They claim there is discrimination to be found in the way that I work but I have no idea which is which anyway – we know they are always abusive of important people because it is profitable to do so and their position in society is so low that it is not worth anything if people did the same to them – the question is that of what they find difficult about stopping this if their victims are mostly people they want to handle to improve their personal finances. We hear those claims others are weak all the time while the reality never stopped showing they are a handful of gits that had found a way to control people who had devised a way to handle some very, very bad people and if I said every single one was absolute scum for instance, we would be going round in the circles of insanity with respect to answering the question of whether my activities bear some form of discrimination. So it goes without saying the little ones for now is that I am about to progress this to the part where the writer needs that stupid culture and society of theirs to maintain peace and quiet in a writing Office and then I suppose they will need my public image to exist as well and it will degenerate into an outcome where we got to find out what their stupidities were really capable of as well. They do point out this sense that I am beaten down and finished all the time but none knows why the ageists at the heart of this nonsense whose behaviour has never once improved save when an activity was devised to detrimentally affect their personal finances in an extensive way, this invention where the business of having property in a neighbourhood gives people the right to spy on me and collect my work for Celebrities so if they told me my life was over it might be over indeed and they can send out hoodlums to share my personal space for peace and quiet as long as people were paying rent – it’s still difficult to ascertain if it is possible for human beings to be so stupid, they however believe this means they have me and we can see it is likely to be a very bad result.

They do claim that I have given into the antics of the white race but coupled with claims racists make that white people have given into the antics of the ethnic minorities, this is what normalcy should look like - what they never put up on the ever nasty and abusive news is the amount of Class A drugs that pass between the two groups as such and in my case I am like the Hermit who exists in a world where people wreck his academic work to get him stuck in their part of society, then begin a plan to control his life starting from his diet which they are struggling wit, to add to the business where the destruction of my academic work meant I wanted to stop them following me around and they only ended up building whole communities that get imagination up my anus, then there is the part where I am said to have been supporting people in the business world, so theirs had already progressed to the part where I was sore all over especially in my private parts and their stupidities were real Men. Because of this, people do not hold it against me too much on the smell issues as such and of course I never fart in public as they claim either, so we find people like this who had hospitalised another person over smell issues wanting unfettered access to me, knowing that their personal decisions and history will easily make it a life threatening problem for them - it then goes without saying that whenever they believe they cannot keep off my Books and stop making statements on my Public image, I am never really likely to get their history catching up with them in a big way again. The reality of my behaviour towards these people is that I make my personal decisions and chase causes I believe matter to me as such but it does not necessarily mean that when I have a Family, I will be able to decide what my Children's experiences in school and or public places were and this matter has therefore developed into something of an argument that I am probably more insane than they are. Some have said it is impressive that I am able to see this matter clearly but it is not unusual to me at all; first it was that case between me and culture/society trouble makers which Politicians had to stop, now they are free and spent the freedom rebuilding that culture and society power they get imagination up my bum by, tell lies, plug their issues into my life, extract money from my concerns, market and public image and blow off the big mouth about the influences of bigger countries, especially Germany.

They do claim what I have said only indicated that I am past it but I have never really tried to do anything in a condition which meant that I was not - it has always been about the ways by which Celebrities will sort out their issues with the Industry gits that bully people to help them get rich and the families even the communities those gits come from, all the way to the way they breeze into people’s concerns at Industry to make a mess, instead of handling my Books and or making nasty comments for and on my Public image. It has become rather obvious that since the Obama administration Oval Office had gotten up on a world stage to provide them with approval to discuss their personal and social problems in terms of the existence of their chosen victims, the way to curtain the consequences of their stupidities have been to dispel everything which hides the sheer wickedness that Celebrities, Media Personalities and society gits practice on others, most of which they find incredibly amusing.

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