The Arch Prince Ikpe Uno

As for the matter of being hated which hate for me is growing by the day, it was all a matter of me being a nobody whom people have died for in the course of National service duty; I have no idea when this began, why it began and the exact reasons it had developed into talk of hate for me while self-seeking idiots cling to my income either. It is an example of what becomes of those stupidities where they rip up my Books to claim that I covered their arse in writing it and should not be paid until I covered it properly, as stupidly as possible – so the chronology of it is the University fiasco that was a result of stupid white Girls who are now stuck in with the men that chase their bottoms, travelling overseas to bring black men into my life while I was at University, making stupid statements about a better off position on which they sold their bodies, since which I dropped out of hell broke loose around here and they would never stop until I gave up working the whole thing and left them to get stuck with it too – from here it became a matter of Politicians who have been at work in the previous case taking the need to get me standing up for myself so they might claim the results as their own, to a whole new stage and everybody knows by the way that the best way to acquire something they can keep and win election by each time they needed it was to acquire their own copy of my Book, what they prefer is a need to trash my finances and issue threats while the same idiots they spent tax payer on to develop this nonsense got completely out of hand and created new social challenges, does need to stop threatening me as well – then we finally reached the part where Celebrities claimed my Books covered their backside, got together with their fashion idiots to pick up my service processes and build me publicity that says I should be doing security guard to cover their arse well enough to get paid, which began 8 years ago and is still going strong ripping up my finances while I had earned another global stage reputation for attacking famous idiots and it does not know where it stop naturally if the need to splash out on pictures where they blew kisses at criminals on my social life and public image was creating problems, the fucking idiots think that I was so insignificant that although consequences could be applied to the problem, I was not important enough for those consequences to apply, hence I want to ensure when done with them, I am too insignificant for them to pursue, so I get away with it too.

The fall out I am trying to tidy up naturally is that people do not get involved with my Bookshop to read anymore, they do to follow up the abusive lasciviousness and practical jokes that celebrities channel at me because of how useful my Books have been while failing to acquire a copy of their own and thereby destroying my finances, this is not something I face once a week, I face it every day because the recession had affected the stupid show business as well and then it explains that it does this because it was rather confident that there was nothing I could do about it. So far then what we have had is a case of people finding out the reasons I never get into a fight i.e. if the premise on which to ensure these idiots were getting into a fight over Public and National security would be eliminated when I got into a fight with others, I am at a loss as to the reasons I ought to do it while my career is stifled by their fingers getting up my bum and a community being built up for it, after which they teach their stupid children office space insults that can be channelled at me and hang about clinging to my Royal Office over gimmicks associated with the way their House sizes have allowed them to make sense of the reasons the Head of State lived in a Castle, telling lies over my income all day, which the Books are no longer able to provide on account that it is covering the arses of a handful of famous twats. Entirely the way it should work, lewd immoral people making strange decisions for themselves and then deciding that somebody somewhere was scapegoat for it, however this time, the abuses are meant to distract me from my academic pursuits and to make a mess of my Bookshop and my finances, gets into my personal space all the time – the decisions I have made as wellbeing that the increased need of society gits to handle me meant that I intended to spend even more of their lives on Celebrities, who will in turn show up to think I am in love with them, to ensure my finances were a mess on claims I am good at covering their backsides, so that I might force them to fix the applicable problems too. It leads to this idea that when people hear me speak they think I am at deaths door while I am not – reality is that the insults are incredible and since we are now in a situation where I have to choose between responding to those insults and working my career while they kept their jobs, I have become increasingly encouraged to come up with a plan that will allow me handle their salaries as well and these were some of the abusive aspects.

Eventually hear it’s a matter of people allied to Celebrities being sacrificed mercilessly at UK National security services which does not work as simply as they had put it, what happens being more of a need to handle my income margins instead of get a job, developing into something of a process of making sure my career does not mean anything to anybody no matter what I did with it, stirring up huge security problems at Industry and finally settling up on the Media gimmicks that facilitated an escape plan when defence industries brokered equities with me and they got off selling British state secrets over it; where we are being that they had suffered but if the job had not been done, they will have to do it again, if it had been done they needed to give it a rest, if it had been done to ensure the Public was forced to suck up to Celebrities, they needed to stop handling my Books as it is an example of a situation that will add up to their undoing. I mean the Office space, office block, office window insults they channel at me to wreck my career and allow their foolish children get imagination up my bum on the streets because none could wreck their careers and pick up what they did to recover as tools for popularity self-improvement as well. We have eventually seen the outcome being that I am said to have gained enemies on all sides while what really happens is that both Russians and Americans like to wreck peoples earnings and do sex work on the effects – so I have been collecting the sex work for research as well and people had found out an Arch Prince was collecting sex work, so there has been an explosion of sex work – eventually running down to those gimmicks where if they picked up the career of an 18 year old to run off publicity that says such a person should be covering their arse to get paid, we will find that such a person would get into the sex trade right away – I suppose I am more in a position that turns the stupid candy from a baby insults into a list of pornographic activities they show up to instigate on my Public image which will add up to a career Publicity that they cannot escape from as well, a cluster of photos and moving pictures that will grow and grow and grow according to the degree of insults and challenge being thrown in my face with their big mouth, particularly with respect the fashion twats.

I am told that at my age I should have achieved much but all I had to do had been achieved as such, save the money bits while will never be done to ensure more popularity gits followed me around or make black people comfortable. It’s like when they say I needed to stop what I am doing as well and the correct way to think about it is to ensure that every spoiled idiot whose name I don’t know and whose relative I am not, showing up here to ensure I am caught up in nauseating financial complications because their stupidities had media and civil rights to fool around with, continued in the behaviour until it was too late to change. The Office space office block office window insults doing my stuff all the time and it never once has, never have I had a huge order for my Books at any point despite its perverted daily interest in me, just as a big mouth as a Media twats looking for somebody to be motivated enough to handle their stupid salaries as well. Yet again, I am on course to achieve the part where the National service and street shootings and stabbings kept the fame scumbags off my Books I suppose. The history is one where 17 to 25 was spent wading the effects of their need to hang about somewhere a safe distance pushing me into trouble with the Police because I was seen at Church, 25 to 28 was the University gimmicks, 29 to 35 the work environment stupidities and an advancement of that foolish desire to groom me into a position where it can get imagination up my bum, 35 to 40 was the changing my social life and public image to give me one that got me doing security guard job for their stupidities and now I think that picking up everything I did from the moment I got out of bed while making sure my career does not mean anything to anybody is the experience for my 40, will never show up here to read a Book if I do not look like the shooting and stabbing type.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland