The Arch Prince Ikpe Uno

In light of most other matters having been handled, it seems the only one standing out is the case of the Obama Administration helping popularity gits to my personal and social life, by ripping up my finances and affording them social, cultural and financial advantages to catch up, laced with the interests of abusive bottom chasing German Interest gits who claim that they had already planned a life on a practical joke of getting imagination up my bum, so I might be as nice as I want but all I am likely to get is a lesser form of the same abuse. They make this follow on statements that the weakness of the British is access to free things all the time and it is well into the zone as such, that they had become very good at blaming others for the problems they created for themselves, hence they didn’t mind or pay too much attention to what their lives were cluttered with, while it is the weakness of the British if we thought that when something is too complicated a process to reach an arrangement on how to pay for and to receive payment for, it had better been given away to somebody who might make better use of it. They do love to claim that what happens to the British is a matter of the victims of state activity, which is incredibly amusing, as in my view, the State does not interfere with their concerns, it interferes more with the concerns of those who had business with it, of which none knows how they got involved with the State and how it came to hurt them, then again it is even more amusing to consider that they were gamblers and are set to lose again. So, considering previous losses which it has been said developed from the idea I am a coward, that I am complaining about consequences of the fact that they had never stopped chasing my bum from 4 years ago after I picked up a private security industry job, following me around to make a mess but at the same time, as per what abuses had begun since I picked up that job, their financial wellbeing had gotten worse and worse.

The reasons the Americans do this beats the imagination all the time; they had decided that if poor Americans had access to British Royalty, they would take advantage of rich people who had history and mystery behind them to get rich and in return vote liberals into Office for a long time – what we find when we go to the USA is that in neighbourhoods where people took their American dream very seriously, a 16 year old will be found doing college studies, holding down a parttime job, being coached by parents for something important and a dance class; hence we had access to facts on the reasons people they plan to take advantage of in such ways are usually perpetual victims with distant violence, abuses and insults becoming the order of the day, the reasons people do not vote for them still. For my part, I have had enough of it and they are now the only thing outstanding, no prospects of moving on while I was concerned with other matters involving a handful of idiots who dream of people starting a new Country they can go to do whatever they liked, once I had gotten a Royal Commission for a Hermitage and ensured what I did with my career ended up in their possession so they carried it around like some PR I did not have to pay for, while I got to spend my time on Administrative work over it – the type that was of a kind that I was a character people bullied to get paid for being popular to such an extent that the problem ended up on the doorstep of the central banking system all together and if I were allowed by them to complete my academic work as such, I would be handling the issue on an Official capacity but that was wrecked too. It has got its civil and criminal disobedience and will not keep the white lie practical jokes, comments, and gestures where its career is located, very soon about to get a response from me, the gambling is going to give way to losses.

They do ask how I keep information like this to myself for years and it is an old story about fingering peoples bums the imagination to make a point that relations with the UK was not all it cracked up to be, so it needed to be shoved up the arses of those involved, when it blows into something serious and the victims want to show they damaged it in the first place by putting them in A and E or worse. I mean I don’t spend most of my time thinking of where I stood a chance or not, just trying to get my world in order and they needed to stop skewering my finances and trashing my Bookshop for it, supposing that they wished to avoid the reasons we heard them complain all the time as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland