I am told that it is a mystery the reasons that people, especially people like me love to select the convenient option of taking sides with the enemy every time that we made advancements at civil rights. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know what happens is that when you add up their crimes and their need to make the most of your social life and public image, making sense of what they plan to do usually leaves you with an understanding that you were facing enemies on either side and you needed to get burned on one side only, once you burn it out then you find that you had ended up in the exact place that you were before the advancement at civil rights all together. The part where it looked like I never stopped telling white lies because I am not discussing it as seriously as it looks, being that if we added up the talents I developed at school and the ones that Celebrities did, for some reasons Celebrities were deserving of my income margins and people could never stop getting out of bed to seek a living ascribing what I had accomplished to somebody else who was clearly more important in their stupid view with media, talking nonsense about what they had lost. Then there are other facts like the destruction of my academic work and the insanity that had followed on since, implying that if they did so in the same condition that meant they knew that racists were bad people and were convinced a fight with racists had to happen, then I would be better off and of course they were planning to win the fight. The boasting is that it is all cries over spilled milk but this was a question that needed an answer not a process where I told the full story; the full story is that I am aware of bad and evil people who want to pay them for being popular on my public image, which is not a position in my life that was a business of theirs, finished with the stupid corruption of involvement which consequences gets their stupidities showering me with insults all the time but before were blabbing of how they knew that there were consequences to the way they handled my career hospitality and personal life but their stupidities did not think I was important enough for the consequences to matter – this position is already filled by wealth equity mistresses who usually have business with people in complicated circumstances, sometimes I pay a small price for them to reach a business agreement, other times they are tired of putting me in danger so they invent a trick, those who will not keep away from this part of my life, blowing off that big mouth about the trouble I will get into when it goes horribly wrong, really needed to stop educating me about the reasons for the street stabbings, hating the Royal Family and drive-by shootings occur where they are, keep their comments where their career is located and show up here only to read a Book.

The story mostly is that the so-called trouble I make is set to catch up with me rather soon and that those who would make me pay were hoping that they will not be blamed for their actions. It is utter rubbish as what happens is that they turn a bad neighbourhood I picked out to help me write Books on me, then hung about picking up my Books and service processes to do something else by, time and again checking me up to find out if there are loop holes that can be exploited, processes that will allow them to say that they did not like the Books or the property administration services, thereby securing the freedom to move off with something important they had gotten accustomed to handling in this place. It has taken less than 3 years for me to build up and get into the position where I have also picked up their fashion, media, show business and celebrity to do what I like by, so it is a matter of wonder as to how much time they believe I would need to destroy something that is not only valueless to me but causes me a lot of trouble every day. The way I work is not the way they work and I think that this nonsense is heading towards an ending where I will get a state of mind of showing up in expensive cars and hotels and restaurants, to make business deals with people and burn everything that I find up to date as it were, they do talk too much with an eccentric personality and very rude habits as it were, it is becoming a matter of where their own stops but for the time being, what they want to do is spend their energy handling my concerns, need do that not threaten me.

They do claim I am an apology for a Man, but this is because I am not interested in them, I have been under the impression that if I were pathetic enough, they would move on but apparently it does not work and if they will not stop bashing my earnings and the Books that I make it by, I will burn their Celebrity culture. The idea is that I am way out of their league as such but they do raise a valid point i.e. the issue at the heart of it is their perverted interest in me, hell had since broken lose because of people who think it provocative for others to expect that I should get into a fight with others to make them feel safe and special, so I thought they ought to have their wish granted and they have seen me get into a fight, which outcome is that it is never enough for the trouble makers who then ensure they could not carry on with their daily concerns for reasons that it was better to get fun chasing their bottoms etc. So, if people are complaining about the real problems, they need stop handling me.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland