I am told that I brag and brag, but I was unbearably vulnerable to celebrities. It is utter nonsense as the bottom chasing issues that cripples my social and public life has nothing to do with me for instance, it is a product of their own lifestyles, but I do not complain about it because I poked my nose into the matter, authoring a Book that assisted people and provided equity on the problems applicable. So speaking of being vulnerable to them, it really does eventually come down to the question of whether based on their civil rights, they were entitled or possessed licenses, to do what they are doing with my property – once we were done running through the part where people needed to see my Books and not their stupidities, I got to pay my bills through the Bookshop not live on government support to have them solicit their social idiots to work civil service narcissism on me for it as well, whilst they got about the carnage or ripping up National income, if they were not done showing up here with American friends to inform me of a need to make money with my property, which is then followed with consequences of attacking me through geopolitics, claiming their military was bigger, flapping those lips about what I did in the UK which I would never have tried in the US whereas we know that their gimmicks played out like so in Ukraine when Russia invaded about 10 years ago to 2021 and they did nothing, neither did they a thing when Crimea was annexed by the same, about which I believe I have warned them of the risk of screwing them properly over the geopolitics for their need to fool around with my income and make stupid statements about the USA having a duty to ensure people in power feared the common man with a big mouth.

I am now in such a position as it is possible to pick up anything that will help me replicate this nonsense where they had more money and it was important than my Office, never stopped showering me with insults, built a crowd that helped them support the idea I was afraid of them and built another following for claims that they took my career through Media appearances, followed on with claims State provided security had done the wrong thing putting them off my case, only to claim I had organised my career to make people get into a dangerous situation, build another crowd that helped them decide which career I deserved when they were bigger than me fighting my wars, got imagination up my bum after complaining about state security going it and set about attacking Law enforcement, which leaves me a sense that I really do want to teach them a lesson they will never forget for my part, even if I had to be homeless. I mean the consequences of a lifestyle where they want to make money off my own public image to avoid the employment market and hung about industry picking up my assets for investment while keeping a close eye on the time I will be desperate for some success, so they may ask questions about whether anybody knew who the hell I was; originally which this was a problem I managed rather well while they never could get around the best way to handle their Office space insults that prevented people grabbing their careers, since taking over both which they have been doing rather very well – the consequences which is such that a community is built to get imagination fingers up my bum, berate me on the streets, shower me with insults and bad habits to churn my tummy and make me smell in a world where they had a right to visit violence on those who did.

I do not think that the matter is a crisis as such, I am ready at this stage to begin attacking them for real as well; I could have done it rather than show up at the backyard of Industry to prevent people grabbing my career, seeing that they would have assisted me with the career grab bits whether they liked it or not if I did, now we are dealing with a 10 years of nauseating financial complications and daddy characters with criminal communities built up to get involved with my personal space and get imagination up my bum all day because they were making money from my social life, which I am set to respond to by picking the silly history where they ensured that people stood beside the Hospital bed to support a family member on account they were making money and run it off to ensure many got hurt and seriously even worse as well, find out if I would not get away with it all too. Its like that story that I appear to have had no fear for them because I engaged myself in some sort of cynicism for success and it is not the case – what has happened is a case of their complaints about State provided security meaning I now need to be me, in terms of my Office, Authority and the completion of my academic pursuits with my Bookshop running properly, I have done all the work only to face a brick wall built by famous idiots, running off the same gimmick about their financial wellbeing, the idea I am afraid of them and a Media presence which meant my career had been taken by others. It eventually comes down to the cynicism of wealthy people, where these idiots picked up my assets when there was broker for product building and are hoping for me to grovel for a piece of market success at some stage while all I needed to do was make a statement about it and avoid their stupid insults by securing new clients who needed creative equity – the cynicism such that it was obvious if somebody spent money on them to make whatever product they came up with successful at the market, the problem where in a capitalist world, the route to success was more a matter of a unique product or a unique selling method/ service that was not widely available, measured against what people believed they were entitled to do with my property, would have gotten worse, worse in the sense that people would believe what they gits were doing equally success – the wealthy would not make more money and my finances would look a mess and then they will get involved with Politicians to work civil service narcissism on me when I lived in government support, which was less destructive of National wealth, than their stupidities were; so I have built it up to this stage where the bottom chasing insults had become a public phenomenon with the wealthy worrying about a low life that takes them on all the time, while I worried about this nonsense becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy – it had then developed into a matter of all being done on the basis of people owning what they can back up because they have been using the way that the public needs my Books to sell other products while stifling my Bookshop and the frustration for the responsibility of it, alongside public frustration for not getting products they actually want had since built up.

I do get asked about the point of sticking my nose in the consequences of their lifestyle at all, much the same as I get asked about the idea state provided security had done something wrong; for the latter, I didn’t, just let them suggest it until they built something real I can run with, for the former, it was a matter of people ripping up my University studies to say that wealthy people made money grabbing things off them, while I knew that they are always pushing up a residual social disposition where some nice guys worked hard all their lives and just before retirement los everything, while getting homosexuals to enforce the kind of respect they want people to show towards their money, the former of which is utter horror in my view, hence we had to get to the bottom it and here we are, my survival now relies on getting famous idiots away from making money off my Public life and Industry gits shutting down all tools that help them suggest I was in need of their money and it was a gold mine while showering me with insults. Whilst it boasts about the chance I never had and continues its insults as I do not write their Book in this place and this was not their own lives, it relies entirely on me to see all the reasons I should never take advantage of contributions I might be able to make towards the stupid wealth and social inequality problems but I am now completely fed up with it and need to ensure it was understood that people needed to see my Books and not their stupidities and that of their celebrities replacing it, at short notice.

It is the same usual story, like reasons City centre people do not tolerate society and culture near their concerns even though they are also good at it and do make time to engage with it – something about the idea that if I completed my University studies, I would have been able to secure the funding for my Books and Bookshop and most of these complications would not have made enough sense to enter into the realm of mainstream living, besides which my finances would have looked healthy – then again there is also the option of knowing a lot about the fun gimmicks which is where come from, the part where they claimed I took my studies too seriously and needed to lighten up, with friends from overseas to chase my bum at University, then I took my religious beliefs so seriously I was a terrorist as well, only to pass their exams and get me failing mine, then follow me about with practical jokes for the rest of my life, the one that eventually gets to the point where I set out a deadline for them and their celebrities and media to organise the career another way or they are set to get a proper response from me, a response that will ensure that shut that door of empathy for the stupid wealth and social inequality problems that they relied on me for. True to form there is even the claim that I am pathetic and it affects my earnings – I never feel good and its always the abdominal discomfort due to the insults and a need to play out their civil right problems in my life, where they can say it did not happen to them, they saw it in my life and got better and handling the way it might happen to them – the same process gives way to a need they had to work on others instead of get better at a time and I am writing this piece because I had reached a decision upon being completely fed up too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland