I have had this question put to me many times, concerning what my problem with Celebrities who are clearly rich and important was but it’s never really an emotive issue as there is no problem at all, just a huge big campaign by characters I have come to regard as famous idiots to spend and waste my days on the earth to put it mildly. What happens then is that they have decided my Books and Bookshop should be killed off by somebody they knew, to facilitate a process of making more decadent money and securing more self-worth than they currently have; mainly a decision reached on the basis of how important and superior they are and settled on the right of the superior to select inferior people from the general public whose lives can be used to serve their stupidities, making those insulting speeches while complaining about me endlessly for it. For my part, I have come to think that it is a very easily avoidable problem and they need to keep off my Bookshop, my Hermitage and my earning margins, while they have now developed new forms of offences against their stupidities on my part, based on the fact I chose bad neighbourhoods to ensure I settled where the problems associated with running this Hermitage were kicking off on their own right as well, so every lie and insulting abuse since has been based on what they wish to use these bad neighbourhoods for and I have recently interpreted it as a matter of being bigger and stronger than am, having difficulty carrying the weight and being worried I might take advantage of the way their size and greed and feeding pattern affects them, so they have dispatched criminal and barely criminal society culture trouble makers to get the imagination up my bum all the time, the same conditions that wrecked my academic work and left me in student loans debt the first time round, entirely avoidable since they do not actually have money problems upon being famous thereof.

There is therefore a sense that saying it is not a problem is living in denial but there is no part of it which occurs as a matter of me allocating my own time to a particular event associated with it, so I like to treat it as something that does not have the right to exist at all. It has since gotten serious because their Industry fools set about wrecking my Bookshop to build me a reputation as somebody who gets fucked by the penises that need to be waded in order to sell products and we have seen their stupidities build on that by deciding they had settled up on who gets fucked for the expensive Cars and Homes they had to sell and it was therefore worth the price they were selling it for and it becomes some sort of gold digging opportunity for them to target me on Media and social Media by every day.

Now it is said that the population hates me intensely and that there is nothing I can do about it which is utter nonsense – they simply come up with strange ideas on how the world we live in looks like, such as the class system working in a way that allows them rip up people’s property to preserve their own as a mark of superiority and it is not the only idea, the one that gets to me the most because it happens all the time is destruction meant to ensure that although they lost an argument, at some stage everybody found out they were right all along and the fact this is always inserted into environments where people do not wish to talk to or have an argument with them makes it so much more unbearable. They speak of a right they have to enforce HM opinion about me but we know they face the same challenges that the Queen does and do nothing about it i.e. criminal characters have had a brush with me and paid a certain price for it, so they think tackling me is not worth it hence they get after important people who think I matter and their stupidities have spent so much time with me that they are now regular targets. Before then it was worth it that I dropped out of University so I might spend time fighting culture and society trouble makers to build a social sensation that makes them feel protected and comfortable and yet for each brush with the culture and society trouble makers, their bottom hurts and I am really going to get it with a big mouth. I will be told that this does not actually address the fact people hate me which it doesn’t as such – people hate me because I am a small man who goes around achieving things, which offers up great opportunity for women to get bigger men beating me up to grab and share it with them; this did not end well since last time they started it, now they have simply developed another idea and as long as they believe insults will lead to public interest and public interest will grow into media presence, they will never stop doing it. The rest of the time it’s a matter of the gits with the Media jobs and we need to see them clamour around their producers for the things they need to do to facilitate expensive drinks at party during the weekend, while it had soon become quite clear, ripping up my Book sales, bottoming out my finances, shoving me into social issues had become the more profitable route to do this as well; they have now successfully dislodged the women I built a court with, now have it all to themselves and I am being rounded up like sheep by their culture and society idiots as well – it thus becomes clear that just like the culture and society idiots chase me up on grounds that when I had decided none gets to peddle the faith, personal life and public image, I am running their stupid lives for them, the personality they are now in control of for the money that allows expensive parties beyond the salaries, even extra marital affairs and so on was built from spending time at a college and it would be acceptable for their stupidities to allow me finish the University bits as well, if they want it into the future. They say I would have enjoyed Political support but claim to be more important than I am while reality is that I am a Hermit on the ground but such things as the nauseating and uncomfortable financial complications that facilitates important idiots negotiating party money with their bosses at work, along with the years of abuse and insults that have created it for them tends to mean people found an Arch Prince here who will never try to kill them and get away with it too – it is always a big joke when it had not gotten serious. I am not doing the moving them on routine like this beyond the end of 2019, I really need to come up with a plan that allows me to get the hands on the job that gets to their heads as well.

They say I am happy to do this but address none of what is happening at the Monarchy of which there is nothing to address if current social conditions have been brought about where it applies to me, by years of HRH Prince of Wales suggesting over and over again that I am a character that really should hang around somewhere giving up who he is to facilitate the future reign - it was always a plea, an open invitation to culture and society trouble makers, that he wants to be their king going into the future and they have responded accordingly, I simply do not think their responses should apply to my finances and academic pursuits.

Now they say it’s the powerful people I have supporting me and what they do to others which is the cause for most of the trouble but it’s an example of how a group of goons expect me to get a Royal Commission without State provided security or to get the State provided security and go on without it, so in like manner we have seen this behaviour of persistently sharing my public image with me which kills my Book sales and then allows their community goons to kill off my academic work as well, all done on account they consider themselves to be more important than I am. Same case where we hear they are not necessarily my enemies while the reality is that they need my leadership but prefer to pass around those life changing insults, once they realised it is beginning to burn them in terms of its consequences, they want to invite themselves into and occupy areas of my life where they can manipulate me rather than stop it – the story being that there is nothing I can do about them while there is clarity on the link between Celebrities and the way social issues idiots get their imagination up peoples bottoms all day long, thus always the prospect that as long as I can completely eliminate one of the two, all will be well, like we have seen it become serious enough for the Industry idiots to set out expensive products and decide which arse will be fucked by criminals and barely criminal goons in order to make the money paid for it worth the price, which is how they get rich quick, while these goons get on their Media to tell me my Books are not up to scratch when they have not got a copy of their own. It is never clear as such why some human beings need to be so perverse and I have been told as well that I never do or say anything with certainty about it while I don’t have to, as keeping an objective profile generally means that every idiot that keeps getting involved with my Book shop to make a mess of it a practical jokes will suffer the most whenever I am not writing any Books. The rest of the time we hear they have rounded me up and caught out and can now deploy my State provided security for their own purposes which is utter nonsense as we know a single good mistress is better than many; one good mistress I get around with on social media for instance works better than a group of fools who hang around making out they were more important than I am each time they invited themselves into my concerns and ended up getting some nice behaviour from me but in the end this business of getting out of bed to contend with idiots who bring my whole life to a stop because they know where my Books are located, to manipulate me by, will no longer be tolerated (at the heart of it is the idiocy developed in the last three years, concerning their ideas on what an Arch Prince out to look like in order to suit the purposes of Media and Celebrities - the outcome is that they wreck the Bookshop and I am took broke to look it all together and then the business of being more important than I am ensues as stupidly as possible i.e. there is a link between this nonsense and Celebrities doing their ruthless show business gimmicks on account I had picked a bad neighbourhood to sit around writing some Books pointlessly at my expense, the idea that I am unable to respond to it is a fantasy).

They do claim I am simply not happy with the idea the future rests with others and not my Monarchy which has nothing to do with the fact that by the time they had succeeded in building their much needed structures of us versus them in which they were on the side of the powerful people to continue the profitable insults, they will have completely destroyed everything I held to be important around here, like we see their stupidities share the ones they own with those who would rather not give - the Fashion is insulting, the Media is abusive, the Celebrity thinks it is superior and should select servants at random from the general public and the assumption is always that I am unable to do a thing about it while I can always raise some publicity over each abusive and insulting behaviour to draw attention to the fact I really do want to just get on with the demands of the Office if they didn't mind. These matters are not actually news at all - we are very conversant with corrupt federated stupidities and how they never stop claiming they have servants at their beck and call and have been endowed with experiences of a luxury lifestyle, which is then sought after by turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan their foolish lives on other people’s wallets -the same way we have never seen idiot swoon Liberal USA support anything else but their insanity.

I. Uno I

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