I don’t know why people love to think that deforestation or Agriculture or intensive Farming destroys the environment – what does is governmental corruption; we have seen that they no longer have access to Tigers that can be taken out of the wild environment and placed in their Homes for prestige dead or alive, so they have recently turned their attention to Fish. I mean you would want to farm your own exotic fish if you had contract to supply it to Government operatives who put it in aquariums in the living rooms for prestige but doing that means the wild population will p[provide some low live with competition that can tackle you from any direction by, so you must run a business which decimates the wild population of exotic fish to keep the business going – then again it can be avoided when this sort of behaviour is not being run off by Government operatives in South America, Asia and Africa to such an extent. In the end, whatever they want can be provided in a domesticated environment but they always link up the business of hurting people they believe themselves to be superior to with a process of hurting animals and because this is a form of transferred aggression and violence, it really should be thought of the same way we think about Murder and Manslaughter but with respect to wildlife – the ingredients are present and we cannot solve the problem of their appetite for destruction if they have not yet given these behavioural ingredients the legal recognition that they call for.

They do claim I am one of the do-gooders who want to decide what other people’s existence was because I am saving the environment or helping to save it but I am not saving the environment, the natural world is not my immediate surroundings, I simply believe that destroying it is the elimination of vital human history and civilisation of which doing so means what has been destroyed cannot be recovered as it were – they on the other hand still have questions to answer as per what the destruction of the natural environment achieves; I mean we have seen them eliminate it and set out creating their own – artistically sculpted perfect stones in rivers flowing with water that has been processed in a factory to ensure it possessed the ultimate purity and clarity, fish that are genetically modified and an environment created so wealthy people and city centre trouble makers might go there to put the feet up and enrich their souls but we know they will find out what people are really thinking when there is no history left that people may enrich souls in a way that makes them money by.

The whole environment thing began with these goons and their girlfriends hanging around somewhere blabbing that I think others had grabbed my career but don't even know how people are doing my stuff, especially when I am considering the business of moving them out of a condition where they believe they had unfettered access to my concerns, now it’s a threat all together and has built up that stupid society power which is set out as a way to run me down in public places again, talking nonsense about German influence and once I had stopped it chasing me around to deploy my public image and personality for popular culture, it got off building whole societies that spent all day getting imagination up my bum.

They claim on the other hand as well, that it’s a case of what people who fight to protect the environment say to them and I suppose they are referring to such statements when people have tolerated their madness for decades and have a need to show them their behaviour is now progressing towards criminal property damage, about which they expect victims to keep their secrets whenever they want to be famous as well. The rest of the time, what really happens is that they are out of their depth and those silent low range millionaires they create to wreck peoples careers and tackle women in the neighbourhoods are no longer the privilege that they thought they deserved as rich people and it makes me wonder what it is exactly they can do about me save destruction of Royal property through their stupidities and its involvement corruption, if I invented an idea where the fact I am unable to last 5 minutes in an environment without smelling of what I ate and feeling sore all over meant I am unable to get along with the male population and wished to do something about it. eating from a plate made entirely out of Shark Teeth does not improve people’s lives, stopping insults that become profitable because they are being thrown at those you wish to handle to improve your earnings does.

They do claim the reality about me to be that I am ambitious and its utter rubbish; I have no idea what I must do to ensure it stopped showing up here to decide how I am supposed to make money and carry myself in public until it wrecks my Bookshop and leaves me looking like I don’t get paid when I do work. I have already explained this is a Hermitage and I cannot really tell if the Books through which I may raise funds and set about stocking the system with products from all over the Trust system, so I may be in control of what is happening with the concerns of Client brokers, if I had not determined whether the fact knowledge should always be as cheap as possible meant that I should have given it away – secondly, money was created by Government to make big business comfortable and it is impossible to say that somebody who contributes to the processes by which National currency is built and used is a poor person; the benefits of this Arch Prince having no money is that black people are unable to develop from those life changing insults to a bunch of idiots that got money off me and therefore got worse and so the gimmick that not wanting any to peddle my faith, personal life and public image meant I am provoking them by running their lives is taking a more public media expressed form all together. In the end once I am prepared to handle a lot of money I will have had a family and even if I had gone soft, it will always be a choice to provide for my family or allow black people have money at my expense. The rest of the time, they say I interfere with people’s lives while what happens is the growth of the sex industry because of the number of Clients who have invested money on my Assets only for American led insults peddled at me to destroy it – this nonsense is therefore what they and their Celebrities find money, look after the body and spend their time on and I am fed up tolerating their stupidities with respect to the interest of those who find money preferably one I had facilitated, look after the body and my interests.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland