They do claim I denied the problem was getting worse but it is not in anyway whatsoever. These are a handful of gits whom a person gets caught up with after abandoning an Official position in the course of public figure duties. The problem is that the Men have spent 8 years of my time to get their practical jokes applicable on my earnings, my hands are now tied with respect to how I may respond when they get out of hand at my expense and the main question is still that of the reasons I had worked so hard to prevent it while they worked so hard to ensure my earnings were caught up in it, even the one about the reasons they had to run off the practical jokes in me in the first place, is secondary – so there are no threats, especially when peddled by idiots I have really had enough of. The two fundamental problems are that of Government Officials who love them at my expense and then show up complaining all the time, so we can see there is nothing those can do about me, especially if I had mitigated the complicated parts where somebody wanted a service that was affiliated with my Public work and they asked for more trouble by trying to sell my public image or Royal property. The other problem is Celebrities corrupting wealth equity I developed to help younger people avoid being followed around, into something of a means to pick on me and get paid by them, the need for the famous gits to pick up my income has been so great that we have since ended up with a market condition where people paid them to do so because it was a method of securing equality with me and something therefore that I can contain by making sure both became a part of the way the wealth equity was managed, in terms of them working together, so when Celebrities use it to get money off men, the men could get the money back later. The excuse these fools make on the matter is that these were issues associated with others being braver than I am but we also know that apart from fundamentally setting these gits off to fight my wars, I do twist those who abuse me over such gimmicks into a corner and they do get off fighting the wars for the Government operatives that kick it off – I mean I could never make sense of it; you only get caught up with them when you abandon an official position but that does not mean they were not going to claim their problems were bigger, get a crowd on your door step, build communities that get imagination up your bum, cling to your income at the markets and do something to show you could have your career back when you prove that you were brave enough to deserve it and yet it still makes sense for men, top of the list being the Heir to the Throne, to love them at my expense and show that love every day, at the same time which they target me because I am single and something that small becomes so big, the Men had to do it. The central point is still the same i.e. Celebrities who think they are more important than I am trying to prevent me from changing it but it is the part where their insults brings to bear the way I work equity with companies which process at the end is detached from a Bookshop and none is reading the Books, which is set to decide how such nonsense is to end, especially when it gives way to a need of my own, to end the vandalism that is brought about by bottom chasing Celebrity daddies and fame idiots who never lay off peoples careers and incomes if not beaten down on the smell issues like their daddies do, both happy to trash other peoples lives when they made a mess of their own – something of a need I had to interfere with their relationships because I had to protect the Bookshop by keeping their money out of my face, considering other human beings had money to push around influences with just as much. The Chicken had to cross the road to spend 11 years of my time countering all my efforts to prevent their stupidities, in order to get practical jokes tied into my career and finances and now it had succeeded and garnished with it a Media presence which allowed it to complain everyday of consequences associated with building places where they can say that my career belonged to other people.

On the matter of them fighting my wars which is an issue people never stopped messing with – it does appear they pick me up in the bathroom to run off cracked up out of my league practical jokes that builds communities that get imagination up my bum and thrills their fame idiots who think they are more important because the whole business of it growing into ageist idiots who cannot keep their hands to themselves and younger fans of such stupidities getting imagination up my anus, was something they did because they were going to take on some National level enemy to protect us all. I do get asked when I worry about Armed forces people getting their hands on it, whether I did not want that to happen but I don’t in an overt sense; although the leadership was okay because they decided what the relationship of the armed forces with the Public was, the rest were likely to act and then ask you the question when you had a problem. In essence pointing out like this shows the difference between what these twats are doing and what Government setting out a premise for daily law and order in civil matters was – we know these idiots do not speak to people, we know they do not take ‘no’ for an answer, we know they cannot keep imagination off peoples bums and we know the Muslims and the Asians will burn the world, so I would fancy the men stopped loving them at my expense and or when they wouldn’t, ceased issuing threats at me. The fun they were having was a matter of smaller people that were bigger than I am and got me licking dust so to speak but it is utter nonsense as there are Politicians saying they stab people because they did not have playgrounds in the neighbourhoods, as I would rather want to show them how stupid they were violently, which outcome would be that it stopped telling me how to exist, stopped handling my personality to get by, stopped trying to move into my right hand distracting me from what I am doing and it was a bit too much, so that it could be seen that human beings lived in a neighbourhood, so it is rather best, that they left it in the hands of Politicians and shoot off mouths somewhere else. They do speak of the threat of Celebrity but all Celebrities do are fundamentally developed around their celebrity money – the idea that a Celebrity would not order products from a bottom chasing business because the Celebrity did not take a fancy to a specific employee, is possible either because an idiot is building a place where other peoples career may belong to somebody else, somebody was set out as a character others bullied to make a social statement that will befriend wealthy people or like my case, once I am done working equity with businesses, you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues will make a stupid comment on media that cuts the link between my work and my Bookshop, such that I had to get employment from somebody else. They do claim the Military leadership does not determine relationship between the Military and the Public life I suggest but it is much the same as saying the view that the public had redlines associated with what they used their physical bodies for, which did not tally with the stupidities I had to tolerate here and those who did it needed to cease shooting off threats at me, did not make any sense – They do especially when they set out advertisement to get people involved with military job roles, thereby deciding what the part of the Fat-Cats, the Media and the Celebrity was in the matter as well.

They tell the stories that I was fundamentally afraid of military sacrifices which is delusional. What happens is that we had a premise for success and Americans trashed it because it was important to say the US was in charge and they could get imagination up my bum – I could make a list from stupid women telling me to get off my career because it should have belonged to a woman who uses her body to have babies, idiots who want to set me out for narcissistic pleasures looking for a disposition where it was possible to secure society support as per they fought my wars and were entitled to do what they liked with my private parts and the list could go on endlessly but what is clear is that this was set to become a problem that had to be solved and there was no chance that I would get away with a process of doing a lot of harm. Fundamentally, it says that the USA is in charge, so a bunch of idiots who do most of their business in the dark web show up to handle my Bookshop talking rubbish about the way I jumped the gun and the idiots have not yet fixed the communist threat.

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