Here I am told that I have this ethnic minority on ethnic minority discrimination which I practice with a sense that none will make sense of it and there is every opportunity for me to get away with it. This is utter nonsense as the reality is that when it comes to the business of people hanging around areas where they had access to money and tore up my academic work and finances with crowd based practical jokes as the prospects of having hedonistic sex with me is lesser when I have no money in their consenting adults activity society or the business of having fantasies on how to handle various areas of my body and public image, therefore it is inescapable the process of seeking out an evil culture by which to do me favours and collect a license from a crowd that wants to escape their abusive insults to do so, people are top dog. They have now enrolled in the British Military for it as insultingly and disobediently as they possibly can, having done their part of what the Military superiors required of them and anti-discrimination campaigns allowed them get through the ranks, they now believe they have been fighting my enemies at some stage – warned about making a mess of this Hermitage and hanging around somebody expressing fantasies on getting into a fight with something that would have walked the same path as me, had a pure history like mine with no Politics, culture and society involved and wanted to fight them to the death is something they have never been required to do has not gone through to their insulting and disobedient thick skulls. Their nymphomaniac friends and excess spare Royalty are all over it again like they did during first University days involvement with everything getting nastier without reasons, having now acquired accusations of sexual impropriety against Royalty on their part to play with, about which waiting to be beaten up for the smell has not yet happened after a decade and a half and I needed to be allowed to move on - their stupidities have rather decided what will happen is a case in which the Leadership of Barrack Obama decided what the end to their stupidities will be or the legacy of Nelson Mandela did.

We know there is nothing they desire more than to get me on the background of existence literally talking about the bad things that happen in the world, making sense of obscurity while they became important. So contrary to the sense people entertain that I have harmed them, the Celebrities, Media and city goons have done nothing else save pick up everything that allows me get on with my concerns in relative safety, make a mess of it and open up my life to society goons, as soon as they saw my Books had benefitted them in terms of security. The Politicians have done nothing but encourage them to get from building communities that get imagination up my bum since last I ran their lives by stopping them building Celebrity and popular culture gimmicks on my personal life, faith and public image, which process of persisting eventually led to people following me around to steal at the shops when I got out buying my supplies. We have now reached a stage where they are becoming a threat but have failed to make sense of me wanting to draw up a link between damaging the stupid culture and society alongside a process of running this Bookshop as they will not stop disturbing this place, while their need to own my public face will build up at the other end until there is a clash between both sides to make sense of those insults peddled unnecessarily over claims I believe I can do what I like since I get protection from the Royal Family and then it will be clear what I can do about them and what I would want to do about them if I had to do anything about them. Besides this the big problem is still that the first time the Celebrities thought my whole life should come to stop to make them comfortable, it was due to a need they had to wreck everything around he and make me a bum that does fighting which makes them comfortable, the idiots have again made an alliance with the same culture and society trouble makers to tackle me, on seeing that the goons have been expressing a certain kind of response due to insults that have eventually created the means to draw public attention from my concerns elsewhere to bring about wealth and social equality – so revenge against and process of fighting and hurting Celebrities had started here as well and I want to do it to such an extent that this nonsense is part of my life only as a history and a memory, especially as it is impossible to tell the exact stage at which it turns up on a product to make those who had paid for it feel good and equal.

Presently the Muslims, Asians and South Asians are good at complaining naturally but so are they at running off this nonsense for the Celebrities every single moment in the neighbourhood, claiming to be real men and women, apart from which doing anything about them as a whole would be an overkill as they are not really making any more money than what people pay them to get on my nerves - so they have decided to compensate by direct property destruction involving a process of handling my Books which I must respond to as ignoring them rather tended to mean that they may carry on to any extent, instead of mean that I am not interested in them. It is still a matter of being made into something I am not, which can only be countered by inventing a response towards what I believe is the way that Celebrity should sort out their own differences with Industry idiots and the Industry idiots need keep their comments off my concerns and to enforce it as stringently as possible. Currently, not doing so means when Clients invest in my Assets, businesses are damaged and sex Industry gets bigger and this is all they find money, take care of the body and do with all their time, while the continued decimation of those who find money via means I had provided, took care of the body and looked out for my Interests are being attacked constantly - they even claim it’s a matter of democracy and tyranny as the lust of it had begun to take hold.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland