The series of pressure points involved the part where I worked with Companies to broker equity and administrate intellectual property, there were the money madness goons who claimed they were working parts of market where the bottom chasing issues were relentless, getting on my nerves and the leadership of the Church getting me out – from here I set out a Bookshop and display these processes on my social media which is followed by thousands of people but Celebrities used the Bookshop over dreams of being important by making me serve them, such that the Public was no longer able to engage and my finances crashed – it is indeed such a small thing for them to stop doing but so does it also appear there was no way to prevent their need for it, save finding out what they were going to do about me if I ran them down into a life of work, family matters and shopping while I interfered with all their relationships. For their part, they lived in a world of bottom chasing where girls never stopped handling other people’s livelihood and incomes in this way, challenging the victims for expressing the fact that it was a position that caused people to feel immense anger and stress, so we find they only improve when beaten down to such an extent they faced the smell issues and it had nothing to do with me. They do claim that I interfere with their careers but I don’t; what happens is that Politicians pick up effects of my social life and do nothing about celebrities who felt entitled to do the same and then it gets worse besides the destruction of my University studies while academic institution leadership who took my fees turned a blind eye – the stage where it began to get serious when the Politicians claimed that people stabbed others to death because the playgrounds were disused and the Celebrities dug others for facts and sugar baby disposition by talking to guests as though the gests were being cross examined in a condition where liberty was at stake, for reasons of fooling around with my legal studies for too long. We are now a little bit off consummating a process where my livelihood was wholly reliant on gutting them for PR, since it appears they had way too much fun at my expense to stop severing a link between property and equity broker with companies that are displayed on social media, which link with the Bookshop lasted long enough for the Public to read the Books, so I ended up doing the work, the Public engaged and my finances crashed. The full version of relying of bothering them for PR instead of paying for my own, will be the part where they were no longer famous enough to be unapproachable and I could say anything I wanted to them whenever I needed to, not as they claim, a matter of me eliminating them so that I may become a Celebrity myself but then again, there is enough disrespect to prevent the running of  a Bookshop already, it will get worse if they were informed I already had a public image, of which if I worked on more, I would be looking for trouble.

They do claim I am one of the most irritating characters ever seen but we also know that they had a big problem keeping their hands to themselves or controlling and preventing the violent crimes that come with their inability to cease deciding how others were meant to exist. In the US they say that their stupidities added up to successful people who hung about City underbellies with abusive narcissism that added up to market, working hard to buy show business while I spent time trying to rub shoulders with the famous, then we found them on another trajectory as they were unable to prevent the school shootings in the USA. Then their silly women suggest it was a prognosis associated with me running with Lions which was a matter of exploring my civic duties to come up with ideas about careers I deserved based on how brave I had been, the stupidities building up to areas of work which somebody else that worked in the Military picked up – whereby their stupid need to pick up the way my sense of security worked, as a tool for covering their backside and showing up in parts of town they did not previously have the courage to appear in, does not determine what I am capable of but will not stop making a mess until I seriously harmed a famous idiot for it. I do get told it is a measure of the challenges and its an old story, where a normal Fat Cat Character who are usually very clever people and would likely have been able to tell what I am doing, what I am saying, where I am coming from engages with some of the most inhospitable neighbourhoods, to secure facts by which to influence how dividends were distributed among top industry Officials but then you have an idiot posing as one, who decided that it was going to deploy the work armed forces were doing as a tool for marketing, which never ever stops and was so stupid it could not tell where I was hitting him from.

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