They make the claim that they have fucked me endlessly and it is a story that can only run until we actually met over it I suppose. The truth of it is that they have fucked nothing, only take advantage of a series of decisions other people make with respect to an activity that would have gotten them into trouble with the Police and their careers, to move themselves from the social background where they need to manipulate others into accepting the sense that their position in life existed on the right hand side, whereas everybody wants to go home after work and if they expressed a dichotomy, work was on the left and home was on the right, hence personally I had no idea why the idiots always wanted mine. This is not the issue, I am aware of what I know and do not need affirmation on that, the main reasons we find ourselves doing this is not to do with the idea I have been fucked as claimed with a big mouth but rather a situation in which I am currently the worst thing that ever happened to the Labour Party; 20 year career mess brought about by a constant state of persecution where they claimed what I did about decisions that would have gotten me into trouble with the Police and my career, as a matter of keeping these goons buzzing away at the background and out of my mainstream living, added up to me being the one that acted dangerously, after years of complaining more than I have, the trashing of my work prospects about which they were not paying the Bills, my University studies about which they were not paying the fees, they have been complaining about the abuses more than I have but the rhetoric had not changed, hence my disposition being one where they are convinced and can now go to Town with it, not a case of being fucked by these goons. The reality of it is that I am now comfortable with the insults but it is so intense that it had created a situation which suggested I was wildly different from them, the act of regularly picking up my career to make their lives easier which is unbearably insulting, is deserving of extreme violence, likewise that of their Celebrities getting in league with criminals that paid unusual attention to my concerns in order to pass off my work as their own where it was more profitable to, thereby creep on my Public life and earnings all day long. What these people are playing with is a process where I had a problem to solve by running myself down their popularity communities, taking up a qualification that will help me grab the jobs off their industry friends and screwing up their celebrities properly on my way out, I have no idea why it is so appealing to take the insults far enough as to claim that they regularly fucked me but I suppose it could only continue until we met over it. Their excuse is usually that it was their method of checking the abuse of power but we can see what they were doing with it instead of checking the abuse of power; what we know to be the legitimate issue, apart from the gimmicks that make the abuses into the answer for all their problems, are that what appears to be abuses are usually applicable in two ways, one being that in a Country where you had an obligation to provide public leadership, there were women having children and it involved a certain process, the other which takes up about 9% of the reasons were business people doing strange things in the sense that if your marketing manager thought that because somebody was a bother, you were pushing them away, while they were more likely to be the people who needed the products the most but did not have the money to buy and if you employed them, it would end up a situation where you never had it so good in the sense that employees regularly spent their income on company products, therefore marketing manager may develop a habit so – the remaining 1% comes from a bunch of people whose position becomes clearly whenever there were mass brawls and probably mass stabbing and shootings that leave me wondering why I bothered about them when I am out of their league and none knows why these other gits pick it up as a method of controlling systems of power only to show up here blabbing about fucking me, which indicated they wanted a countermeasure. I do get told that I hide the real truths about these matters which I do, the reality here is that these abuses and claims of fucking, linked to the sexual narcissism that occurs in Public are an indication that I am being dominated by idiots who thought they had power over me, so we see that the insults were so intense there is a sense now that I am overtly different from them and I am comfortable with those insults about which they may go off and get famous on my public image provided they stopped picking up my income but it was not enough for them, more so in context of academic pursuits I have actually completed which disputes those gimmicks that suggest I am a low life and it set for a show down with their famous idiots who will not lay off my earnings – the outcome now is that I am set to make another contribution to their homosexual communities and we have not even started getting into the part where I am a Hermit and with respect to the influence of the Church, I had become one of those characters who believed his intolerance for the communities that enforce this sexual dominance in public was growing in an unprecedented manner everyday. The truth of the danger I pose to them on the other hand is a matter about which I have issued warnings, concerning an Arch Prince having a problem with an atmosphere in their neighbourhoods that suggest they had money and wanted to see how that money helped to dominate me – I have warned them they were currently the only people that can step outside of their doors without worrying about a smell issue and were the only gits keeping jobs, not a setting for something terrible I can do without consequences as people would have to catch me first before they stopped me. All together I am comfortable with the insults, they need to stay away from my Books.

They do claim I am just as guilty of the ego trip as they are but I am not in anyway – their business is to push so much abuse and insult at me there is now a sense I am a very different person from them, then set about making contact with me thereafter to spend my career and earnings on themselves with a sense of entitlement that will inflict bulimia on me among other ills, never mind the financial damage, providing themselves and maybe some prostitutes on the streets with a self-exhibition dress well profitable narcissism that will never end. The other part of the ego trip claims is the area that is I consider to be my fault i.e. I have been furnished with resources to facilitate public living and when I do it, should celebrities feel entitled, they create an outcome where I ascribe to them public person importance that really belongs to me and then they get completely out of hand from there – so when people speak of the way I continued to hide the truth; the truth is that they take an interest in my lifestyle and it get down to the middle man who get in touch with the slum landlords who rent a space, build communities that get imagination up peoples bums and maintain an atmosphere of abuse and narcissism, while another group of idiots will inflict heart disease on me because I am not violently attacking other people to get into trouble with the Police considering this problem existed within the area and the Police would have attended it very quickly. It still comes down to the Celebrities and the question is largely a matter of processes needed to retrieve my PR from them and stop them messing around with my Bookshop earnings. I am already half way there at this stage, developed a means to ensure that I can set out punishment for those who allow the Celebrity gimmicks to run at my expense, especially if they gave me employment, considering I am not their responsibility, which outcome should be the means to look after my finances without getting employment as an Arch Prince, get married and settle down to complete the last responsibility of providing an Heir, which I believe I am in a good enough position to achieve by 2027.

I would really fancy that each time a bunch of idiots sit about a boardroom with a plan to do nothing for a living and to grab my markets to make money and I initiated processes which meant that at the end of the marketing session, they ended up with the same resources they started with, the idiots did not initiate some narcissism by which to handle me and share peoples wealth, show up here with plans that take them away from the one that pays their salary, to get rich around here, showering me with insults. They do claim that it was all linked to the reasons people found me irritating but it naturally was too, the reasons they did being a matter of those insults and abuses, the glass ceiling etc, the one that can be spread around all over my social life and public image and some of the worst types like communities that get imagination up my bum – the other fools who play a part in it, cling to my public image and run off gimmicks where they got me to do something that gets the Police involved were making the most of the happy ruin their stupidities loved to engage in; first effect was the damage done to University studies, which response was to ensure their superior sons and themselves had no future and I am now being set out as somebody that ruins the lives of younger people because they believed it would place me in danger, which game I am playing as well – now it’s the second which involved the part that the media and celebrities have played and this time for more abusive reasons than the reasons that had gone before i.e. provide environment where the gits can collect bits of my career to sell to them which will add up to a process of having the means to acquire products in a way that causes others lots of suffering, to sell to fame idiots who enjoyed paying for the suffering caused, this damage now has to be resolved and I intend to ensure we got to hear from them every step of the way. They do claim it’s what indicated I ought to avoid trying to rub shoulders with them but I do not think it is in my interest to play along with their ego trap nor do I believe there would be consequences and effects if I did not, therefore very annoying – the matter of importance is that I am more important, never ascribed my own social position to them, they picked it up through and unusual and perverted interest in my Books, now they claim the point was that they were famous and wealthier, while I needed to recover my assets so I might begin as well and they did not want to give it up because they could not do without it, the narcissism therefore gotten out of hand but since it is not their finances or family dealing with it, I have every right to move them and shut them out. They do claim its not clear why I have become so uncompromising in the situation which is utter nonsense – we are talking about a 7 year career mess of recent despite the history we had earlier, none asked them to pick up my PR and my earnings, run me down and build communities that got imagination up my bum, which they have claimed time and again was used to determine my social status, now we are dealing with new problems associated with their inability to give it up, an inability to let go. I am told what I have said here makes me even more vulnerable but it does not, simply ensures that I relied on my wealth equity for every aspect of social and public life – we have seen how easy it is to say that a bunch of gits sit about in a boardroom rotating profit gains on a rota among themselves, waiting for the bets opportunity to grab my market but an idiot will turn up to run off narcissism at my expense that will help share that wealth with others, which their stupidities could avoid doing if it was complaining about me or did not want to, always coming back down to the men and their need to see peoples families stand beside them on a Hospital bed because somebody was making money, of which there is no reason for the interest in me and their stupid Politicians had to end the complain about me by showing up respect for my writing career as well. It is not really an issue, like for instance when my career ends up on the rocks again because they were trying to manage their perspective of time passing and could not stand a simple 8 hours at work as they have been performing these stupidities on so many people for such a long time but I needed to get on for my part, about which the need of the ethnic minorities to pick up my business incomes and prospects as a tool for making their stupid lives easy, is set to secure a response soon as well.

They do claim what they cannot understand is my willingness to punish myself in these ways, which is not really the case – we have seen that Property and Creative Asset equity broker does not mean that Fashion designers ought to spend your assets on themselves and wait everyday to come up with a gimmick that would have meant that you did not meet their standard and had to move on, making a complete mess of my earnings and social media for example, we also know that organising my finances such that the woman I settled down with considering their stupid need to educate me about bad things women did, trashing everything around here, controlled the family finances, about which they decide some idiot they controlled will be the woman in my life everyday and their stupidities would make the most of the reasons I organised my life in such a manner. It does not need to pay attention to the part that pays its salary if it had a need to complain about me everyday. It is not a crisis, it simple had money and wanted the money to have an effect on me, so it picks up my earning margins, so days run into weeks which run into months which run into years and eventually it all hinges on the insults.

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