They do claim people would assume I am dead and buried when they read what I write, it does not apply either; just the level of frustration associated with a 5-year extension of time which according to my schedule I was not supposed to spend on Government support. It makes it happen by deploying the same process by which it trashed my University studies, picking up my service processes to build a version of me it was more comfortable with, depending on services I am trying to provide for my products and how much I needed success, then it gets off to all sorts of rubbish ripping up my finances and pretending that people were none the wiser, not that there was a thing that could be done about it with a big mouth. So, I need to ensure it was understood they were warned in terms of their publicity and fame stupidities having run out of time here, as much as I had run out of patience.

They do claim I could have made a lot of success by not changing what ad previously existed but clearly it is a matter of facts and prognosis – it should be a matter of the Books and the Clients, no distraction. As for the question of fear – there is no fear, just their need to explore my civic duties and go off to fight their battles with it, then return to claim that I was a coward who did not stand up for myself and had to do something to get into trouble with the Police to deserve my career – I am simply unhappy that something which started 18 years ago and featured a need to complain about me on a public stage, in terms of their civil rights involving a need to get me into a fight with people and cling to my personal space for the life of women and luxury, has been re-enacted after a 20 year career mess, thus I really want to end it badly too. It is a matter of my career being the crime I have committed and can only continue until the silly show business becomes their crime as well. The rest of it will be a statement about the idea that not being afraid of them was not good for me whereas it is a matter of professional curtsey and something of a process of piling on the pressure that causes people to do unusual things, is likely to be more profound when you fool around with their livelihoods and we know at some stage you will likely show up indicating you were unable to prevent them from doing bad unusual things since the pressure that pushed them to was greater than the one which facilitated your stupidities. I have never seen anything this stupid and destructive; forgets in place in the lower classes and gets into a habit of following me around, its conversations have no other items save the money in the bank and what it will do to people, does not wish to speak of professional decorum, needs keep its mouth shut and show up here only to read a Book or the Prince of Wales will save them again when they got into a position where they really had to get off that road and get a job done properly, if the business of looking as if somebody was paying them to be entitled to my career, became such an issue.

Its this nonsense about gits who trash my Bookshop with stupid statement after statement every time I cleared it out, statements that ensure the money in their banks played into the fact I was making success of a bookshop and developed into the stupidities that have turned up here to pick up Client services and build a version of me that their stupidities would be able to tolerate with effect on my income margins hopefully maintained into the future for their gimmick – the one thing I need to work on. If the other fools who never stopped blabbing about cowardice did not shoot off their mouth elsewhere, this will grow from a business of rubbing in the fact they went to Russia to attack enemies of the US in a bid to get paid some US Dollars and secure a footing in Ukraine (2022 – the most recent project of them all) where their Liberal world would have been able to build a place where they can access my Public image as if it was any of their concerns, talking rubbish in Public places as though they were intelligent people for it, without consequences, to get paid for being popular, about which the idiots nearly started world war III. It has been this one issue; people getting involved with an Arch Prince and Celebrities claiming the Public interest as their own, then sharing it with criminals and prostitutes – they have been thinking about these actions, so we see them come up with follow on gimmicks where they punish me for writing a Book as though it was a crime on my part, because they were worried I might begin to view the stupid show business as a criminal activity which targets me endlessly, so I do need to make it much less amusing. They do say something about Mr Putin of Russia thinking about doing things with my career but it is never likely to make progress unless he wishes to suggest that Russians do not wish to be Russians anymore, such that we can see the reasons we lived in a world where there was always such a great probability of communities breaking down my door so idiots can play with my valuables, was due to a sense that they were not accustomed to my existence, the prevalent issue however is the way to communicate to a bunch of idiots who were backed up by people that can kick my arse, that their stupidities playing with my work gets some trouble makers showing up here to grab my career, while they worked a disobedience that applied as per getting their imagination fingers up my bum if I wanted it or not, looking for more of what their stupidities were complaining about. It is generally a matter of getting off a Hermitage to engage with so much anger that you wanted to hurt people and we are talking about a bunch of idiots who put themselves in charge of Public matters about which they knew nothing but it does seem that I will need to provide a response of some kind and so I want to drive it into a corner where I will be able to make a statement about their interest in my person and my personal space, from which point on we will live in a world of me v their liberal crowd (which they believe is a tough act but we hear them claim I am a clingy person, whereas the main problem is their stupid need to build a filthy history into an attempt to run a successful bookshop and go back to that history each time I move them out of my career and personal life)– the alternative is as simple as the part where they shoot off their insolence elsewhere, stopped playing with me and my career, stopped picking up my PR and got involved with my Bookshop to read.

As for their reasons, we know it all happens because the idiots were making money, prefer running me down all the way back to first grade because I wrote a valuable material with respect to social issues that nag at its inadequacy, than to work for its money shooting off its big mouth at me all the time, which is just inherently evil and will secure an appropriate response too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland