The most common question I have been asked about my Books concern the Legal Premise on which the Equities contained may be deployed. This is the question I will answer in this section and will supply a two-part answer for it.

Firstly, I have developed the Book Titles and Packaged them in such a way that the risk of deploying the Equities is contained within the premise of my public image and the working relationship we share as traders thereby limiting it to the lowest possible effect or eliminated completely. For those who are prospecting however, each context story I have told in the Book and each paragraph are developed as product of Equity exploits and therefore do not come with any risks, save concerning Intellectual property proliferation which might be responded to by the British Establishment or my Royal Partner. Others who have come across such responses have indicated and will wish to deploy their experience as a future edge to facilitate some form of repercussion-based competition and therefore is neither the risk that my Customers should bear nor one that I should be discussing, even though I am quite happy to explain the situation here.

Furthermore, all our Books are sold directly from the Authors Office and have been Autographed by the Arch Prince Himself. This does not just serve an Aesthetic Purpose but is also a part of the Intellectual Property Administration Process, by which the Contained Creative and Creativity Functional Equities are Brokered.

Now they say the big problem is that I am not qualified for what I am doing while reality has nothing to do with qualification but the rift and the clash that has now existed due to years of incessant abuse of my person and career where their need to complete academic work and invent products they got to sell on my Public image has now produced a need for me to keep my academic pursuits away from them while making them get real jobs if they were interested in the various aspects of employment, not hang around running off all sorts of nonsense whereby each time something had gone wrong with public interest in my Books the daddies were responsible, their girls will run it off on Media and it will all feed into how violent lasciviousness is passed in my direction all day as people want to be more important than I am using my public image.

They do say its the kind of things I say which makes them want to see me fry while my bottom hurts and I am sore all over because of those stupid products and what my personality, public image and Royal temperaments should be used for, since the last time they completed their academic pursuits for my part, its like the time they said that I am not going anywhere until they made money through what I was doing which made me think that they had taken what they say at the stock markets and when they are engaged with their pyramid schemes so seriously, that they had assumed it would make sense everywhere, now progressing into something which means I have ended up with this feeling whereby I wanted to see what would happen if I fried. In the end all that economy and market corruption is like rubbish unless you personally took it to the recycling plant, it is ending up at somebody elses backyard; so they say the Government has approved people who want to handle your concerns as a backup while running a business but the Government knows what it is doing and of course are not acting in a way which takes money out of the economy and gets us relying on Multinational companies that are incredibly unpredictable.

The same issue applies when they claim I pretend to agree and work with Americans on one hand while I take what I had given on the other; utter nonsense naturally as what has happened is that they have wrecked everything here and I am off rebuilding it from scratch, while I faced up to difficulties associated with divisions they had created where they called the shots and I was a certain generation and there was a younger generation to manipulate at my expense and its the second time I have ended up with this nonsense where I always had to choose between survival and doing something against my religion which hurts younger people because I was trying to get by, which will make me like them. The first time I ended up with it, they ended up showing up at Government buildings to act as though it was a place they could practice any form of corruption to any extent they wanted, now I have ended up with it again and half the time they say it is amusing, the same way the others mentioned above who has seen my Books and understand it operates in the interest of those who want a healthy market and a healthy economy but prefer their practical jokes and gimmicks at my expense over it, to threaten me later when they think their incomes had been affected if I had failed to co-operate, as stupidly as possible. So, the tone at this later stage is rather different from the one they found amusing and they have also expressed the fact that they would like me to understand they do these because they are good at looking for trouble, which is a better disposition compared to the idea that it is amusing. It is like I once saw somebody talking to a Crowd about Her Children telling Her Millennials were teenagers and how she had to correct them that I guess is what is going on here too.

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