Here it is said that I never listen to what others are saying to me but I really have no idea how it is that the part where I build a House for  Court and Coven system did not appeal as the peaceful aspect of me and was hunted and persecuted and ruined, only for people to show up and complain about Liberal criminals, while the part where I am able to get away with watching pornography which is closely linked to the way people deal with themselves when they are served by Civil service operatives does not appeal to them as a war, hence they are busier than ever with a nasty behaviour that involves running off everything I do until enough controversy was built from it to facilitate sales, much the same as every part of it produces a 15 to 20 second video where abusing me meant people had made advertisement.

The Celebrities claim I like to think I can handle them while I cannot whereas the reality of the matter is that this business of putting some money together to chase my dreams being tackled by them has not happened for the first time, this is about the second time, first time round they wrecked the academic work, their goons developed vibes about sex work and how men like me want to save women from it while women really want to do it and not long after brought people from Africa to chase my bottom until I dropped out, while I thought if I bought the sex videos they were selling at my expense it would go away but it never did. Once they had wrecked my University studies, they became the brain behind the stupidities we see Celebrities exhibit while their media goons could not stop getting the nastiest parts of the journalism all over my legal studies. It develops into something of a need to ensure I can ruin their careers in about 5 minutes of them destroying mine as well to ensure I am able to deter them and some have said I eliminate the part I have played in the matter altogether of which there is none – only their history and personal decisions catching up with them; the ones that churn peoples tummy and beat people up for a smell are having to deal with somebody who has responsibility whereby such smell issues are excused to a certain extent and their lives are generally in a difficult place because they have built a crowd which helps them continue the sense they should access and own my personality as a matter of self-improvement with this conundrum attached to it, the others brought in Africans to chase my bum and wreck the academic work and now the only thing that can control them are eventualities where they go to the Monarchy or Armed services to fight what they believe to be my battles all the time, an example of decisions that women have to make and an outcome in which they have got a problem that their victims must resolve immediately, involving their friends with large penises, bearing in mind it is caused by people they claim I am familiar with, blowing off insults on media for it endlessly – then there are the others whose whole lives were developed around being tough, now they must make money and any career plans I had set out must be accessed by all, whereby it is destroyed to deny me if I prevented such access – in essence most of them have built a life in which working for money does not appeal to them and are prepared to set a stage where I am blamed for it in order to gain an exit. The outcome of this is the sense behind the story I cannot take them on, like the Celebrities whose case can be settled at a Law Court but that would do nothing to resolve questions about their abusive and destructive activities, like the culture and society goons who claim I wreck their culture and society when they follow me around to make a mess of the academic work which got me pushing back, outcome likely being that I may end up linking up the two which is the mess they have made of my Bookshop to develop a case for the bad things that happen to those who mess with their culture thereafter, because I wanted to do something about it. Their minions always like to claim Celebrities are a tool for Political control of the Public about which I am unable to understand what it has to do with me when there is no culture, society or Politics in this place, just a Hermit assisting the Crown on matters of Public service and trying to keep out of Politics which is The Queens domain, whilst assisting with any things that the Queen approves I may do for the Politicians if requested – my point being if I pick up their valuables, my destruction of it will be comprehensive as well, so that it might be able to continue with what my own life actually looks like. As mentioned above, they are not a tool for public control in anyway whatsoever and of course I did think that buying some of those sex videos they made in the course of wrecking University studies would make them go away which never happened. What has really happened with Celebrities most of the time has been a simple case of destruction wrought on other people’s property without reason or purpose – the type that develops this tale that I act as though I am protecting something important and valuable which I am but it really isn’t a type for them to spend their attention on either; as I have pointed out earlier – I keep an eye on the size of the sex Industry because it is something that the men produce making statements about where power lies and making a mess of my concerns every day of which they are winning; there has to be a explainable reason the sex industry is too big, while the government works so hard to provide people with personal finances and a social life, hence it is starting to show with respect to what Celebrities can discern, that looking out for the interests of civil service staff on one side, along with a Court and Coven system on the other, makes sense of the size of the sex industry with respect to their abuses like in my case where what I do is so exhilarating I must be made to do it over and over until controversy I cannot control emerges to help people sell products, is something that the male population inflicts on the rest of us to ensure people had nothing left to sell and had to sell their bodies but the boasting about handling me always fails to take the prospects of me picking this up alongside the way their entertainment products are being transported around the world as a tool for controlling their behaviour abusively as well – we all know if I did that, the outcome of any fight would be one in which those that can harm me will never stop singing their own praises and those that cannot will never stop hurting themselves, creating an environment where exasperating me would make quite a good idea to say the least.

The point of this case with Celebrities goes beyond the nastiness which mean that I had developed a plan which I had placed in the cold at some stage between the age of 21 and 30, a plan for my career and personal finances which they believe themselves entitled to access and so they have developed a stage whereby they tell people any person who gained access to what I was doing would progress their lives of glamour and fame to another stage and this therefore applies to public work, adding to the destruction of my Bookshop by the society goons that have spied on me to place my work in their hands, so that if told my life is over for pushing them back, my life would be over indeed, making me a very happy person. They do therefore say that they want to be free of me as well, much the same as they claim it’s all partly my fault – for the latter, the fault was to look into this matter of culture and society trouble makers following me around to make a mess of the academic work and career, the outcome was an activity with them which controlled their behaviour and Celebrities found beneficial, so the Celebrities flushed by life down the loo for it in a process that involved incredible nastiness on Media and the radio waves, lots of modernism and insults which suggested I am a bum. For their part there is no reason a Celebrity would not be free of me if we went back to the time between 1999 and 2002, when they were making popular culture on their own lives, were good London City Citizens and did not spend so much time completely ruining the lives of people who had a body type that can tackle bullying which churns the tummy. In the end they speak of me acting as though I have something valuable and yes I do but they have got their own type of life where they were manufactured Celebrities who have created an arena for organised crime goons to buy them equipment and venues where they can engage with the Public and becomes super start, other more successful Celebrities usually are completely unaware, so we find they are vulnerable to tricks media plays on them and gets them tacking drugs, committing crimes or killing themselves, sometimes mentioning it as a matter of what some people can inflict on their insanity when putting money together to chase ones dreams courts such attack and vandalism from them time and time again, so one gets involved with the backyard of industry to make them take drugs and kill themselves, it puts others at risk, at this stage however, I think enough has been revealed about it to talk about it all together. It does not mean in any way that resolving this sets me free from the carnage done on my personal life and the fact the part they latch onto at all times is the one where I am open to a relationship with somebody I want to settle down with – usually once done with that it will take years to clear the mess, except while I am, they are having babies on my public image.

In the end I am told sometimes that I am not running my Bookshop properly which is entirely the controversy they have created. I am selling Books to a Trust system and we are all trying to get out of an economic crisis, I need to create conditions in which it was clear people could make use of my work without paying for it immediately, not that they will not, they simply have not yet and we may allow the equities get round and lift us out of the economic crisis. I simply cannot make sense of the problem these people have with the Trust system or with Civil service staff. I am certain however that they have no part to play whatsoever in the business of showing up here to support, fund and ask society and culture trouble makers to do more when bits of my career are collected and placed around popular culture so when I am told my life is over it might be over for those who have placed it there; it is what those who do such things want to do with their time - there is usually no point discussing with famous idiots that what these characters are which is the reasons Politicians think I make a joke out of it when I talk about it in such a nonchalant manner, are people who spend half their time getting young people to perform acts of riots and the rest of their time conducting small crimes that are so small the Law can do little about them, until they had gathered up enough money and support to become a real problem for the authorities - the Celebrities can continue to support, fund and ask them to do more, which adds to the business of those stupid pictures being taken to blow kisses at criminals and display on the top shelves of corner shops but they will not be doing this with my time and income margins any longer, I am fed up with the history of insults that allows them divert public attention from my concerns to such an extent that they can breach my patents and extract funds from the market margins without consequences. They have even claimed that the measures I have taken over my academic pursuits and Bookshop are a process of taking the Law into my hands as well.

They do claim that Celebrities are digging it out of me and that I am putting a brave face on the matter which is utter nonsense; Celebrities are not digging anything about of me its people with their history as listed above doing what they do best; the ones that spent their youth being tough and are now taking advantage of others with Celebrity culture to get rich, think Church people are hollow and you can leave the worst part of your history by putting it away inside them, then there is one like me for instance which is really big - the same goes for the other goons who churn peoples tummy and beat up their victims after business just business takes what it wants and the list is endless, I always let them take it up and build up some publicity that passes mine off as their own before I pulled the plug to make it as dangerous as possible, since it is rather clear they are fooling around. They do claim I support Armed Forces people who do the worst of the worst and it is utter rubbish as what happens is that when men run off these nonsense to make statements about where power lies, people will have nothing to sell save their bodies - so we are seeing the outcome where my Bookshop is taken from me, female social life is taken from the women, what Children do to keep away from gangs and crime is taken from them and they take like so all the way and all the time until armed forces guy shoots them.

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