They have claimed all I have done is only likely to get me into more trouble and I suppose I am waiting for all the trouble they can make too. I am not the one complaining to Politicians about another person’s attitude with all the insults the fibres of my being can muster, I am not the one complaining on Media everyday about the reasons I think I have the right to make money on another person’s concerns using ageist insults that just keep giving. What has brought us to this position however is that the last three years have been a wakeup call because what happened in that time was the physical damage of my bookshop having all other means of handling me failed completely, which left me looking like I don’t get paid when I work, an example of a condition where they do not get a response that will push them into a difficult corner can create. It’s like they also say that mine is a premise to tackle anything that brings about freedom but we know we cannot match the other bits where they are fond of playing with peoples careers especially that of Armed service operatives with the provocative business of dropping out of University and then marry it to this nonsense described above. Since they do want to make an enemy out of me and it does appear that not getting involved with a person’s Bookshop with such a nasty attitude which will damage it and leave the owner cross, is not what they want to do – I will be doing my bit to ensure their Industry gits are fighting the middle management idiots who begin this whole business of people getting imagination up my bum and we all know the business of spying on me to share my work with Celebrities just so they might be able to wreck my career if I had handled them and they needed to respond to a process in which I did, has not yet produced them a result, it has simply damaged three years of my Bookshop time and existed on a provisional basis like we see those stupid equality gimmicks share their own with the frugal, even those that are worse off than their stupidities are – once done with this, since Germany will have been completely fed up with producing what people need at that stage, I will be waiting for them to find out what becomes of my work in the hands of Celebrities as well and then they will have the enemy their stupidities have always wanted. The others whose involvement with peoples Bookshop is to say that I do too much however on the other hand do appear to have come to the same page apparently. The other goons with claims of a mess I had made at the Monarchy are an old story naturally – they cannot be told that their behaviour of forcing people into the Armed Services creates more problems, since we know that such persons would not have had a handle on culture and society problems as well as the media before they were forced in and would not have had the time to while they served, they will never stop doing it to make sense of their own personal decisions and in my case have picked up a handful of incredibly insulting scum who can never stop making public appearances to blow off a big mouth about being superior to me, then hang around somewhere wanting to be saved by so called low lives who can do fighting, to claim I am the one making a mess of the Monarchy – so it does appeal to me that each time I assess my social life, it’s the part where I got into a relationship with somebody of the opposite sex that they are most concerned with and each time I look at my finances it is the part that allows me enough to provide for a family that they are most concerned with, so it must mean that I must have taken advantage of their stupid celebrities in a sexual way at some point and will burn their world over it – so far, the part I played in their gimmicks going off to perform some daring do with the jobs of Armed Forces operatives and turning up to take the bottom hurting issues to a whole new level is to do what I am doing with their stupidities currently but their stories about who they are in the City centre is still not about insults, sales armies and Celebrities, including abusive nonsense that suggests I am unhappy about the fact other people have got money, which adds to what they have done here and makes me so blindingly annoyed that I am no longer able to concentrate on what I am doing, it is about being more important, how I need move over to the left as I am no Arch Prince, along with their scum from overseas – a handful of proper mean cunts whose of getting a response upon being told off for a behaviour as has not yet been discovered.

The story with the friends from overseas is insults and vandalism endlessly – they will decide how I must exist naturally but I am not the one petitioning Politicians about another person’s diet to a stage where it becomes a Political crisis because I have now failed miserably and I am not the one churning peoples tummy to issue threats either – so it is still a case of my behaviour annoying them by reminding them of some people in Africa. The British are currently making a name for themselves building obfuscation from my diet to share with Celebrities and play money power games, should I steal their loo as well, we would not have had the same social conditions for me to achieve the same results very quickly so I might move on with what matters to me. The part where Celebrities have a Career on public media torches my social life obviously, that was clear, but the part where my academic pursuits are torn up so they might perform at private parties and functions beats my imagination, it is therefore not a matter for debate that I will be going back to the only time I was able to get on with it, to ensure my ability to completely wreck it and find a place below them for women who like to force their stupidities on me is now the next course of action. They do claim I have already achieved such processes but it is not the feedback that I get; the feedback should tell me that living with the bottom hurting and the smell has produced a result where I have my whole life ahead of me without any stupid love interference from Celebrity idiots who like it when I complain and boast about how they can handle me all the time, hence getting on with my own social life is therefore possible whether or not I am known to have smelled at the highest levels of Public life or not - the feedback should tell me that I no longer find their stupidities when I do the account Books for the Bookshop, considered my resources and the interests and how much I should have earned without their stupidities determining what happens with a large part of it, to assume I am completely unaware I am being rounded up like sheep so people got to use me to make more money while I am cut off from every aspect of my own living. The feedback should take us back to the time between 1990 and 2001 when big brothers and big sisters dealt with their own bottom hurting issues by having sex and I did not get persecuted by the sheer extent of their needs because I stood my ground when being tackled by culture and society trouble makers, right up to a point where I stood face to face with a business partner or employer and ended up veering off a corner to clear it out but was not successful in doing so due to the extent and the nastiness. Then perhaps a replacement for a process of my whole life coming to a stop to leave me hanging around somewhere being educated by this nonsense instead of the body of big sister being found in a secluded beach where somebody she knew well has created puncture wounds on her body with a knife.

Now they claim the disrespect for women on my part continues but it is still largely a matter of how I will go about making this statement about women showing up on my concerns to play very hurtful and abusive practical jokes on me especially when black and claim I don’t have a choice as per who I got involved with, looking for more of what they are complaining about. The reality is still that what these goons are chasing is a process where I had set out a condition for my personal life secrets, an environment that will allow me spend money on ventures that help test what the personality of my Children was and so help them learn about themselves like my parents did and of course having a family and being there for them – they get involved with it every day and all the time dance in and out in the most abusive, loutish, insulting and nasty way garnished with a vivid imagination for it on media and the radio waves, to make money and develop this meant cunt reputation as persons I have never made contact with in my life, blabbing about a lack of respect from me towards women rather than get out of it and keep off my case. Personally which I do believe it had become quite obvious that the choice between Celebrity and media on one hand with partner and family life on the other now has to be made, irrespective of how uncomfortable for them it will be, as I have run out of time to make them see reason, stop showing up here to make money on my social life abusively and blab about the way I force people to get involved with the armed services, once done boasting about giving anything to their boyfriends including other men with me counted among, of which I have no idea if they reversed the roles themselves all together. I mean I know I can damage their careers for these activities as well but I have not yet worked out how to damage it in a time space of between 45 minutes and an Hour at the most.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland