So it is said that I have no way out of this crisis as such which is utter nonsense too; it was pointed out years ago that I made my living in what is arguably the cleanest way known to humankind, such that the process had become property Asset in its own right and just as we see their Idiots build me a history of insults to play with my income by on Media, all hell broke loose on a Global front because rich people had an ego Ė now they believe they need to leave a mess for me and I think their money needs to buy a Book and find out if I will clean it up.

They do boast about revenge of the Celebrities and we know those have now progressed from wanting to get famous on my Public image, to acquiring money from Industry trouble makers that finance go lucky boo boys and girls who buy equipment and venues to engage with the Public ripping up my family finance base by, now it wants its stupid community croon for whom every act of respect on my part tends to leave me feeling like I want to vomit everything I ate and can never be free of smelling like what I ate, while their corruption of involvement and small business gimmicks at my expense know no limits, to completely wreck my health well enough for me to get beaten up and then that will be the end of the story technically. I mean I am pretty sure there is a culture in the USA that spends its time making sure these sorts of criminals had such a difficult existence they ended up taking it out on somebody randomly but of course it does and this is what their stupidities are complaining about, so I should suppose that if I joined in as well, there will be a Monarchy in the US that got to supervise how far I went and exactly how I was meant to do it all together. it does need to stay away from my Books and stop following me around, years of threats and vandalism now but we know their Industry trouble makers have now run out of money to spend on it, hence time out; itís currently so desperate for attention its stupid imagination is up my anus 24/7 and since the damage does not have an effect of the haves and have nots in terms of the money its stupidities have acquired and what it can do with it to grab my Public image and market I build for my Books starting to below stupid threats it cannot back up like I write its Books around here. I do get told I am stronger in terms of my words on the matter because I am fed up and this is not true; the truth is that this is all evil, all that nonsense about Politicians preaching alternative gospels on how religion is the source of all wars and reasons for the evils in the world was to build up to this i.e. its ability to run off its stupid imagination in mainstream living, ally itself with idiots at Industry who spend their money on it and seek more power for the disposition of its stupid money which effectively adds up to a process of stealing from me, while it rides the civil rights and racism waves. I approach it like I do, so that those who cannot bridle their insults will fix the problem themselves, except killing anything around my concerns will not be tolerated.

The story continues endlessly of how I have a state of mind that is constantly driven towards conflict and it would never make sense no matter how it is raised, how it is that in a Hermitage that is linked to the Church, you are engaged with matters that will draw your mind towards conflicts and war, no idea what they believe has in this type of statement appealed to them as an item of fact or truth. What is fact and truth however is that everybody is sore all over, eyes, ears, head, bottom, back, chest and so on because they need to be right but in the end I have handled this matter in a way that ensures the facts have been displayed in public, such that it was no longer disputable i.e. that once they gained access to money and Media their entire time will be spent on it, selling other peopleís Family life to get rich quick at fame and fortune popular culture and it is the manner by which they do that causing the main problem i.e. a perpetual state of appearance on Media to raise publicity for the prerogatives that wealthy people deserve within the business of trading off other peopleís Family life. I would fancy they stopped all statements, all gestures and all references to my Public image and a Certain Royal Estate associated with it, since it has become clear that they have no wish to associate themselves with my activities in a way that does not constitute an impediment for the Monarchy where it is found to be relevant Ė beyond this, the main problem is still that they have no clue what they are doing but prefer abuses and insults channelled towards those whose work they deploy to boost their incomes and the threats will not wash especially for the Women who cannot do anything else with time save blow off their big mouth, get accustomed to it and presume that physical activity will follow, as stupidly as possible and there is really nothing whatsoever that they can do about me. I have been told I am responsible for the fact that they must associate themselves abusively with me on account they have lost their sense of direction in terms of where their place in society was and yes I am, as it is not a crime to be more important than they are, while I look like I am worse off than somebody who has been denied their freedom, paying the price for their stupidities every day. I am told that I behave in the same way while reality is more that they always like to suggest at the end of every destructive behaviour, that they knew there were consequences associated with the corruption of involvement but did not think it will apply to them because their stupidities were terribly important - either way, this happened later, long after their new victim for gimmicks on discrimination had been located in the form of my person, it has not always been there on the contrary.

They claim I talk but am not in control which is utter nonsense Ė what they want to do is pretend that everything that happens outside of their four walls is their civil rights, once they had built up enough of the gangs and criminals, they find somebody inferior that they can work issues of discrimination on, to show up at the other end of the tunnel, selling their victims Family life along the lines of prerogatives the rich deserve with Media. Itís never really a crisis as I have actually done nothing about it save respond to a story that I have a mind that is constantly aimed at war while they were the ones who had money to invest in popular culture and some very stupid individuals in loose clothing who had a habit of being enlisted to work that system of enterprise with them, by inventing abusive processes that help them extract money from the Public image of important public figures and so this is largely a matter of activities aimed at showing me that they have power over me, while there isnít a single item of truth associated with the suggestion that I had a mind that was more inclined to conflict than their Media and Celebrities who get the funding they throw at it to make trouble. So on the ground what happens is that I am always clashing with some Daddy characters who need to play some games with the Stock Market to earn some thousands of pound pocket money on account I have a royal Commission in which I am supported via equity and have to release money from it to pay my invoices, since I have always expected them to be a problem, my writing career is immune to everything they could come up with, the problem now are the goons who show up on Media to get involved with my concerns and what these are complaining about is that if their behaviour prevents the Monarchy from making use of my work when required, they should not be moved on because it is their right not to be, as stupidly as possible. I do get asked what I would say if I wanted people to understand what had to be done to avoid these matters and it has always been as simple as the fact that if what I am doing with society does not get undue publicity and attention that I had neither sanctioned nor paid for, then there will be no trouble, it should be noted that it is the fact these people tend to complain first about the consequences before I do, which sets a stage that suggest I am the one doing the wrong thing i.e. what it wants to do is invent a behaviour that suggest its civil rights exists in everything outside of its four walls, once it gathers enough criminals and hoodlums, it turns up to peddle my Family life for a Celebrity lifestyle, talking of prerogatives wealthy people deserve at my expense the entire time. I have been told that my tone does not help the matter but like the foul language on my websites is not going anywhere, itís all to ensure that when they show up here with that silly society of theirs where everything about their lives depends on others with a corrupt busy body opportunism that makes me feel as if retirement age was a luxury, they will be sorting out their problems with their own lives on their way out.

It has been said that now I mention it, it becomes clear that the Royal Office I speak of probably exists only in my Head and yes it probably does but whether or not it is imaginary, it would have been impossible to work it, if I was not given an investiture to go with it - the question now being whether those who tackle me had an investiture for the one that exists in their heads as well and whether it is about telling me what to do: when they forget their place and become accustomed to their new disposition as well which is quite hilarious. The other part of the story being that I had fallen behind on my duties which I have not; what really happens is Royals spending their time to build up this life they want that adds up to rebellion against the Crown, which really has nothing to do with me but its wanton need for excuses had made me the centre piece - it does it for the sake of chasing its own personal fortunes naturally but once done wrecking everything around here, we do not see it get off its Royal position to do something about the goons from overseas who flatter it all the time, bearing in mind they hated everything British and thought those who got involved with British must be made into outcasts, however when they see the British one with the big bum, all hell breaks loose and makes a Global stage problem because they cannot keep their hands off it, what they are good at is wrecking everything I do with Public work and Office, something I did about society adding up to the security they deserve while they destroy Crown service to make Fashion Goons and Celebrities Comfortable, having run this nonsense to such an extent that everybody at Fashion and Celebrity world is now sharing my Family life, to such an extent that I am no longer capable of looking after my Career while I am still single in my late 30s as well, and have recently begun a violent way of garnishing it by making sure everything that marries into the Royal Family does at my expense - I have only begun making their own complicated with intent on keeping it complicated for a very long time in the last 2 years and I think they need to give me more time to prove myself as well, like they have enjoyed doing at my expense. The claim they have made is that my work is Lack lustre and unimpressive but there is not an instance where they got involved to read what I actually wrote, so the Intellectual property administration business is set to request time from them to make their lives just as complicated as well.

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