At this juncture generally I am having to contend with the suggestion most of my actions are that of a stupid individual. I could never make sense of it either way, it does seem that those who claim I am a stupid person believe they had gained freedom from the effects their own stupidities had on them, so if they are to avoid a recurrence in future, they needed a scapegoat and it is these ways in which I can be handled for reasons of other peoples personal decisions that constitutes the main problem here. The real issue however is that the business of setting me out as somebody who antagonises wealthy people whom they are trying to befriend, whose wealth they want to share, had since developed into a crisis because of the sheer crowd that wants to be join in and share the wealth of rich people and that means that each time they were unable to make their comments where their career was located instead of where mine was, people cannot make sense of what I had written, I spend a lot of time explaining it without gaining any success and the best work that I had done for my career lay in ruins this time of which the question is whether somebody asked them to make a comment about my stupidities in the first place all together, hence the needless hassle. The promise of trouble I will get into is big talk when they are out of their depth, if I get into trouble we will find out that they are not of my social class as the war on popularity people especially the ethnic minorities who began this nonsense on the abusive use of my personality, such that when it is damaged or my career is, I spent more time with them so that they might use more of it, never mind the damage to my University studies that was caused as one of their greatest achievements with respect to handling me. I personally do not think that it is possible to stop them tackling me because they were trying to share the wealth of rich people, without the gits who spend money on this nonsense understanding our position well enough to solve a problem either so people are unable to make sense of what I had written after I do the work for them and the process which is meant to consummate the service in the Books because they make comments and come up with community organised abusive ways of deciding how I should be used. As for the question of the reasons that people are encouraged to handle me and view me in such a manner all together, the simple reason for it is that I had public service activities to engage in, so if I for instance decided I was to work on a process where people were encouraged to commit crimes against others because they thought that their victims had no way of securing incentives from a position they had adopted by thinking about, these gits will be off stifling my career and finances to draw attention to racism that bothers them, whilst they are, the fact that my career and finances had been stifled in the course of such activities will develop into a sense I a character who had a normal life but set off to areas of society where trouble is kicking off, making sense of the suggestion I am a stupid person, which then plays into the convenience seeking gimmicks of their Celebrity madness and gets them paid for being popular. It does need to get a copy of my Books for each of its stupid interest in me or we can see that the manner in which they make these sorts of comments and the fact they were not asked questions on it by anybody is set to decide the stage on which this nonsense came to a conclusion very badly. The story of what causes this behaviour on the other hand is the many abusive flavours people developed for money that can be made on the basis of people rewarding them for tackling me, which would absolve and free them from any kind of employment when they needed to pay their way in the world: so the general market part of it is the one that involved short insulting videos they claimed added up to advertisement and its purpose was to imitate and mock me, run off gimmick about the way I claim I am something I am not and the way I want to exclude people who are worthy to share my life with me from doing so, the market for the Bookshop is then suspended while they insert their own products in its place which goes on everyday all day long the Celebrities are more widespread in their approach, so it involved drawing attention to everything right down to the times that I get out of bed, to show they had been able to handle something very important and people ought to buy their products, laying claims to my Public image and not willing to hand it back the stock market and trading gits are more a matter of taking full advantage of and making a complete mess of any International Diplomacy influences that I may have had to secure trading that left them wondering what they were going to do with 6 figure sums and all these prevent me from paying the weekly Bills through the Bookshop and not the Government. It is basically a process of saying that there is money changing hands through convenience and that they did not have to get a job to make a lot of money but this is money changing hands because people hated me, it served as a frontier for me to push my financial wellbeing, I have wealth equity mistresses all over it pushing the financial well being and cannot explain how they got to assume with such effective results, that they had been invited hence my stupidities clearly now knows no limits but none did ask them such questions as facilitated comments being made on it either way.

They do suggest this is all about people who did not like me at the Monarchy and that I was replaceable which is not really the case. The truth of it is that the current Monarch likes my work, but her successor might not, this does not mean I have a copycat version of me out there or that I am replaceable. It I tried to sort this, I would end up building to an understanding that Crown Business was separate from the Royal Family, and this would in turn put out an idea that I had in terms of family abandoned the Queen to chase my own personal concerns. The mess that people who spend time at the Monarchy building up these ideas had created is immense, such as the fact I am supposed to release these Economy, Market and Trading Equity if I had any at my Office, for National Interest, while what they have achieved by handling my concerns is a process where any goon from overseas could take what they wanted any time they needed to, since these goons are financially better off than I am, the problem is not that I had to chase the matter every day, the business of being successful at it is immensely difficult. So if the Prince of Wales that was Chief player in this, was the Monarch, I believe that the Crown would have at this stage decided that he should keep his private concerns separate from the Crown and Government, hence if I tried anything that tended to show I did not face enough rivalry to say I could be replaced, I would set off a sense I had abandoned the Queen to chase my own concerns. So every impression they create for the public through the lens, every statement, every comment involves a result where public interest in my Books were damaged because they wanted to manage their boredom, just like the society gits would ensure the Politicians could never be free from complains about my attitude because they were grooming me into a position where I can be used the famous twats and the society one say there will be a war if I handled my finances by entering into a discourse, probably physical activity concerning their bank balance. They do claim there is nothing I can do about them but I have no idea why they do it, become the one thing with respect to relationships others had established for work and personal purposes, like it does not give people ideas on how to get involved in their work place and do 7 deadly sins gimmicks until they lost the job I mean at this stage every single thing done damages public interest in my Books and the physical attacks are meant to ensure I changed nothing about myself or do not attack their interests when they grind away show business at me putting up investments to attack me until the returns had come through but despite all the abuses, insults, complains and Media fracas, they put up another immediately after. We understand that if I took up the matter of working their jobs to put them in the same position as me, so that I might work on them instead of get better at my career for money, with intent to attack them the same way they do me when I am filled with energy and they were perpetually tired like I have learned from them, their children will get me, as if what I have said here does not make sense of that too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland