Recently it is suggested they found the sound of my voice annoying and people at the Monarchy needed be warned about possibility of me getting hurt – I am not aware that anybody asked them about the sound of my voice necessarily, the problem is that the abuse of trashing my privacy in copulation with a series of incredibly abusive nonsense that turns up on the outdoors to churn my tummy every day, as they got to express the idea that they were my stronger siblings and parents is being repeated here, first time round was the part where I did not attack a low life to get into trouble with the Police about which I fucked their Celebrity culture properly, so this time I think it was clear they could keep the mouth shut and do something about me when they thought that they were mad enough for it as well.

The question of what brings it on has never been an emotive issue – just the fact these were incredibly silly characters being given some money by an idiot somewhere to pick on me, pandering to prejudices of media crowd, talking nonsense about the sound of my voice. It is clearly better than a process where they got a career because even if somebody said that the individuals who give them the money they clearly would do anything for were being unproductive, they were being unproductive and the people they attacked were forced to be unproductive, they could always say that they only cared about themselves and needed to boost their savings, get on the Housing Ladder etc but I now need to stop people picking on me, so we had a problem with it as such.

All together as mentioned before, it is talking rubbish and will keep the mouth shut and do something about me when it is mad enough but if it is making comments about my career, it needs to stick to the facts, as I am far more practical on that stupid question of whether I had taken the law into my hand recently, posed by their stupidities, on the fake news, real news gimmicks.

They say they had in it for me but the fact show that this is not news either – I mean one moment I think it is as bad as it gets finding out Celebrities keep an eye on and pick up every one of my concerns every single day, to develop my social life into something I can pursue to get hurt but if I dug it slightly I would find systematic destruction of my career which is very unusual way to express an interest in somebody else’s life and career, if you were saying that you did not wish to find the trouble that your stupidities sought but it is the part that gets reinstated every time I moved it on – making a mess of my privacy via an alliance with rogue landlords and showing up on the great outdoors to build communities that chased my private parts seeking all sorts of self-exhibitionist, you me employers and smell issue stupidities that make a complete mess of my finances. The threats issued are good but if they had a date to begin, then I should be informed as well, as I would not want to pick up their careers for rubbish such as these too but as we can see, it would work well for me in like manner if we were doing it all spontaneously, particularly the celebrities who are the public face of the best definition of a scumbag at this stage and had careers I would really love to make the most of, running off gimmicks that meant their daily concerns led them down a road where they got hurt. As we can see they had to inform the people at the Monarchy to beware they hated me right down to the sound of my voice but the two issues that will really set me off on this, the gimmicks producing an outcome where unforeseen dangers were left behind for my children and family in the course of my public work, would be indications that somebody else was doing what I am doing or the Crown could no longer decide the difference between what I am good at and what somebody else was. I have otherwise provided them an exit to play with their own careers, talking nonsense about hating me down to the sound of my voice.

They claim that there was an easy way to get it all done but I was narcissistic enough to drag it out but there has always been an easy way, no human being performs public duties to make things difficult for those that would implement it – I have done all that was necessary to make it easy; celebrities chasing my wealth equity public life instead of getting famous on their own but the trap was that I could ensure they kept the money in peace or kept it in a system I controlled. Then the part that involved Government – where security service operatives will pick up bits of my work to get a job done and they will show up here to say that I am said to have won great battles, running me down and trashing my career for what they claim is a way of provoking me into providing proof, the complain about my responses is now a global stage disposition but the continuance is meant to suggest I had not taken the Law into my hands yet as it were. From here we know it builds up to outcomes where security service operatives drag them in to do National security work, they return to plan their lives on public investment funds, when that fails the Celebrity gimmick becomes the main thing but none knows which one the Politicians decided was the hype and which was the character that was mine that did not match, they have not even told us whom exactly is running this so called warriors hype for me either way but I am doing mine with unemployment benefit for financial support and I am still doing better than they are on the fat salaries, so I won again as it were – point here being that question of whether there was an easier way but I was simply a narcissist. It says it’s the manner in which I speak but we know that before it warned everybody at the Monarchy to beware it hated me right down to the sound of my voice nobody asked the definition of scum a question of about anything let alone a question about me, the entire time for what the search for easier methods is worth, their insults were the main means of convenience to run off structures that were set out as businesses but were really glorified tax systems for the private sector, to take money from the public but Politicians have not yet seen a reason to stop channelling the abuses at me yet so far. Eventually thus the question of which hype does not match then after all.

I am said to be of the mind that there was this endless fight to engage in but I am not – just a reality where after 20 years, my finances are at the same rate they were when I first met a bunch of idiots who created a civil rights that involved me, them and bigger men who will decide how I got to fight people for them, all that has changed in 20 years is my botched academic studies, my built up career while somebody else trashes the finances, new history of people getting to run off fantasises about fingering my bum after sharing my personal space with YMCA and the people from the foodbanks, celebrities suggesting that a bunch of society gits were nice people and I spent time trying to rub shoulders with them, once I resisted a need to proliferate my wealth equity public image and breach my patents to get paid making entertainment but on the whole we are back exactly where we were, this time I am old and useless enough for community support when people put labels on and a dream of making me fight people for them will become a reality no matter what. The others who trash all I did to keep them off my case and all I did to ensure they stopped talking so much nonsense around my concerns like an entitlement to shower me with insults, alongside the goons that continue to pervert all I did to run my own life the way I wanted, appear to have ended up in a position where they clearly had something to clean up and there was no way I could make them. So we could say it is some massive narcissistic practical joke and yes it is but if they say that it is a fight because the ingredients of fighting are present like the tummy and smell issues, I am going along too. I have had this acknowledged as the correct thing to do since it means that I am well positioned to defend public interest and myself when people put up money leverage to tackle me career wise and ensure nothing to do done at the jobs market was done on time while they ran off popularity and manipulative gimmicks to get rich fast, bullying people to give up cash over systems that are effectively a tax process for the private sector and does nothing for client in a real way, so am I positioned to say that if I faced a fight on my hands because they also produced cash leverage to prevent the public doing the jobs market activities on time, I had the means to get manipulative characters that served them to produce this result at Industry, to work for me as well, help ensure that in a situation where spending 4 hours of work makes somebody 2 million pounds and we know that the DWP cannot appraise such a payment, they will help us recover the cash that such persons were unable to account for in real terms. They do claim it’s a massive process of blaming others for my problems but if I brushed it all under the carpet, there is still a 7 year history up to 2022 of celebrity practical jokes crashing my Bookshop to account for, when they have access to me by consent the abuse runs into a global stage crisis, when they don’t, they will secure the access by abusive accusation and a support crowd. The truth is that they were physically devising a fight to get out there and prevent people paying the bills properly to feed their gimmicks, ruining lives to get rich fast, giving people money for attacking others in the guise of product sales, thus nothing I have said will be enough, only a process where it was clear when they are fucked via the sexual narcissism just as much, they tended to spend more money, especially for those whose lives were developed around running me down for having the good ideas to make their lives easier because they had suffered some difficult experiences and were entitled hence all I did was spent as I did it, when the celebrities are, the fact I had withdrawn access from the famous got more publicity, so I could get on with my own concerns more so those stated here as well.

I. Uno I

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