I am by this referring to the way in which we are made to think that those who engage in organised crime, deserved their activities to be thought of as something done to help them carry on with their concerns in relative safety, the way the Books I have written which is always being shredded by Celebrities is considered.

The popular claim these days is that I had set myself out as a tough guy as far as Americans were concerned but it really has nothing to do with tough, more a matter of the fact that if a solution were going to be found for a process of being set out as a character from which Americans got to own what most people dream of having, I was going to be the one to find it. This nonsense did start out stupid enough, whenever people are paid enough money to make them rich by people who asked them to sell products and they decided civil rights, wealth and social equality will be achieved by a process of selling it on my public image, not as a matter of product benefit but as a matter of the good feelings people got from buying the products and the feelings of equality with Royalty that they were providing by selling it, garnished by idiots with civil rights threatening me over their own money problems that came about because of their personal decisions and we know they can never stop telling lies to ensure one cannot turn in any direction while their stupidities are at it.

It can always hang around somewhere blowing off the big mouth about me being a tough guy character or it may want to keep off Books and a Bookshop about which I have never signed a contract with them that permits them to handle as such – I know which is the easier of the two, looking like it has not got a thing in this world to live for and does not want to go down by itself. The same behaviour has been applied to my Books for the last 9 years, facilitated by Celebrities – it picks up my Books and builds me a reputation for writing a Book that has set me out as a superior person while I am completely unaware of what other people are going through and needed the experience; no idea why any human being would spend time on media and the work place to handle another persons property in such ways anyway but we know the nauseating financial complications caused me over a 7 year period of tolerating it – the entire time of which their stupidities have improved their incomes doing so but decided to eliminate the respect aspects, is likely to be the source of this gimmick about being tough guy if the idiots have ever taken anything seriously in their stupid lives. We know this nonsense feeds into the way that support is provided for people at Government Office only for people to be driven to a stage where out of consent they handed it over to tall idiots in the City centre getting dangerous with money by being paid for sex.

Their society gits are always so fond of suggesting that there is a space on their right hand side that I would give anything to find myself in and its utter nonsense as I don’t want to be aware of the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side and so their need to handle matters in this place that facilitates a process of me being aware of it, now needs to stop as this is not their lives, not where they live.  I am sure they have seen the patent statement on my Books and how it has set out that any who learns from it at a distance is committing a crime. People have said such statements are extraordinary but they are not to me – these goons are convinced if I said I will torch the society and get away with it, the possibility is that I was bluffing. The question of my problem with the society goes beyond this as well, as we know it’s a story about the idea western people are weak because of the way they can be manipulated into using aspects of other peoples lives to make a living which causes an outcome whereby the accountability of Government and justice they preach cannot be achieved because it always requires their health and well being and we know they were there when our various parents were bread winners, so we don’t think of it as a matter that we consider as if our lives depended on doing so but in my case it is getting serious enough.

Some have said that if I mentioned this years ago, people would not have died but it is pointless to do so, as what really happens is that these gits exist at a very low stage of social evils, so Law enforcement does not want to talk about it – they refer to it as the bully parents syndrome of which some people like to think they know what it is but have not got a slightest clue whatsoever. We have seen the problem is mostly the sort of Country ownership leadership that Politicians have supplied to help them become financial successful with business because they spent most of their time pleasing the Crowd, the one that has brought these scum into prominence.

Now they claim I am hateful but I am not – we are talking about years of nausea due to financial complications associated with business just business civil and criminal disobedience with respect to the way people got to handle my income margins and hung around somewhere blowing off the big mouth at me about what I had done to offend them and how they will fight back with new found wealth, alongside stories of which successes I had acquired which are not my size and range, garnished with an endless stream of lies and media presence which never stops – we know it is orchestrated by Liberal USA who ensure LGBT can keep up a series of scandalous insults at my expense, which eventually allow them to grab my sex life for the preserve of the rich and come up with stories that encourage people to think about an impending doom associated with the consumption of products they would love to be the preserve of rich people only, my sex life itself being protected from me by the sex industry so the wealthy may have it – in this most of their time is spent trying to get famous with my public image alongside the abuses of their Celebrities and stupid men who want to move into my right hand and enjoy sensations of established civilisation and Country ownership, churning my tummy and looking like doing things around my person and concerns that I don’t fancy, as stupidly as possible all the time and blabbing about my tone being disrespectful while the macro side of the economy is a world where I cannot talk with people without coming across bottom issues and their stupidities blabbing disrespect at me cannot even go home without taking advantage of me. It needs to stay away from my Books and keep its dirty mouth off my concerns and there is no such thing as Vegetarianism being the saviour of the world if people domesticate the meat they consume rather than get around the wild sharing meat with wild predators and wanting to have a share of such meat every day. It keeps blabbing respect issues at the way I vent my feelings while its insane parents moving into my right hand to churn my tummy once they spy on me and build public obfuscation from the way I use the loo alongside my diet to make their stupidities feel important continues and its stupidities have not yet stopped the original respect problem by ceasing all business of showing up on my public image to try and become an important person, preferably more important than I am - I appear to have robbed their respectful stupidities of the means to take equity from people a business just business gimmicks and beat up their victims after they had taken what they wanted obviously.

I mean they claim endlessly the problem to be that I pick up problems I cannot solve but we can all clearly see that if I cannot control one racist for the General public to feel safe and secure by, while their actions are creating more racists, then they have to be some of the most insulting and entitled twats in the whole world, hence I am right to end up with this opinion that they get their imagination up my anus endlessly after years of insultingly grooming me for it, because they need to know things that they must know in order to stop being so stupid as to do it as it were. They are starting to become my main preoccupation in this place too.

I used to think their problem with law enforcement was associated with a need to get around the jobs and make a proper mess seeking out some escapade to improve their popularity and the outcome will be one where they get Police to divert resources for their safety and security or the Police risk own lives on their behalf or feel that their work is being stopped somewhere but it is much worse; what we have is a handful of idiots serving Law enforcement because they feel served by Law enforcement using sexual services i.e. they continue to get imagination up my bum and issue threats for the smell because they are stupid and really want to know something that will change this too. They claim that I never face full facts with respect to the consequences of my activities and that their point was associated with the way behaviour lacking in cleverness and full of blunt instruments affect their lives and its utter nonsense as first they cannot stop trying to be more important than I am using my own public image, which means what I say made sense to them but is stupid at the same time with a big mouth – then there is the full facts about my activities being something of the fact they don’t have a licence or a law permitting them to make a mess of my Bookshop and inflict me with a decades worth of financial complications that causes a nausea that I have to wake up to at a Royal Hermitage every day, what they have achieved from it is not just that the nausea indicated lost social status but also that I had now developed into a character who speaks and acts in a way which affects the wealth of the wealthy people and need to stop or be made to stop doing so. Hence it wants to get to the bottom of respect issues with its stupid media presence and foolish insulting Celebrities that are also starting to become my main preoccupation in this place just as much and I thought I had to get to the bottom of the respect issues myself too – if they relieve me of this nausea associated with their involvement with my concerns making a mess of the career and finances, I don’t believe they would have anything to complain of.

They claim I talk about everything and anything and this is what gets on their nerves; it is utter nonsense as I am a Hermit who is meant to be detached from the world in the service of the interests of the Church and speaking of which this baddy characters bringing peoples lives to a stop is not the worst social evil we have out there – there are cases of people murdering people and eating the bodies, people murdering people and grinding up bodies into things that can be fed to animals, there is evil out there and there are abilities that God had blessed me with to help counter them – I would like to be allowed to enjoy my peace and quiet through which I do the best work but its impossible as long as homosexuals know gay sex is painful but will want to cool off with the peace and quiet and the question became how much sex they had in any 24 Hours while they did that as such, whereby the way to proceed was to stop the sex but that too will have added up to a draconian measure invented by the Church according to the Media. So its not clear what this leadership of people with media presence that brings to prominence social evils that Law enforcement categorise as the parent bully phenomenon is meant to accomplish.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland