Eventually we have to listen to those gimmicks where they claimed that I was at odds with the interest of black people, what really happens on the other hand being that they never stopped pushing that nonsense at me where they assessed that if in Africa, they would have been able to oppress people like me and I have warned about it enough times without gaining results, so I believe an appropriate response was necessary, considering I have pointed out the prospects of not stopping when started it as well. The assessment made is that the only thing that causes the most inequality in the UK was an instance where black people did not have what racists had and that if in Africa, they would have been able to oppress people like me. The whites on the other hand had recently built up something that suggests I was in a lot of trouble with white people, something about private security industry corruption, glass ceilings and the CCTV systems. In my view then it is as simple as the none whites being pure narcissists and the whites being insane they fuck me I fuck their society as well and for the whites especially, they have heard me warn about it and knew that I was capable of doing it as well, when it came to the business of sneaking about their criminal popularity backyard and ripping up the lives and careers of their celebrities with it as well. They are not the problem, the problem is the Celebrities ripping my patents and picking up my PR to such an extent they ended up picking up my earnings as well; the insults were good as long as I did not get down the slippery slope to setting them out as the popularity gits who smoke marijuana at 11.00am everyday while engaging in the business of preventing younger people attending or doing well in school, alternatively, it could shut down all comments and gestures it makes a media presence for, which effect was a mess made of my Bookshop and therefore my finances within 24 hours. I do get the question asked of the reasons these issues do not affect me like everybody else but so is it the case too, that the last time we checked, they were the Arch Prince and I was not: the way it really works being that Royalty should not be getting a job, it is the most painful thing in the entire world, I do it because I do it and the process is not a real job anyway, since the fact I got a job does not necessarily mean that my empoloyer considers me to be one of his responsibilities, so the issue here is that it has become so difficult to run a Bookshop successfully, if a bunch of idiots had access to a Media presence where they made a mess of my career and then did more of such activities the more I complained about it, to build up to a happy narcissism that sold products and improved their foolish lives it does not mean much either way as those who buy those products are buying things that they will need devine help for, just the Celebrities ripping up my finances and I plan to end it by making sure their careers did not mean anything to anybody no matter what they did with it as well: I mean the process and the issues speak for themselves rips up my career to do Celebrity culture and money madness, I tell it off and it decides to make my life more difficult because it had money to spend doing so, I am then forced to bring the inventory I have been keeping on my property into the public sphere considering that the more of my concerns were patented to its stupid name, was the worse the problem would get and then all the lawyers in the world would not be able to save them from a process where their careers did not mean anything no matter what they did with it, by the time I had absolved my own needs as well or it could shut down every comment, abuse and statement it makes to trash my finances everyday in the next 24 hours. It is all supposed to be a three part story the pure narcissistic black people, the insane white people and another group of idiots picking up my career to get me into a fight and into trouble with the Police endlessly, the same whose actions on my social media had become the last straw and I am now faced with the prospects of following up all narcissism by tightening lose areas of my behaviour with respect to it to lock a process down on them, which especially in terms of setting out the blacks as popularity gits who smake marijuana, rip up childrens studies and ensure people generally produced the worst work for the career when I did it, was a slippery slope and the ethnic minorities who continues to pick up my concerns to make their lives easier were asking for outcomes where I got to fuck them over for it properly for my part as well. They do eventually claim the main problem to be that I acted as if I was the toughest thing in the world, the reality on the other hand is that they push those gimmicks at me where they would stop their nepotism and racism if their abuse victim was big and important enough to yield the right amount of dividend for being abused and I am okay with it as long as none shared the benefits of what I did to them as well. We are doing this not because they taught me lessons as claimed, the stupid verbose madness while it tucked away its career safely, looking for a terrible response when it had no wish to move on we are because people are fighting for National security and their own lives in a condition where public leadership they identified with was deployed by others who were less than abusive to run show business and we know that the Celebrities were not paid to do this either, picking up my patents and then my earning margins and my PR to work the narcsissm by thereafter once they settled in simply showed they were famous and stupid people at the same time and I intend to find out how their private security industry goons who are the reasons for the problem to come to public light as they will inflict heart disease on me whenever our public control issues performed unusual behaviour, will protect them from me when the process of making their career useless to everybody is complete.

Eventually bringing to bear the reasons that Celebrities hated and attacked me i.e. I built creative Assets on a wealth equity basis which meant that the services provided by those who were associated with me could be streamlined as to ensure that it was a singular thing that people paid for and there were no underhand deals, as a matter of looking out for my Intellectual Property Administration services establishment. The Celebrities who associated themselves with me understood what this deal was and what the society goons, ageist gits and quasi criminals would think of it, the rest who now hated my guts were in league with all those trouble makers, even now, the nature of the narcissism is that they continued to pick up projects associated with my Business and continued attacking me over background problems associated with doing so, therefore it can be said that Celebrities hated and attacked me due to their sense of entitlement, not withstanding the financial assets they have acquired is not really their own but we tried to live in a world that accommodated everybody but I am now fed up with a life under the hand of their narcissistic stupidities. Even now, I spend most of my time trying to doge the fact that they had invited themselves into my Court, can now feel me in my bed chamber and the only purpose they can think of for such things is to get fingers up my bum for every single thing their stupidities were trying to do.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland