They claim I donít care about the problems of black people, only interested in nosing around the problems of white people which is utter nonsense; we all know that the only time black people think anything I got up to mattered was when their position and condition was a direct threat to me, meaning that they are in full control of this situation where they do not need to do anything that supports others if they do not know what the names and who the beneficiaries of such decisions are, I on the other hand appear to be getting a lot of stick because I simply donít care if such situations existed in the first place. It is important people stopped this form of nepotism as it brews up more serious problems associated with victims being said to have brought crimes upon themselves Ė i.e. we say people bring problems on themselves when they consistently refuse to accept your leadership while they needed help and carried on that way until their condition became a threat to you, such that when it hits them really hard, it was clear they brought it on themselves, which is the same statement people peddle ignorantly at victims of physical and sexual violence. My bit in the matter is a matter of when these goons make use of my work and fail to understand that I should be allowed to create more if it means that much to them or to pay for what they have used, especially if it is being used to boost their incomes. We have already seen this sort of behaviour develop into something that adds up to building their mental illness into the areas of public life where people had done the best work for the career, then hang around on Media and Popular culture claiming it to be competition while running campaigns of hate directed at me for building them one of my own as well Ė it is not competition obviously but disobedience associated with somebody else being the size that your parents were when you were younger and using it to full advantage thereof, whereby people say I never spend time with the problems of my race but become only concerned with other peopleís problems because they are only interested in such nonsense for all of their lifetime. I do get told we Black people do very little about it as such which is not necessarily the case Ė we have seen that people usually prefer populist leaders in the black communities, such as Mr Obama who spends 8 years in the White House being completely clueless about it, then he gets off it to spend American tax payer funds and some of his own money stifling my Bookshop instead; we are therefore imagining that at some stage in the future there will be questions when young people cannot concentrate at school over this money madness and then they will be onto the Arch Prince that has built a Hermitage free of problems to dump and I will ask them a million and one questions on it that they are going to have to answer as well. The rest of the time with respect to this sense that a bunch of idiots who have now successfully decided what people think of my public image by abusing me at every single move I make and every single thing I do, facilitating their stupidities knocking me off my disposition to make money from the little things and pass around insults that suggest I think Industry trouble makers are making stupid people rich at my expense while they were better off than I am, actually have problems with that stupid private security industry corruption and its popularity madness they have going for them, is other ethnic groups claiming that the problems of black people is affecting them, while we know they are the scum that are good at making sure conditions that cause people to kill each otherís was never banished, that war in Iraq really showed how much of a Mediocrity and selfishness British ideals and ideology actually were, so since last I put some equities on my website for innocent people caught in the conflicts who have not turned to either side, to ensure we were able to take decisive position on what terrorism was doing in that part of the world, I smell like what I ate all the time because the idiots believe I spend most of my time dreaming up love for their stupidities.

It is now said that I am one of those characters who are always untidy, never look after myself and then set about blaming others for it to a point where itís a global stage lesson for other people to learn and improve themselves and its utter nonsense but then again, we do not see them point out the fact that handling me is such a big job that the same way I feel pushed beyond my normal feeding and resting patterns to cause is smell affects them and we know they would likely be more offended than I am should I point out they earn tens and hundreds of thousands even millions of pounds every year but are unable to take care of themselves because of it, about which they set off blaming other people. What beats my imagination is how a group of people who spend all their time pointing fingers, poking fun, building a crowd to bully when you are dealing with a learning process in a condition where they think you are struggling because of money issues and then once the thoughts had materialised into something important begin a process of bullying you to your face, would claim the problem was a matter of self-neglect which I blame other people for. They point out I describe them as stupid and they were provoked because of it but should I explain I have written a Book, currently at College preparing for University and looking after a Bookshop while they had gotten off to Media, Celebrity culture and government buildings, to make something of African American sociopath scum with private security to play with violating me in their imaginations to get rich quick all day along with other white idiots, pushing the business of always being seen looking happy for some wicked thing they can and will do to me, unto a stage of rallying crowds at Government buildings to rip it up over claims it added up to some form of justice and I did wonder if the general consensus was that I really had to wish them well too, their stupidities will then make further gestures of moving into my right hand, if they offered me an alternative way to describe their idiocy, while their Royal friends work the corruption that makes a mess of my Public work to allow idiots like these who believe themselves to be famous access to it, from debauched families at the monarchy and why it needs to keep off my space, I wouldnít take it.

Now I am told that I never take the crisis I face seriously, which is not really the case Ė the truth is that there is no crisis, just the fact that I spend time at an Office but never look the part with my work and it goes way back to teenage fears about being handled so people might keep their incomes at business at a high and consistent level due to lies about me looking important when I am really not, offering other people an opportunity to steal something that is beyond the sensibility of the Law. So now that there is no such things left to steal because I am a grown up, Liberal America has provided a global stage leadership that allows security industry idiots to follow up every little thing I do and ensure I looked like a pariah and it was all covered in problems, this is therefore the main reason I do not have consistency with the working processes that affect clients and audiences and therefore unable to earn from my work, so it is fair to say that if I find I have little time left to plan a pension, I will consistency their stupidities to put it right as well. The other part of the story is an obsession the Heir to the throne exhibits in terms of getting culture and society criminals to steal my property and I can always do the same things they do in terms of putting up publicity to suggest all they have do not belong to them and run it off until I am able to grab their market every time they build one as well but I do wonder if all HRH spends his time on these days is forging close bonds with patriarchy idiots who have learned well the consequences of their servitude; if they blow their big mouth off over my Books one more time, I should start the process as soon as possible I guess. It seems they are rich now and that is half the story of my life, so we are waiting to find out what the next story will be bearing in mind they are always boasting about the challenges I would face if I wanted to make them poor as well but for now itís a matter of working hard at the Office and my income not looking the part, to be told I am a bum, meaning I will burn that stupid society as well. I do get told I can get my head around most of these big matters but do nothing about it until I am poked and prodded but itís not a big crisis at all; these idiots are insane and what they do with their mental illness is build publicity for it that allows industry trouble makers to play these games at somebody's expense and make them rich for being corrupt and stupid, then claim it is competition and as I mentioned, if it blows off the big mouth at me one more time I should begin my own process of tackling it head on for the disobedience which affects the service processes at this Hermitage and its Bookshop as well.

They always say I have enemies at the Monarchy and refuse to address the needs of those enemies, as equally as they say I talk as if I can do much while there is nothing I can do. For the former, everybody at Government has an enemy and unless people turn the offices of these so called enemies who like my work if only I were more friendly to their stupidities, such as the Prince of Wales and his Mistresses talking about a plan for a reign of interference, cannot do any fighting but know how to get around a Royal order wasting everything in it and leaving me wanting for a sense of security all the time, to explain the problem to be that I describe them as a bunch of idiots and that none deserves to be called stupid, then they need to stop turning mine too. The others who say there is nothing I can do are an old story; when I take from them everything that can add up to a process where a fight would leave me worse of whether or not they won it, I am a threat to their lives, when I don't, they are a threat to mine, as stupidly as possible but I am sure they understand what is being said to them if people explained they have had enough of the involvement and this is what I have clearly done here. It is said that my attitude towards the Heir to the throne is terrible and there is no attitude, the first success from claim I should be a character that gives up who I am to prepare for his reign was in 2007 when I dropped out of University, since then, that people are not to peddle my faith, personal life and public image has become a matter whereby if they are able to, they will keep a consistent and high levels of sales incomes, as abusively as possible and he claims he does not have a plan to spend his life in their Company - so we appear to be making progress only when they say there is a behaviour that I too need to stop. If we add it all up, it builds up a huge crisis picture i.e. I do not respond to it often because if people had to protect The Prince of Wales from me bearing in mind I am not a bad person, it was difficult work, if they had to protect the Country from the Prince of Wales it was difficult work but these other idiots that make their opinions known about me every day have not run out of their tolerance tether at this stage in my case as well - adding to the fact HRH has consistently made it clear this business of his mistresses being able to make a mess of everything that provides people a sense of security in order to get about making statements that people will need help from the Crown concerning difficult enemies, of which I have none at this stage and there isn't therefore a need for me to be paying such a price, that he intend to interfere a lot with Parliamentary concerns when he is King. So now that they are complaining in my case that the need to ensure I had stopped turning up somewhere to drop out of University because of them has now given way to some need to get me stopping a behaviour towards the heir to the throne, we have come full circle - that said it should be noted that this is how these idiots do it as it were; the part where they have poor upbringing, spend their time turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan a life on peopleís wallets, learn nothing from other people and still end up with a lot of money that helps them make statements about the stupidities of those who criticise them and the consequences of their behaviour and I am fed up being the victim of it. The Heir to the Throne has better matters to concern himself with, than find out what I would look like if I were fundamentally vulnerable to culture and society criminals who wanted to be able to steal something the Law could not hold them to account for.

So they say the Prince of Wales does not want me and I do not understand why it is such a problem for my part either; what we know is that these famous idiots have become abusive over it on account they believe they have the capacity to replace me. Itís never really an issue as people do not respond to abuses from high positions like we see HRH engage in all the time because it builds up to a crisis if he needs more protection and or if the state needs to be protected from him, their stupidities expressing an opinion and the opinion being violent and abusive all the time is never going to end well, while I had become very fed up with the business of being a victim of it all of the time, like they do say I wouldnít mention these matters where it was really relevant but so will I deal with any threats in an academic and clever way as well to ensure their stupidities got the message that we did not make it up at Government buildings as we went along. So the story has been that I am keen from here to ensure the work of Government operatives is an easy as possible while reality is that 70% of Government if self-employment and needs to be made less complicated where it can, the only times Politicians have a direct role in Parliament is when they are invited to take part in Committee leadership activities and some never do, likewise for the Royals whose roles are even more restricted than that all together; I have duties with respect to HM leadership of society and itís not up to others to pay me for it either, all is well as long as the abuses and destruction of my public image and Bookshop patents are secure but as small a problem as this is to deal with, the complications around it had become a global phenomenon because of these fools who believe themselves to be famous. It has now become a very important thing to set out the most important matter here, contrary to the idea I am to pay attention to their stupidities is the fame of the State as an entity; we can therefore see that if I picked out some sex workers, tidied them up and got them to help me with certain public service matters, I would still have fulfilled a duty of State never the less, although mostly it is their duty to do so if they are interested in getting beyond sex work and want to get involved with Government concerns otherwise itís a corruption of Office on my part but I am pointing out as a matter which sets out clearly how against the interests of the state it is that on one hand you have to look to the interests of culture and society people while the Celebrities are getting in league with Industry trouble makers to take their money in return for a service, after which they show up here to replace me abusively because the future king does not want me, looking for more trouble bearing in mind the history their stupidities have around here already. So we can see that if they were the future Kingís closest advisers and each time I had trouble with culture and society goons and criminals, I ensured the Celebrities complained my heartís desire for it, it would have been a plan born out of pure genius but for now it has been important to make it quite clear to their stupidities, I am fed up being the victims of their fucking famous insults.

They do say that the poorly state of my finances cannot be ignored and maybe they cannot but the main reasons I organised it that way was to ensure that whilst I held down the Office of an Arch Prince there was nothing to potentially lose to black people who ran off a systematic campaign of abuse and insults that eventually culminated in building communities that got around running me down over how my Public image should be used for the good of and that the idea they were my relatives was part of their civil rights, which familiarity they left for racists to keep the pressure up, I appear to have won again. The other part of such stories which is that I am inundated with problems which is no-where near the lifestyle of a Prince is a well-known one as such Ė I have no idea what it means when they spend their access to private security Industry and criminal enterprises in equal measure on the business of following me up every single thing I do with a form of community organised abuse and insults that have a potential to get physical, complete with features such as keeping an eye on me through CCTV and building it up until their imaginations can access my own home to carry on and tell me I will sell anything or make any money unless they had decided I should, which shouldnít be a problem as long as their stupidities handled property that only belonged to them and did not spend time telling me that if I said they were bloody idiots who believed such nonsense to be tolerable because most human beings are assumed to be like that, the big problem was that I labelled them as stupid people. I am told that the way I handle it allows them pick on others to get back at me but it is also largely what people want to happen as well most of the time; I mean they are grown up versions of characters whose parents picked up and dumped in a terrible neighbourhood because the attitude had not changed in a million years, looking for something to steal all the time, preferably which is big and which the Law will not be able to make an account out of as far as they were concerned. We find then that the Heir to the Throne supports this against me all the time, all day long and without reason, claiming he did not want me even though HM thought I did well and people say I do too much if they cannot have enough of handling my person and property to tell me they have terrible attitude, bad behaviour, never learned a thing, dropped out of school but have money at my expense more so, and I can say they are stupid to my detriment if I wanted.

I do get told that people want to get me out of operating the way I do because it churns the tummy and it will never happen Ė after having the system of deterrence I built to ensure these goons feared the prospect I might peddle their culture and society for money if the need to handle my personal life, my faith and public image persisted, had been broken by Politicians alongside my academic work and everything I did adding up to the fact that it is the women who do the National security roles around the Arch Princeís Office of State leading straight up to a mini war, I have to manage this matter by making sure these trouble makers got it quite clear that there is a capacity now to shut down their access to culture and society as well as the Public image as well, starting from my own version of how everything they own does not belong to them, in a bid to be famous and to challenge all Celebrity idiots who cannot keep their insults off my case over the behaviour that they expect from me as would be more convenient for them and a behaviour they would expect from me as would facilitate their careers when I am respectful towards my parents. I have been told this matter builds up a crisis the Government cannot move away from but in like manner they have said Politicians I am friendly to are the people helping the Monarchy to interfere with Parliament, while we know that the main problem is Patriarchs telling lies - whereby they claim my position as an Arch Prince is a gift to National enemy and I do not think any Country that does not want to sell its culture and society to those who may buy weapons to attack them with would want to mess with this one, especially if it had a whole country at its disposal, so its utter nonsense too. The result being that saying such things plays into their gimmicks naturally and it will always sound crude when I say itís a matter of their insults and not mine, as I am an Arch Prince and they are not Royalty. It should never affect the Government in anyway whatsoever as it were, that we are here in the worst possible neighbourhoods where their parents dumped them because their attitude had not changed in a Million years and any goon may pick them up and get off to Buckingham Palace to fight my battles if they wanted as such - usually very simple to handle when The Prince of Wales does not have great ideas for it.

I have been informed that we younger Royals are incredibly noisy, and I understand this too but itís not actually a prognosis that is based on reality. The reality is that leadership have moved on and itís all moved on by HM all together, from the Queen to the leadership of the Prince of Wales and certain areas of the Prince of Walesí leadership have now moved on with respect to the Duke of Cambridge as well. The problem is a series of activities carried out by the Prince of Wales which suggest that although The Queen takes a certain position with respect to his misdemeanours, HM was the one in charge when the UK lost the Empire and this means he puts up a collection of behaviour that suggest he is trying to reinstate the Empire, which sets out this statement that implies another who is better for the role should be sought. What then happens is that for us younger Royals, the relationship we have with each other, knowing that our lives are different from that of Celebrities in the sense that when we are uncomfortable half the time, itís because we have duties with respect to Culture and Society and the rest of the time is the culture and society trouble makers tackling us all together, the unexpected is always something we are not familiar with, because these particular group of people who complain all the time have an incapacity to listen to what other people were saying to them as well; we find that saying so would provoke them a lot but they are not a threat to me, they make it up as they go along while those of us at Government concerns donít. I am primarily concerned with Industrial crimes and there are other Royals who re good with Industry deploying areas of my work to support their Public order roles, so it would be nice that this business of hearing some got attacked or were sexually attacked was not the case, as I would likely overhaul everything to find out what really went wrong and doing so would only be the beginning.

It is said that we are being attacked by Americans from all areas and yes we are US Citizens are usually very corrupt people and it adds up to the other extreme where ordinary Americans will do anything to go with you all the way Ė this and the fact tyrants are very fond of American Markets, local and overseas, because the way that Americans have taken to the idea of Patriarchy, the third item being that we should be fine, provided we didnít hang around somewhere thinking the characters at play in this environment were our fans. I do get told this is not a definitive position and it is not as there is no position to take; work we are required to do at the Monarchy is not as complicated as taking a position on such a matter, I appear to be doing mine very well by simply making sure investors understand I am happy with what they are offering, I am on their side and hopefully they will likely set up HQ in the UK to take advantage of the Financial system.

I have been told that I donít think it is okay for me to face consequences for the bad things I have done but it actually is, an old case of more insults running wild rather than a group of idiots spending their time on those who have consented to have them around. What has happened is that they followed me around to make a mess of everything and eventually wrecked the academic work to put me tens of thousands of pounds in debt, after that they got off taking an extra 6 years of my time out to stifle my Book sales and ensure that every aspect of my life and career was inundated with the throes of their mental illness on National and International Media before I was allowed to run a Bookshop while they played practical jokes to acquire my income any time they wanted, while the abusive insults that get racists all over my concerns were named as civil rights movements, which have now progressed to claim they were my relatives, so when the racists have a go on one side and they conducted their stupidities at my expense on the other, they were in a position to do whatever they liked and take anything they wanted from me. They do say they loved to torment me as there is no way that I can get out of it but I donít feel tormented, the part that had to be settled was the one about Politicians spending my time tying my hands behind my back to claim that it is a self-inflicted problem, leaving them to bully and make up reasons as they got along, since the claim they are a handful of criminals usually results in people taking the law into the hands and burns neighbourhoods. So the Politicians are not doing that anymore and we had made progress on that front and I am not being tormented in anyway; it does need to realise that none spends decades dealing with nauseating financial complications that are wholly a matter of the fact they wish to play practical jokes without consequences Ė needs to keep away from my Bookshop and shut down all stupid comments on Media associated with its mental illness showing up around here. I have been told I never listen to what they say but I do - they want me to stop forcing myself on the justice processes as they see it, claiming I needed to understand why they committed crimes, so we know when I spent time understanding why they committed crimes until I became a criminal myself, a problem will have been solved. They claim itís an example here of how I destroy everything they have built in a link of an eye but so is it also clear that itís been 16 years of this nonsense and itís not that difficult for them to lay off the business of wrecking my career and finances via practical jokes and crowd play in order to ensure I was available to pay a price each time they got punished for committing crimes Ė it cannot be that difficult to stop handling me if doing so brings about such intense complains.

They even claim that I claim I am Royalty hence these issues target me as a result which is utter nonsense as what brings it on is the fact that having followed me around with practical jokes to wreck the academic work, built up its mental illness on media and got it all over my Bookshop before I was allowed to make a living, I then got off picking up a private security Industry job where it was rather convinced I would spend my life protecting Daddy or I will be homeless with a big mouth. The activities which cause me to make decisions such as accepting a private security Industry job have not stopped either Ė following me around and then stealing things from shops when I go out to buy my food and other supplies which is a really difficult position to put other people but for them, the sense that my arrival at a shop is bad news because people follow me around to steal things, feeds into what they must do to make me smell and take everything they want to handle at this Hermitage by working with Obamaís FBI and CIA on Industrial espionage that is operable on products that have turned up at the Market, to lend the owners pure misery the entire time and ensure the market rewards people for being stupid and sexually corrupt thereof Ė this is the reason, blabbing of which claims I make of a Royal status is talking nonsense.

I. Uno I

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