The rest of it was a simple matter of German influence gimmicks for the economy practical jokes, living in a world where they were world powers that was not recognised. So none can leave a thing and return to find it as they left it with Germans about but the problem they say is that others had ideas concerning the society bits. In my case it claims what it steals from me does not actually exist and it would be a case of the insanity screwing them up well or it stays away from my concerns and plays with its own career. In the end however it is largely a matter of the part where I never did a thing about it because I was using it too – they use it to abuse people, work popularity narcissism and funnel people’s property into their lives, I use it to ensure I made use of every human being I got into my disposal for the purpose of jobs and taxes. They do claim the manner in which I ran my concerns was problematic, not the practical jokes with respect to a sense I was invulnerable to society gimmicks detracting from the Books for conveniences associated with celebrity gimmicks that will punish me when they experienced narcissism while I could do something about it, like the problems which would continue if I had not yet murdered a famous bastard. The problem with the Celebrities have always been that they had made money and needed to use it as a tool for maintaining the pleasures of the insolence they channelled at me over some delusion that their stupidities were more important – most annoying was the fact that they plugged their middle age, teenage and working life crisis into my social life to get paid for being popular, so I ended up making contributions to my own nightmare, once the idiots had successfully trashed my studies and then my Bookshop after; it is now simple for any to understand that they needed to stop cutting the link between the work I did and my Bookshop or I will interfere with their personal relationships with intent to take the stupid money away from them and out of my face so to speak. It was always obvious, if the insults did not get sponsors running away from me, it could have done worse. The gimmick where people got to build places in which they were able to claim my career as their own, is not a determinant of how brave I can be, but it will get a community of fools getting imagination up my bum anyway, never living in a neighbourhood without trying to decide how others should exist, the Celebrities who initiate it and build a media presence for it now appear to seek my help in shutting it down while they keep their salaries and it would not have been the first instance they organised their stupid careers in such a manner, always so stupid enough to begin and when it became a crisis, did not know how to shut it down. They do say that if there were people like me, then there were threats to Celebrity which Celebrity were not aware of but there is no such thing, my career does not meet with their own anywhere, I am not a Celebrity and there is not prospect of being one in the future – we are doing this because they wrecked my University study, showing up here to make me into a character that claimed others got famous at my expense and leaving what was left for men sales job idiots, while the University leadership got complicit with it and collected my fee payments, then they got about trashing my Bookshop and now we are in a place where the egoistical and insulting need to make statements about my social status or interfere with a link that existed between my work and my Bookshop for the public to see, in order to feel good, make excuses, get into more trouble and spend more of it on themselves, has produced outcomes where I want to get the men stuck with a life of work, family concerns and shopping whilst I interfere with every relationship the women established in a bid to keep their celebrity money out of my face and out of the lives of my Clients, getting it to make a mess elsewhere – they had fun and its my turn. The other side of their story involved the Politicians who say I am now known as a character that makes a mess and gets away with it which I am not – what happens is that Politicians continually send out gits to make a mess of my career for practical jokes that will run until something successful happened from it, then it grew into something Communists got involved with and they said I could not have my career until I did something brave, having their practical jokes being expressed around my finances and a tendency for a crowd to get involved emerged, whilst I remember well that I lived in the west and their stupidities were meant to read the Books before the communists every got their hands on it and long before then. It has since become a case of me making sense of the problems associated with a mess that involved government, the bottom chasing issues and the fact that people took responsibility for the mess they made, however refused to make any compromises whatsoever for my 18 year career mess that people were improving their stupid health having fun from. In the end it is a simple case of Celebrities on one hand and a group of idiots who cannot keep their hands off other people in a bid to decide how people should exist on the other – both cause me to feel sore all over and for the latter, I believe their own is likely to end when they stopped getting involved with me painfully; for now the Americans say I am a threat to their freedoms whilst it had become impossible to tell them that a certain way of making use of what I was doing was not the correct one, making a mess of my earnings alongside their prostitutes every day – they do not ask questions like the ones I have answered here, they simply do not take no for an answer, do not speak to people and do not keep their hands away from peoples private body parts. It talks at lot but I am not the one complaining here either. Eventually they say I want people to believe what I am doing is the real me which it is not – it is the product of criminals paying increased attention to my concerns and celebrities building a media presence for it over claims I am a little twerp that is always seen doing something to look for big trouble which eventually gave way to the way I should be bullied because somebody died during military work, so it tackles my income directly thereafter because they think that they can take me on. In their view they say I needed to be taught a lesson for rubbing shoulders with military operatives, but it was all just civil service, some stayed at the Office, others were field operatives, we never got the right publicity when they engaged in ceremonies and we got even worse types when somebody paid the ultimate price. They do love their insults and I am some twerp rubbing shoulders but it is due to the fact they never listen to anybody – we know the Military uses specific terms to describe specific things, such as threats and threats being neutralised for example, they do not have rules on how you kill and destroy, that was what celebrities had to decide they wanted when the sort of publicity we got for security service activities were that things had been done which Celebrities wanted to see done by those who served them because they were famous – so lip flapping and here we are with a sense of what their famous idiocy of a social position actually looked like, threats were neutral when people showered others with insults in their world. They do say that I will end up in a lot of trouble and it is utter rubbish – I had currently rented a space from one of their stupid daddies who cannot keep imagination up my bum and they had since built places where people can claim my career was somebody else’s property with it – since changed my diet to deal with threats of heart disease associated with their famous stupidities seeking to decide whom I got into a fight with and it is so difficult to tell what their problem was; if confident they will squash me, this is what they will squish. It is not a complicated matter – where I am people go from £18, 000 civil service staff, to £0.5 million CEO regularly, so if somebody said that a particular thing interfered with him, it probably did, what happens is a bunch of popularity low lives showing up here to share my personal space and make statements about my response interfering with them, so the famous idiots built a media presence for it, squish. On the matter of Celebrities I got along with however; it was a story about Politicians suggesting that they were nice people and we are now living in a world where they were not but the celebrities I got along with were people who suggested that the way I managed the gap between the prison service and my career inspired them to make a title series for example and when paired with the other who get up around 11.00am to smoke weed and prevent people from attending school, only to find a scapegoat that will suffer the consequences of his own personal decisions, then any would respond a certain way if told that areas of my civil activities that facilitated the latter was to be eliminated – it is this problem Americans facilitate with respect to what a person is and what a person had achieved on one hand and their need to say that a person had history and culture behind him that brings about success when he is a victim or when he is abusively attacked and for human beings to want such things as entitlements or a provision of benefits associated with being alive, we can see why their Country is so violent. In the end, the means to boast about physical endowments and calculate a victim of career, personal and social life vandalism that they were getting a lot of fun from, is a good reason for ripping up the career and being confident that there was nothing the victim could do about it – so it if gives me a sense that it would like me to take some risks and continues to screw around with me, I certainly would as it were. It is a matter of somebody giving a speech on bottom chasing issues, maybe the importance of smoking weed, to hundreds of people and being known to say such things, selling entertainment by ripping up my career, studies, and finances over a need to handle my personal space insultingly and disobediently, now it is saying it would love to see me take some real risks.

It is not as sad as it looks as such; we are talking about people picking up interests that criminals show in my concerns, building a Media presence for it and a place where people could go to claim my career as their own – then each time I got a job, they factored it in and my employers did not sell products because the celebrities did not like me, now we are just surviving by asking them to keep from the Books and make comments about their own careers while they think they will squish me, building up to the sense they would really love to get me taking risks. It is not the first time, the original state of affairs was to show up on my social life and modernise religion, progress very quickly to an abusive habit of telling me how to exist, regardless of whether I was previously religious and then the insanity of it will cause me so much distress I did unusual things with my social life and became eligible for violent activity. So in all these the real me was able to manage issues associated with culture and society gits running people down and abusing people in sexual context backed by their society daddies and mummies who looked like gods of narcissism telling lies all the time, where it gets to tell me I am a woman and I felt like killing it. It begins with the marketing bits; first if its self confidence was supreme it could sell anything, thus if there were areas of town that it felt afraid to visit, there was somebody who had the sense of security and it didn’t matter if a family and a job relied on it, they will acquire it and continue to make unusual person decisions when they did not face consequences for doing so and then it builds up to a point where it never stopped collecting mine, building a crowd that got imagination up my bum for more and claims I am a woman.

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