There is the tale that I won some and lost some naturally whilst we know that we are not out there testing our strengths and weaknesses. It is unbearably annoying as it comes on the back of comments and gestures that makes a mess of my Bookshop and finances every day, never mind that it all began with their need to try and become more important than I am by handling my Public life. It is an example of the sort of situations where my responses will get people suggesting I had a bad temper that I needed to control but I do not need to control any of it as such: we are talking about University fiasco to ensure that I became frustrated enough to suggest they were handling my life to make celebrity wealth, as though saying so would have disputed it at this stage, we are talking about the fact I dropped out of University in 2008 and I am writing this in 2022, with the gimmicks having not abated for a single day during the period of time, so I do not have a mill stone tethered to my legs to prevent me completing my studies as such but between 2008 and 2016 it has been hell, with sales job where they got to make a show of how well they could make money vilifying me and handling my personal space to do so, then the private security job between 2014 and 2016 was the very peak of their expressed stupidities and the last straw for me, following from that every time I write something and work on my Bookshop, it will pick it up and pervert it into something that served their cause, so when I looked back, what it has accomplished was a process of picking up my service processes by copying what Clients did with me and creating a professional version me that will ensure I fit into its idea of existence, whilst we know I do not write their Books or own their Bookshop and such activity should normally have been very provocative, they set about the idea they were victims and that I needed to look into my temper – at this stage the main problem now is that they needed to play with something else but they have decided instead that I ought to look like the person that rejected his State provided security to get along with them while they hurt him the entire time, if I had not yet won some and lost some by stepping on them really hard, backed up by the state provided security, to ensure they played with their own lives and made comments about their own careers. We all know 20 year career mess to end up in a condition where they got to suggest that I had no direction to head but to get into violent activities which will help confirm their fame stupidities were more important, does not necessarily make me the victim but I believe that the new gimmick of building Media presence for criminals that paid increasing attention to my concerns is that which I will now run off and find out thereof if there were damages, if there were any consolidate all the damage done starting from the University gimmick to date and find out what they were made of as well. I do get asked if the process of stalling my sales and client interests was not damage but it is not real damage, just evidence this was a group of idiots who will not get a career, if it was better to run others down all the time, and then say that their position was the best place to be in, as a tool for getting around with people of power, wealth and influence – it is just one of this issues about which if you career was in a make or break situation, their stupidities were guaranteed to break it, so the business of building communities that get imagination up my bum is an attempt to build me up into a big puff while their stupidities were at it. It feeds into the claims made about cowardice on my part, whilst the truth of it is that the space I had rented from somebody was one in which a person they loved to channel such abusive insults at lived in the past, so they had decided to rebuild the persons history for me once the person had left, set about chasing my earnings, stagnating everything in this place but if I said so years ago, we would not have gotten any fun from it – the other suggested they would get imagination up my bum and attack me thereafter which they have not yet done as it would be the beginning of the end for their practical jokes as well. I can run them down by working abusive gossips and lasciviousness as well but it is largely a matter of getting things done at the correct time, if I do so it would be possible to say I did not need that sort of money and therefore ensure I ran them down for social control whilst making sure the other idiots who enjoyed spending money on such nonsense stopped buying it at my expense. They do make those stupid statements that it is a matter of battles I am said to have won but then again, how does a person rent a space to waste 7 years of his time living on government support because they rebuilt a history they created for a person who lived in that space for him, if it is not due to the fact that people liked to think they ought to show up at the security services while they thought they ought to get along with Celebrities – we know that the abusive vandalism conducted by celebrities on my concerns was meant to protect and provide for their interests, a simple matter of saying I developed equity to broker with entertainment businesses and the Celebrities got involved, now I need get rid of the Celebrities which is impossible if the after parties of their award ceremonies were built to make sense of my Public work being deployed by them to kill off my earnings and the sense that my websites were a secret place they could go to cover their arse and that of my fans. They claim I resisted help that was given me by the Monarch which I did as what the Monarch does about such matters is meant to provide for the two houses of Government and the security services, which takes care of me as well but what we have here is a targeted need to attack me and handle my finances, then shoot off the big mouth on Media playing with me through advertisement against my wishes abusively like I am being bewitched and under their stupid spell if they were not seriously harmed for it. Their American friends never stopped raising some stupid point about the way that I enjoyed interfering with matters to offer criticism on what I knew nothing of whilst we know they have again in Ukraine like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan, mixed up my personal and social life with violent orthodoxy stupid German women who get imagination up my bum each time I sit in an Office to write because of a hope a high power will help them make money from my Books instead of me, so I have been trying to finish two chapters in a new Book for the last 3 year, getting harder more so since the private security industry and celebrity gimmicks got involved, so these idiots might trash my career and finances to get me whispering republic, rip up my public image to sell groceries at City centre underbellies and host parties with the money lolling at me – it says it does not know why it criticise its stupidities and the way it never stopped dropping the ball on planning its modern day wars. We know the world wars lasted only 4 years and in modern times 4 weeks for a war was too much because the structures that could avert such things were always in full swing but no matter how short the time, there will be balls dropped on planning and a lamenting the loss of civilian lives, plan it like that and mixed up my personal and social life again, talking rubbish about an inability to understand my criticisms each time.

It simply comes up from nowhere and runs endlessly with the worst sorts of abuse attached – that they hated libras and I was the centre piece. I wouldn’t know anyway since their own star signs do not necessarily indicate they were saints – the cause of this sort of statements being the silly Politicians that kick them off endlessly, something about people running me down with lasciviousness to sell things to wealthy people and any response I provided being stolen by an idiot that sold it to people who were more powerful than I am, to get set up by Politicians as the person that got to complain about me while the process of Politicians using Government Office to get rich an Industry got underway, meant I had to deal with their abusive greed endlessly whilst the Politicians had a character they could blame for meddling when their gimmicks caused harm to others. This is the premise upon which they claim I had a problem with authority and if I mentioned much earlier that there was nothing they could do about me as well, I would have acted up an incredibly boring part. It may continue to issue the cliches and threats about my star sign etc – we are now wondering if it meant that they wanted a meaningful conversation on their stupidities, like the one which brings about complain due to Police brutality, where secret service abuses and attacks people, once they got close enough, they joined it to tackle those who dared to work for careers they had not enjoyed first and or the part where they show up in places where people were doing life threatening jobs, had an order given to them and they could not take that order, show up later to rope people in with stupid cliches that Politicians assist them with and end up somewhere near Government buildings as popularity superior sons, making it difficult for complicated government decisions to be arrived at quickly for obvious reasons and handling my concerns because it felt good. The threats are good naturally but I am pretty certain that the next time I had to show their quasi criminals the way that their Political jobs worked, it would be the finale on my part as well – it has never been the way I talked that was likely to get me into trouble but more a matter of ignoring their insolence until they got accustomed to it like they currently have and it needs to stop handling me, as there is clear evidence it is getting on my nerves. History so far is that their Politicians help them to wreck my academic pursuits and career for these gimmicks and they can now follow the politicians everywhere, I am not blind to this, do not consider myself a victim and do not think there as more I had to do about anything – the part they were currently complaining about would be the one where I had completely wrecked everything they did and built up to control the female population, about which their insults and threats being channelled at me is now set to produce an outcome where they were set to complain about the effects of controlling me. Then there is their Industry where they picked up my Assets to invest, create cars, Houses and clothes for people, then set about ripping up my Bookshop until we got into an argument where they got to tell me what they stole from me did not exist – we are not taking a thing to the Law Court if we would find out what their problem was when it was all mitigated to ensure that I can run the Bookshop on a financially successful stage. Overall it talks too much with its predominantly German and mostly European Influence gimmicks and needs to shove its silly insults elsewhere. Some people have suggested there was a way to resolve the matter amicably but there is nothing here to resolve, it is always seen making money by setting out conditions where other peoples children will be led like lamb to the slaughter – so we find its stupid women and prostitutes had a need to invite the self into my Court and Coven and various other personal life activities, then peddle it for money and issue threats they were taught and encouraged to shoot off their big mouth for, when the idiots take pictures of themselves to endear criminals to their cause as well, we find these fools hang about waiting for a response that I will provide, that they can steal and sell to somebody that was more powerful, such that the Media presence for this nonsense meant that I could not say that I did run them down and prevented the fool who kept spending money on their gimmicks at my expense from continuing – needs to stop handling me and chase its stupid greed somewhere else whilst we know their Politicians had arrived at a stage where it was clear to them that the main problem was more to do with the fact even if they disagreed with what these idiots did, the scumbags will still get the fingers up the bum anyway, while I lose money everyday because I am sore all over and therefore no longer brave enough to deserve my career on account of what they chose to do with Government buildings.

I have been told they felt that they had power to dominate me which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they read the star signs and decide according to it what my star sign was with respect to the bets forms of narcissism they wanted to practice at my expense, having learned of women claiming they got involved with a Court to have anal sex with me during spare time, took an interest in inviting themselves into the court to control what narcissism I got to perform on them as well, run me down all the way back to first grade as a tool for making money, rather than getting a job. I do not consider the matter to be a crisis either – it is an old story of the society wanting to boast about fucking me but do not wish to subscribe to a publicity I will have built for them as people who got fingers up peoples bums for a living, so we had a problem. The Celebrities fighting to avoid instances where attacking them was the only way to set out dividing lines between my career and their own, as to end the financial woes that I had to tolerate because they enjoyed borrowing my whole life everyday, the silly children with insults that will back up their careers would survive an onslaught of attack on it but whilst I have done no such thing, if my career was in a make or break stage, they would certainly follow me around and break it, like they have done my social Media and the Client services. In the end we had to listen to that nonsense that I picked on people who were too much for me and so it was the business of finding out endlessly the stupidities that get involved my career to make a mess of my finances was born from fantasies such as these – I had no idea they could tackle me if they were ten times my size, I blind folded them at a street corner and attacked them so they could never tell the Police, even though because they could read my mind, I regularly informed them that I did it. The rest of the time it’s the stupidities where the black community especially is busy dreaming of me damaging businesses on account they had an unusual interest in my personal space and social life. On the matter of Politicians playing a part, it was a story of Politicians thinking if the Country burned, Politicians would still get jobs to put out the flames but the one that really bakes their bacon was the military coups apparently, currently they were complaining about the same fame idiots that they facilitated, in the sense that those got about taking pictures of themselves loving criminals in the most ideallic locations, finished off with statements on National identity and are now off building communities to get imagination up their bum because they were expecting Government operatives to make the most of instances where they found it difficult to find husbands and to have children of their own, I have not seen a single Politician produce a viable way of tackling the problem yet but we have not yet seen signs that supporting quasi criminals in the communities will ever stop, bearing in mind the risk of hidden weapons and idiots with a need for power. What we have heard them claim is that this was about wealth equality and their freedom – in terms of the freedoms, they started out with Julian Assange routines tackling me in the process because I did not take part and have now finished off with an understanding that secret service operatives saw me as a person and I saw them as people as well, joined in and set about attacking me while complaining of something that is clearly making them uncomfortable. The wealth inequality bits was something we made sense of the more we laid out the facts properly I.e. picking up another persons public life, to sell the public culture in an instance where you effectively set out your stupid self as a tax collecting mechanism, to make money that sits in overseas accounts so you might avoid taxes, does not add up to wealth equality issues being resolved but then again, they do not believe if they had difficulty keeping their money in a system where I had a huge amount of influence and therefore continued to trash my Bookshop and finances, I was very likely to take out steps which helped me burned it. I do get told that with work like these I should be better off but currently the only thing ensuring I am not is that it had since entered into a stage where it picked up services at my Bookshop to build a sense that what I put out in the form of services confirmed my agreement to allow them get involved with a Royal Office and Public life that they clearly can afford, in a bid to sell products at my expense and achieve equality, whilst it had not yet called in the Police to report that I am sexist with a cunt between its legs and yet I am aware I had on many occasions described what I did properly, so it does go without saying I will force them to live up to these gimmicks in a public life sense and watch them die doing it or they may make comments about their careers and lay off the Bookshop finances whether or not communists existed, which is not the job that they did, regardless of which none invited them into my Court, Consortia or Coven as such. They do claim the business of taking on bigger people still stands when I speak of their gimmicks about being upper class at my expense; the reality being that superior sons doing their popularity had nothing to do with the class system and if I were hot headed about it, I would likely think of a way out which involved planning my way into marital life with a financially well off woman in the upper class, at which stage they would have fundamentally become an impediment to my own future and I would not hesitate to attack – even now having been I have not done that, I am broke and dingle at 40 while they want to teach their stupid children to describe me as a bum. I understand the term superior sons would not necessarily make for confidence but I should say that it is usually not an issue how these guys live as they stich their own lives together and sort their issues by themselves, which commands some respect, moreover tackling them could easily get a response from the Queen where the question was whether you were sorting it for them yourself instead, which is not a good result – it’s the ones that never stop running down my career, making a mess of it to take me down the route where I will meet ageist quasi criminals whether I liked it or not, they will run behind my back and build communities that get imagination up my bum, it will play into the music industry and then the film Industry and Celebrities will not be willing to rule over it by keeping their money without tackling mine and this happens everyday. Still comes down to the problem that 5 years of work on a Bookshop and its Royal Hermitage Empire and I have ended up with a similar problem – my service processes have been converted into a tool for seeking equality with me while doing business by a bunch of bimbos backed up by pricks who had a big mouth and now I am having to respond to a sense they were certain that I could do nothing about their need to dominate me. I am certain where I want it to stop, I do not yet know where their stupidities would like to stop their own so far yet.  The matter is usually divided between the red lines and the thin blue line, the latter which belongs to the Police and the former which is that of the general Public – the people who say that the Law exists to allow weak people pick on the strong and get away with it might be doing the wrong thing, in the sense that it is those who are trying to say they needed their body for their work and career that pay the price most of the time but taking a side is the beginning of hell on earth, as we will find the Celebrities decide that people should be run down at work in order for companies to be able to trade and then the output will be a need to abuse people while at work for what they claim to be corrupt fat cat roles they invented which outcome will be that they got rich fast by running others down, upon realising the attractiveness of the prospect that there was little the Government could do about it, their freedom was developed on beating others down with violent lasciviousness and getting paid for being popular while the Governmental executive worked to harness people who could think out a process and people who had the energy for work as means for economic recovery and it never stopped attacking my Bookshop and therefore finances because it needed specifically the civil right of freedom, which is unbearable – then we will be left wondering if it was peace we had when the big and strong were no longer a threat on account somebody suggested the Law existed to allow weak people pick on the strong and get away with it, especially if work process disappears and is replaced by abuses while we are still in employment on a particular location. I am told the statements that I am a coward is quite the problem but it does not bother me at all, being a Hermit means I am likely to do a fast, so it is either you can predict when you are to get into a fight or you can predict when you are likely to do a fast, and therefore it was impossible to predict a situation where both happened at the same time. So it is always vanity to hang about wanting to get along with what happens when people are tough which I will only likely do when I want to punish them for it, if they stopped bothering me it is perhaps not so good, otherwise vanity is sweet, they had money and were tough while I had the money and toughness to look forward to. I am not ashamed of the security guard job that I did as claimed either, what happens is that I am still meeting people who made the most of the effects of the job, so I need to give them a sense that it is still on, it does speak for itself if I am single and broke at 40 and yet somebody liked the security guard job.

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