The Arch Prince Ikpe Uno

It is now suggested that people have gotten me unmuted as such which is utter rubbish as what happens is that they needed it so much that they had gone about construing all I did with my career as a process of being unmuted by them – it goes without saying that there the issue associated with this, one of them being that the Public did not get to think that way of me during work at the Bookshop otherwise we faced fresh trouble on both sides and of course the second issue being that they can unmute what they want safely if they did not bash my Books as well. It does love blowing off its big mouth at me, but this is not what will likely happen with its stupidities all, what will happen is that when it kicks off, it will end very badly either way it goes. Virtually everything I have done with my career, social life and personal life has been treated to this nonsense of Publicity concerning their ideas on what I should be doing, leading to outcomes of crowds that believed their stupidities had gotten me to do what they wanted but it is their need to bash my Books which is the source of all their problems.

They always love to bring up that story about having a good business I wrecked but that was after and not before: after year after year, I had to repair a literary empire they could do whatever they liked with after claiming the idea I am an Arch Prince existed only in my head – year after year I had to repair damages caused by claims my career is something developed from the areas of their stupid jobs where their foolish families ought to play a part in the bread winning process to boost pocket money, of which there were street fights the last time they could not recover from somebody saying something similar about their concerns in the past while it was acceptable fun that I had to recover nearly every day, as stupidly as possible – year after year, recovering from their need to cling to my income margins and find a lie that will serve an accusation by which they sent out their foolish sugar babies to run me down and forge alliances with their stupid Celebrities. Now what we are dealing with is the stupid threats, so I have to imagine they are not aware I had begun working on a cat and mouse mode where I would not let them go and keep playing with them until they were dead or something: the stupid threats that is not clear what it wants to do if it knew my position on the above listed abuses while it got off claiming it had a duty to make me fulfil my Office because the society gits who built communities where they were men and everybody else was female with holes in the body parts to get their fingers into, at the same time which they employed security guards to tackle me for the sugar babies they sent out to run me down clinging to my income margins and telling me what to do insultingly all the time – not clear if it knew my position was one of finding out if the society gits were the ones doing National service in this Country, investigating how Celebrities lived to attack them for the good part while I used it the way I have learned from their stupidities and wait for which scumbag will blow off its big mouth at me on media thereof, wondering if the claim is that they didn’t need to think of me as a threat, what they had in mind. I mean it is simple that they do not get to bash my Books, if they wish to avoid further trouble.

I have been told the matter is much more serious and of course it is, if I were facing a matter of a crowd that believed the publicity built up on what I did as a matter of what they were making me do, as opposed to the reasons I really did the things they had built up the stupid publicity for all together. It does leave it out of the story when its penis complains about me at Government buildings I suppose. Their Politicians claim that I am always on a self-serving racket while the reality is that it is either I was able to ignore society idiots building communities where they were men and I was female with holes in the body they can stick fingers into all day, these idiots picking up all I did to build up publicity as per which ones they made me do because they were selling the proceeds of my Office to make their own money,  Celebrities trashing my public image and social life in order to make use of it followed up by fools who loved to blow off their big mouth on Media at me endlessly, so that I might concentrate on my academic work and my Books or they got to find out what I planned to do with it. The state of affairs as it stands is that they had since run out of excuses, excuses that it was inconsequential that the idiots always wanted to set up business on my Public image to guarantee profit or set me out as a character people bullied to suck up to rich people, since last the outcome was that people got to put investments on it, banks gave out loans on it and the public issues ended up at the door step of the central banking system, later on probably the Office of the Chancellor.

They have always done these things I gather but then again, the difference this time is that I am winning; they are now in a situation where they understood the importance of a public policy which said that they could only make money if they had a legitimate job to make it by and not if they got paid for being popular. They are prepared to punish me for the rest of my life over it but there is bound to be less trouble if they were not bashing my Books as well. The Americans friends have since spent 8 years of their time handling me, so are starting to blab off nonsense about making me do as they wanted, which is soon to produce a result where I got to find out how difficult exactly it will be to say the next time they show up here to put themselves in charge of public matters they knew nothing of at my expense and cling to my income margins like they have with their stupid media over the 8 years since 2012, which process actually started out by getting me to drop out of University in 2007, I was bound to teach them a lesson they will never forget too. So, it is as simple as every fool who had such intense need to be the one forcing me to fulfil my Office, not bashing my Books and finances any further, if their stupidities were complaining about it on Media. It is the same story following the same process; where they had a problem with those who needed to prove themselves to the peers backed by a culture, a foolish need to fulfil the stupid fantasy of being in a position where they told me what to do and made me do it and of course a racket over a problem with a  government directive that suggests they ought to get jobs to make money not get paid for being popular with another person’s public life and is always the applicable classic case with respect to their civil disobedience, works the same way all of the time, while the Politicians had a way to cling to my income and develop lies that suggested I was the one doing it in order to continue until their stupidities were rich. They claim these abuses are the way that civil rights people fought their corner and it probably is but we also know that it needs to be in a position where it had to represent a community at Government buildings because that community was being discriminated against, the problem being that a Government that discriminates against entire communities does not exists, so he works with his foolish women to trash my career and make one up in its stupid head to run with. Later, we find them claim that I am ignorant of systemic racism but before then their foolish women decided I was chasing a career that was fitting of their stupid size, so the one the idiots believe they will not lose involved handling me. It does go without saying the next time it wants to get about ripping up people’s careers and finances to get paid for being popular alongside white boys, it might want to think about speaking properly first, not that I could do worse with it as it were, with the big mouth they have. They do claim their rationale to be that I loved to pick on people who did things I was too weak to do myself, which is nothing unusual as such either way, we know they used to be afraid of me but are not anymore, like we know if they worked some anal sex they made a public case for over those stupid ideas about whom they were superior to, the famous stupidities would have to go all the way for it.

The other reasonable complain being that they would like it to stop and didn’t know when it would naturally, what we know is that they are happy to spend taxpayer funds facilitating wickedness, just didn’t imagine that the same wicked people will violate them sexually from a safe distance, so when it happened tackled my career because their government office stupidities were incredibly important. I however am a Hermit, do not need an education on what evil looks like, so it will stop when they inform us all that they would like it too as it were. It plays into those cases of the way the British Royal Family is said to view Americans, what really happens is that they come up with the culture disobedience as a matter of being the more powerful Country in the British Royal family, so others would develop their own culture of disobedience to help them understand what the consequences of their actions were, somewhere during that which the racism kicks off. Unlike my case where it kicks off to show that racism was always likely to be an idea people had in a Country where majority population was white and we had to get round to that case of black idiots whose financial matters were meant to be the concern of everybody else, hence the racism that affected them was the only type the land, joining white boys to wreck peoples careers and make sense of living in affluent neighbourhoods where it can get imagination up peoples bums to any extent its stupidities wanted and still could not speak the English Language properly as a whole. The next time it ensures its racism experiences were all over me, the business of communicating the fact most of the racism is being tackled by white people, will progress to another case of showing what the Police does when you have a nasty money madness habit of escalating their jobs.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland