a thing about it are good naturally, save the part where their alliance with the idiots who handle their ability to conduct the riots are the reasons they hate my Books but the principle has always been as simple as showing up here in an understanding that the writing is what I spend time on and actually reading what I have written since not doing so means their idiocy showed up at a later date to make trouble over issues I may have resolved months, weeks or even years before, something people use to help me grow my Bookshop through word of mouth becoming a tool for their stupidities to exert their violent tendencies at what they believe to be their equal with a big mouth. Then there are those who say I address other Royals in a similar fashion but tend to complain when the same is done to me – while the reality has been their stupidities getting to the very peak, the peak where my very existence is disrespectful for other Royals and those who are in a relationship with them share the same sentiments, so when they eventually get married, they take it to a whole new level and run out of ideas to see what will happen and the party piece is still that their greatest achievement is that I dropped out of University over it, looking for more of what their idiocy is complaining about. Either way, if it is an Arch Prince, the exact part of Arch Prince they failed to understand which beats my imagination, then they are Middle Class and should not forget it as it were but I do try to ensure that we all keep it professional. I mean at this stage I am about to end up with a writing career where I thought that criticising Politicians was terrible business because it meant I spent all my time thinking about the fact somebody else was not doing their jobs properly, to criticising society idiots until I got killed – so I does make sense to pay attention to history where the only time we have felt safe has been those times when these idiots are caught in a cycle of work, shop, pay attention to family concerns and get back to work, as it tends to ensure the sexual abuses that put them in charge are paid for as soon as possible.