They do claim the problem to be that I am never a serious minded person but it beats me all the time, that a group of people who came up with a plan to build an abusive community that got to tell me what to do and decide how I existed and scolded, berated and ran me down every day, ending up with the social crisis that was entirely of their doing, is now in need of a process where others lived in a serious minded way – last time I checked, the idea I was so serious minded it was a threat to others, wrecked my University study, for them to enjoy their gimmicks and that happened 12 year ago. We have also seen that while they made such claims, their Children will have already picked up from the purpose of these activities, which is to make sense of the attention being showered on me while their children were better looking and more worthy for whatever was going on, to say that I had mentioned something about the problem with those who enjoyed hitting people, being that they did not enjoy paying Household bills as much, considering their victims might end up in hospital and fail to attend to their jobs, was the point that they were making with my Bookshop. In the same way they have lost sight of the point I am making as per the daddies and their better kids need keep their insults away from me as people are not engaging with the Bookshop because of it and if it does not move on by my deadline, I will start my own gimmicks for them as well.

I do get told I am running a bit too fast for myself but this is because people are unable to see the problem i.e. a group of idiots that never stop putting up practical jokes on a personality that they claim they could handle to get paid for being p[popular rather than get a paid job and each time we see them, they were always engaged in a process of talking about being in charge when they had no clue what they were doing and had decided whose career would be destroyed to help them live with the consequences of chasing applicable excesses, just like people see me talk about politics, economy and the law all the time, as that was my passion too. Then there are the Celebrities of which none knows what motivates them to pin down my Books and decide that they were going to hang about being entitled to it and everything I did every day without paying, their insults keeping others from getting involved as well – none knows why they pick up the business of suggesting that they wanted my Books and my writing but I was not worthy to write the Books in the first place, trashing my finances and career in the process, to leave their stupid low lives claiming they had an ability to confiscate my public image, with a big mouth – none knows why they hang around my career earning margins to perform activities that were not criminal but border line criminal, so that the criminal activities soon became real depending on who was brave enough, only to show up ad build communities that got imagination up my bum thereafter, once people who did unusual things during the unholy Hours began to associate with them; we do know however that at this stage, I have run out of patience for it and they have run out of time. We see the same with the industry gits who blab endlessly but will never do the job that had been given to them without handling me and we know that their social lives were tied to that of the Celebrities as well and I had a job to ensure people got a job for a living instead of chasing handling my Public image to make money which only I was entitled to. This basically sums up the current state of my social media, which I now have to tidy up, complete with those stupidities where they set out products from companies that operated on their social disposition which involved abusive industry goons and people with daughters that had big bums and guess where they wanted most of their profits as insultingly as possible, soon having developed into something of the sense the idiots had insulted and abused me well enough to get me working for them and were ordering me around. So far those stupid photographs have saturated the internet and is being sold at the shop top shelves naturally and so I am going to pick them up as well to build publicity for a process where there is me, them and the criminals or hoodlums, whereby they may tell me what to do openly as well, whereby if they didn’t, it would mean they wanted to read my Books to support their careers not get into a social disposition where they had a badge that showed their stupidities got to tell me what to do and or pay me for it as such, resulting in a process where they were doing it for their employers and the trouble makers were their responsibility and not mine, usual outcome before people hate my guts, screwed on either side as it were. The employers naturally shoot off the big mouth about protecting them while they ought to show up here to read a Book and for nothing else, if their stupidities had companies as well and knew what it took thereof.

In their defence they say my Books were really stupid but we had since ended up with a four part story involving me, the books, the famous people and their insults, the insults having decided how they felt about my Books and what they could do with it, the outcome is that they now lived in the real world and it pained them but if they wanted a less confrontational response, I suppose that reminding them I am an Arch Prince and wrote something to engage with a Trust where I worked with people on ageism, social ills and gimmicks that affect academic, career and social output, not a bid to win an award. In the end, the consequences of their personal decisions always rely on others and I am made out to be this character that had a personality their stupidities could dump problems in – so the effect is that I had planned my personal life to ensure the wife did the financial matters and people did not judge others on finances where my work was needed but I am still single having been caught up with stupidities that were topped up on Media every day, involving a life on one hand where I am trapped with goons that had fallen through the cracks but now trying to get by being a handful of scumbags, while on the other hand it was decided if my finances looked a certain way, I will find a wife, if I had to make my own decisions, I would end up with somebody that had recently started out and the person would be a 23 year old thereabout, who was financially better off than I am although I had a lot of assets to play with and if I borrowed money off her I would become the husband she can be proud of in a short period of time, did not understand why I had to plan my finances the way I had to manage issues of men grappling with me over what they claimed was the bad attitudes of the female community and the parents would have lots of unusual opinions as well, the entire time the idiots handling my concerns to tell lies that I get imagination up their bums, which will encourage crowds to support them while they grabbed my earnings.

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