They do say they are keen to find ways of embarrassing me all the time but it is nothing out of the ordinary, the consequences of their personal decisions are always other people’s responsibilities, so they have been making a mess of me for two decades every day and it weighs heavily at this stage of my life generally – it’s something about managing a gap between my comfortable job and a sense of what would occur if my personality were to have been involved in activity that got me into trouble with the Police, like for instance their own had, hence it is always much less complicated than their stupidities suggest that it is, even if I loved to appear in Public places without clothes. The other part of their story naturally was that most of my concerns were a matter of the way that socialism had taken an interest in me but all I have known about socialism is a problem associated with my Christian background and a need to follow teachings on working hard to provide for yourself in order to be charitable to those who do not have, which they have completely trashed over an obsession to get paid for being popular on my personality, so this also means that I am able to make sense of their celebrity stupidities, contrary to strange ideas I was vulnerable to them, I knew exactly what to do to destroy it completely. The point however is that socialists basically think of morality and applicable charity as something people did to encroach on what they needed to do to get into or get close to places of power and wealth by endearing themselves to the Public but the anger and frustration comes when I have been put through a difficult time and their stupidities have not helped anybody, while what I could have done was completely wrecked and my intentions were seen as political capital. On a personal disposition, I think socialism is completely insane; I mean some people have developed a way to say that some things were good to work with the Political system and general governance, but other things were not, that said, it is still a nightmare for an ideology. We are talking about the idea that those in charge were able to control the movement of people, they were able to ascertain that only a certain group of people got to live in a certain geographical area and in that way got to decide how much everybody earned, which is basically impossible but what we are talking about was very scary issues whereby people then had to make decisions as per if the geographical areas they lives had changed because they lived there, there would arise a time when further change would produce catastrophic consequences and if there were changes which those in authority responded to, it will be the people in authority creating the catastrophic consequences, hence a time had arrived where a constitution had to be considered, which is scary business, the sort of thing which when gone wrong, results in outcomes where people spent the night with their parents in the Bushes to escape bullets and yet the bushes will not necessarily have been the safe place to go, all because somebody showed up with ideas about everybody earning the same and then got off earning more than his or her subordinates. They do raise the point about capitalist wealth disparity but it was entirely a matter of people being distracted from what they were doing, like in my case where my disposition is not necessarily a matter of distraction but defer of work and duties, only for people to show up here putting themselves in charge whilst they had no clue what to do and still continued to perform such activities as they were in charge; the simplest way to describe it would be to say that muppet, having seen a world where an average CEO would want to escape the greed of his colleagues at the board but that Greed is the meant to company profitability, became muppets that had gotten ahead of other people.

They do suggest it was a grand case of making me experience what they did in their lives but I would never know anyway, as mentioned before, I am conversant with the processes of charitability and know that their celebrity culture gimmicks is not it either on my part or theirs, in my view, they are testing me, to see if I really can permanently damage the Celebrity culture for them. They do also suggest I needed to stop but there is nothing to stop, as the process by which I operate involved stuffing the society and community trouble makers full of what I knew, so they carried it around my PR I did not have to pay for – now I need to pick up their need to do well at school while ripping up my pursuits, then show up with jobs through which they may work managerial positions to trash my finances and make me an outcast, the gimmicks extending to the point where they now steal my time because they do not have access to property or public image and it had since developed before then, from the idea I was better a customer at the high streets than an employee, into the idea that I was better a customer that did not attend venues so I shopped online and I need to ensure that it stopped trashing my social life the getting imagination up my bum for every single thing I did, so that I might meet other relevant people as well and I plan to burn the silly career in the course of making this happen too. Same process applies to the Celebrities, while the silly abusive children want somebody to despise them whenever they are in school Uniform I suppose – such that even if I did run out of resources, the goons that do unusual things during unholy hours and ensure that they expressed themselves by getting imagination up my bum and watching me on CCTV for everything I did, will supply me with resources, if not the social type. As for the stopping itself, there is nothing to stop either as a whole – the consequences for the actions these trouble makers perform should be such that they could continue with their careers if they had any and it is not that I had not developed a good process to get it all done, I have the society goons, the culture trouble makers and various others under control but everything I did was swiped up by Celebrities, through which process they goaded and goaded me, resulting in communities people built to get imagination up my bum, which expresses itself in the form of things we can see, such as online abuse, organised crime and boiler rooms etc, then it shows up to get involved with me every day because it was famous and was not accustomed to being denied anything it wanted, as stupidly as possible. I could never understand what the imagination was, that got them claiming whenever people picked up my equity to make entertainment, that criminals and the hoodlums providing custom for the organised crime products that were being sold, were nice people buying show business, while I spent my time, trying to rub shoulders with them and I cannot make sense of what must have been the inspiration which brought about the idea that the consequences of this nonsense that they had built, was my responsibility, so they might want to prepare for the effects of what they had created and stop making up ideas about forcing me to do something instead.

I am now told about the threat that Politicians posed but it is not a threat to me at all. They need to come up with ideas for Policy that will win elections and put them in charge of people, so this need to be in power generally means that I am constantly made to end up in a position where people suspended my life, work, career and finances, until some form of stupidity or another had come through, even when they are indebted to people who make big donations towards their Political concerns, the one that was their actual job is still less important than a business of doing this – a problem that can only be solved if I restrict or remove Political access to my Literary Business and Royal Estate as such. They however were aware if they got assistance from Americans for this, they will never be able to say that they got off controlling people at the Monarchy and wanted to brag about it, so this lack of respect for me and the way it is displayed in public places every day is the one thing they need to eliminate if they were complaining, apparently all can see that it was a problem that should never have existed in the first place. I do not think the whole process had since added up to a crisis for my part either, what Politicians do with people at the Monarchy is usually a matter of the look of a person’s Family; mine is a mess because of a group of idiots who spend most of their time working out how to criticise everything I did and scold me all day abusively but it is the part where their celebrity culture stupidities cannot keep their hands to themselves when telling me what to do was ineffective, that is now creating some serious problems. It had gone on to such an extent that everything I did to prevent those gimmicks where they got off to companies to ensure that my Estate and my concerns were added to the business of companies to boost profit for those companies, so the companies did not have to work for their own money had become ineffective, while new version of it had been built and it still continues to hang about looking like muppet had gotten ahead in life talking rubbish all the time and will not stop handling me yet.

They do claim they were dangerous people and this process where they were a danger to me facilitated a place where they could hang about building a crowd that got involved with them on the understanding, they had grabbed my career and earnings, while another chose the lower-level opportunity of spending everything I did about it on themselves. Then they claim my responses were a process of me chasing a path that will lead me to a bad ending and its myths like this which ensure I could never feel good – the bad ending they were talking about involved a stupidities that felt as if they had smelled and tasted my blood and were always out for more, grabbed some of my work and would get violent to maintain possession of it, then the extra measures taken to ensure I did not think about recovering it while showering me with insults to build personality – I am now unable to concentrate on anything which damages the finances and career and they talk too much. They first said that they did not have money and it made them want to kill people, now they have money, and my very existence was disrespectful, implying it was apt for the bloody idiots to get a befitting response as well, particularly the famous, who tended to suggest they found this nonsense amusing while their stupidities could easily cease paying attention to mine.