They do claim I am enemy of other people’s freedoms, but it is not about people’s freedoms at all. It is really about how people fulfil dreams of being rich by talking to certain people who decided how I was used because they had to avoid work to fulfil their dreams of being rich too; this is not the main problem as I usually bring it upon myself because they were public enemies most of the time, the main problem is another group of gits with Media jobs running off abuses that crowds can take part in over it to poke me and attack me in a hope of getting me to part with secrets that they can rich by themselves and none knows why they do it. I intend to execute the same process where my Publishers had to stand up to them over what my Book does, only for them to claim that their need to get it free of charge was justified because they were important and that my Publishers were talking soldier talk with their fan crowds detested, hence hell broke loose, distribution costs are no longer working for either myself or the publishers, other people cannot make use of the Books, only Celebrities can whilst my Publishers had asked them if they wanted it free of charge and to own my career as well because they did the work for it, thereby talking soldier talk which they found unforgivable with a big mouth. So it has not stopped while their stupid children have taken up the complaints to decide where I stopped with a big mouth, hence I am aware the whole thing is supported by abuses and insults that run endlessly but it is either I broke the cycle through products put out by the idiots who keep paying for this sort of nonsense to boost their earnings and keep them looking as if they had become rich due to the distress it was causing me or I attacked the products that the Celebrities themselves put out, of which for the time being it is the products Celebrities put out that serves the easier option.

They do claim that Celebrities do not act by themselves and have support from American Politicians which I understand they do but I do not answer to American Politicians – I have a Royal Office and need eliminate all things I considered to be a threat to public security and civil living, such that I can set a stage that allowed service operatives to see clearly that a step would result in public security or another would result in civil administration; the reasons are that if the Queen decided Her people were going to war, it would happen that way exactly because a specific job had to be done. These gits are always making trouble and the trouble then extends to vulnerable people that are trying to flee to the UK from conflict zones or dreaded polities and plays into the hands of tyrants and International criminals, none understands exactly why the Media needs to get on it and set out public abuses for me, which eventually produce outcomes where I am meant to be attacked until I parted with a secret that their stupidities could get rich by. From Obama forward, the American Government has shown a rather more public face of that gimmick where economic problems are best resolved as a Nation but they decided it was better for people to chase personal interests and celebrity gimmicks – all I can do is eliminate threats to public security and civil living, when I am ready, make my move but the problem is that my Publishers had provoked Celebrities with soldier talk, hence where we are.

There is the talk of black people thinking of me as a traitor which is all good save what they get up to is not what the Law of the land is and I am not meant to follow it – so that just leaves the fact they had failed miserably in the process of providing the leadership that will make them real men and women, being religious and at the same time able to protect people from finance based discrimination, which of course I can provide immeasurably and their need to provide their own by handling mine as insultingly a group of penises as they possibly can, generally means that we are set for a future where I ended up with another reputation doing another one as it were. Much the same as people wanting to understand the motivation behind my actions, while we have ended up with three sections to their gimmicks: the industry gits with a need to spend money on every stupidity that famous idiots invented which involved distant violence being channelled at me, because it meant that they could pass off their incomes as wealth to the public which they would claim people should want to be a part of at my expense – the other being the Celebrities who are always seen getting involved with my Bookshop where they can reach me at any time and use me for something else other than the work of a writer, while their stupid fans and silly children got to decide where mine stops – then the society fools with a need to get imagination up my bum. It simply must be that difficult for any of these group of idiots to buy and read Books as it were, they wish to make sense of the motivation behind my actions. It is as if when I had written a Book, I have to be cash strapped for it and cannot study in the meantime. Study time is take up lest Celebrities made practical jokes, society idiots got imagination up my bum and industry twats put up money to trade as if I had lost something important – it is the motivation which interests their stupidities.

I understand most of the gimmicks to be a matter of making me face up to some bravery associated with my position and Office which is utter nonsense – what happens is that when they show up to perform some University fiasco on my studies, it is because they believed I was better off a shield against the characters that follow them around and ensure that they could not concentrate on their careers, which is largely a result of the best ways that a person can get along with other human beings. The inability to keep their insults off me especially when I try to move them off my Bookshop in order to continue, is set to ensure I too acquired physical steps I needed to take to ensure they kept it where their careers where located, the alternative is a social ill i.e. paying too much attention to the fact that the times they do not cling to your income and spend most of their time on practical jokes which practical jokes performed around your work makes you sick and smelly as well, only to claim it is power they had over you and begin a money making campaign of distant sexual violation, is the times that they are distracted by gangs and criminals. There is always that talk that I never acknowledge that I had become a hated figure but I had not, it is all something they made up i.e. they have been fighting my wars, they got captured by the enemy that tortured and raped them, so they were entitled to take whatever they wanted, I do attempt the pacification idea where it is said that all contributions at National service should be appreciated but it never works. So without inventing my own ideas, I want to ensure they got to make out exactly how they have been fighting my wars and this is what we are all complaining about on the global stage, never mind the pacification leading to a process where my position was a danger to people who worked the National services. Then of course they claim that people have been fighting my wars but the reality is that each time they did it was completely unnecessary i.e. the old story of the fact whenever people push me into violence it was provocative and this gimmick has never actually improved, hence I preferred the complaining as it were.