They do claim that I am having difficulty with my finances, not because I chose to run it the way I did to avoid social problems and the way they built it up and could easily set me out, back themselves up with a crowd and get it to rely on me but because I was not a kind person and did not wish to learn how to be kind. I could never make sense of the way that it progresses from characters who looked like they needed an intervention from a Priest that was skilled in exorcism, to characters that tore up my career through country ownership relentlessly abusive lasciviousness and were now teaching me what kind was. What I know is that their families were blissfully unaware of these activities which indicated that it really loved to pick up my personal, social and private life, set about making a complete mess of it and make statements of media that will announce and improve its situation in life, with a big mouth. So the primary state of affairs involved a bunch of industry idiots who decided they will not buy a product from me or employ new talents in their companies, just make statements about the possibility that I was trying to make money from the way their companies had affected the world and hope I will face so much difficulty I ran away from a Royal Estate, so they could please a crowd that was concerned about wealth and social inequality with it to get rich thus to which effect they hang about a board room passing perioding profits among themselves while putting pressure on me, which pressure I chose to ignore until the popularity fools and celebrities got involved, hence am I completely miffed that their stupidities were teaching me about kindness by wrecking my Bookshop every day. The point is that it now needs to make comments about its own career and stop stifling my finances, especially if it wants to teach lessons about kindness, the threats were simply the part where I would resolve it like so and their stupidities would build me a new one and mock my responses, their practical jokes running off when I am chasing something with a sense of urgency to make a mess of get rich fast which is incredibly kind and has not yet paid in cash for the happy ruin that satisfies their stupid narcissism in this place if I had not yet gotten my hands on things they did not want me to do, with intent to be a narcissist as well. The bottom line is that every since the sales industry job, security guard job and celebrities playing a role in property equity brokered at the entertainment industry it has been hell and high water for me like this, when I clear it out they made a new one and mocked me every day needs to make comments about its career and stop stifling my finances, the kindness of it all. As for the idea I have lost my social status, I am still wondering if it is currently lost because if it is then the question of whether the business of turning out a low life with money and media to play with was a method of making money which somebody either coerced them into choosing or paid them to.

I mean they do say they would like to mitigate issues associated with a process of making money to become low lives with money and yes they would if they gave up the other part that involved running people down, picking up the career or government work as a tool by which they bad mouthed their victims, befriended celebrities to sell products and exhibit themselves on Media I mean I can mitigate mine by making sure I run them down and bad mouth them to make friends as well which according to facts is incredibly simple but at the same time I do not need their money and do not need to make money the way they do, so I would rather be more inclined to take out certain activities that prevent the rich idiots and celebrities buying those stupid products to continue the business of running me down in a more professional setting. So they do look like they were really good at looking for trouble and we have arrived at the point where they needed to move on, keep their money in the system that the Government operatives controlled without bothering people like this.

They do claim that my case was a really big mystery and it is not at all; the middle classes are not paid to make money by running people down through Country ownership relentless and violent lasciviousness, right up to the stage where their careers relied on it and that of the victims did not mean anything to anybody no matter what was done. The Lower classes are not paid to seek to fuck the fact I have been orientated with a Hermitage as a tool for cooling down the difficulties in life either. The same behaviour was exhibited towards my studies at University, on the basis that I will shut down the access and thwart any plans they had on how abusively my person should be handled if I completed it, now we know they require help from Americans to continue. Always that one story about Americans being a threat, whereas first of all they claimed the secret service abuses people and attacks people, once they discovered I was important enough to be seen as a person by the secret service and for me to see people there as people too, they then set about ripping up my career to take over that aspect, ally themselves with the secret service to attack me and so I become the character they can always do harm to, whereas if I attacked them the Politicians would become unnecessarily unpopular, if I took up running them down with violent lasciviousness the question will come through from the Monarchy as per whether it is how I was raised, so I have to ensure that they kept their abuses away from me while making sure the idiots who continued to pay for it ceased to do so. It therefore means we are moving towards a result where speaking up did me more harm than good, since the last time that trashing peoples careers through the very service processes by which they served clients, to tell them they could start eating some prison food if they were unhappy about it, produced such results as somebody acquired an automatic weapon and killed over 300 socialist twats in Norway during a convention so I want to find out if I will pay my Bills from my Bookshop and see signs of that occurring in 24 hours from now or we are to begin finding out what I think about the fact none asked them to make money in these ways, which leaves them low lives with money that enjoyed attacking Royalty, such that the eat some prison food insults following their liberalist stupidities with a civil right that will fulfil dreams of getting me to fight for them and finding secrets that will be used to force me to do something for women by trashing my career while they kept their own, is about to produce such results as we got to find out whether they usually picked it up where they left off and carry on with life as normal after being punished for it.

They do claim there is little I can do about any of it but we are only starting to see the violent ideas on how I should be used since last there was a stage where they could build a community that runs fantasies about getting things into my anus to such an extent it might as well feel real the other parts where the way I responded concerning their need to use the effect my religious orientation had on me for cooling down and would pay for as long as I lived was still a process of getting on my nerves naturally, so is the business of violent lasciviousness as a career, which runs to such an extent they pick up my service processes to create a version of me that they wanted, it really needs to stop threatening me. We know they are narcissists but it seems that once they get dressed up we needed an introduction while there was a behaviour on the internet which showed them to be a bunch of scumbags trying to get by after screwing their lives.

They do claim its not clear what the root causes of it all were, just as much as they suggest the problem to be that I failed to acknowledge who really controlled the world. So it is a story where business idiots want to run the Country, having put themselves in charge of public matters they knew nothing of, clinging to my earnings and we were waiting for the part that will be completely ridiculous and then it was not because they felt passionately about it and needed to fight everybody, the stupid Politicians supporting instances where it rips up my studies and career to run off violent lasciviousness for successful sales job but cannot keep their fucking hands off my private parts thereafter as well it is developing into a question of paying the Bills from the bookshop or kicking them so they told their overlords at the white House where what was to be done would be decided and they would get back here to ensure it goes around in circles.

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