There are two main sections associated with this. One of them is the claim that I fight my own battles which I donít Ė what happens is a process of getting Media and Celebrities to listen to what others are saying if they are complaining about the consequences of not doing so. The problem being easily avoidable that their Offices and Homes are Godís gift to mankind while mine is a tool that can be used as punching bag to handle the filthiest part of their jobs like they were licensed poor mistresses determined to squander everything. In like manner, their homosexuals and alternative lifestyle communities bring it into my life using their technology and then refuse to face a reality where the same technology allowed me quick access to them when I wanted to tell them off and hence decided to ignore my responses.

The other is the claim everything I have done on the internet does not exist which plays into the Media handling me on-behalf of Celebrities, fat cats and industry trouble makers Ė since this is about to create an outcome in which what I did to control the culture and society trouble makers will go to waste, I can only make sense of it by handling the media in a way which produces the same result and this need to get involved with my concerns, every involvement being a nasty form of activity, must be repaid through a process of making sure that I performed the same deeds with respect to a personal issue that they had resolved which they now have to take a lot of time to resolve again. In the end those who want to handle my Hermitage to get rich, should not set about an activity which recognises that I will have to get round the bends of the risks associated with working on line, being that internet services providers cannot control everything their employees do, each time they claimed what I am doing does not exist, while the part which exists, exists because of the engagement of those who have gotten involved. The outcome of not keeping off this activity is that I am about to handle their careers and finances in the same manner to produce the same outcomes and results too. So we can see this is about the third time that this event has come to existence in this order but this time, it is clearer that I am working on a processes of being able to wreck their careers minutes after such behaviour, in the hope we will eventually meet in person.

They do claim the main problem to be that I make myself out to be what I am not but we all know if I am a Hermit, I will be this moral and nice guy in the neighbourhoods grabbing attention in the hope that their parents will hand their inheritance to a nicer person until I dropped out of University and if I defend my position as an Arch Prince they will say I claim to be what I am not. The reality is that they suggest I ought to do better in my position while I don't think there is anything wrong with the delayed success in this place, adding to their need to get involved with peopleís lives and exhibit a sense of excess and abuse, blaming it all on the State which makes them nastier when they had begun to exhibit their fascination towards civil service staff in order to feel safe, since their nastiness is usually what keeps the bad people and criminals away from them on account they want to be rich at all times while working for money does not appeal to them at all - we have the results as tummy churning issues that have become a public phenomenon and a process where they don't want to sort it out or take responsibility, so their fascination instead is the fact the only thing drawing attention to the way I run my concerns for the wrong reasons are culture and society goons who pick up my work to hand over to Celebrities, so that when they tell me my life is over, it might be over indeed, as vengeance for stuffing their heads with what I know and letting the way they respond to my own reaction to their abuses and stupidities determine what publicity for me looks like.


They do claim their main problem is that I disturb the neighbours and its utter nonsense, what really happens is a habit of tackling me all the time, once the gimmicks they had started in 2002 resulted in me dropping out of University later in 2007, there was a sense of academic graduation attached to it from then on. The sexual violation are done because they are done with imagination and there isnít evidence and in like manner there is no evidence I drag their culture and society into a difficult situation in case they want to get off blabbing about it in public places as well, to see what I can do about their own pain that I had inflicted for my part. So it has now grown into something of me trying to see how insane I can get, with them trying to see what they can do about me following on their narcissism and abusive insults Ė the insanity being a matter of drawing out everything they do about which there is no evidence into some form of tangibility that I can make sense of whether it is necessary that I did or not. The outcome is this business of living in a community where people really do not like me and the way I ended up there is still a matter of botched University study because of their perverted relationship with money, which is always fine when practiced on their family members but when practiced on me is always a matter of the relationship built up with me that I do not understand on account there is racism in British society. They do claim its far deeper than that but it isnít Ė what happens is that they claim I sleep with peoples wives and this is where I attained my personality, this then develops after years of insults and bashing in order to put me order while they did nothing about their children who make hell for the neighbourhoods and only pick themselves up when hanging around street corners blabbing about peopleís grabbing their careers gives way to a process of emulating Celebrities, the outcome was this business of having labels placed on me which suggested I wanted others to affirm that I am a real man and once they made their way past this, had their fill of it, I became a character they had promised to beat up one way or another, which is where we have ended up, while the business of where I have ended up is a matter of wanting to find out what their fascination with me really is since botched University studies and where they had pushed me into because I had refused to work on the financial needs of their career criminal civil rights women giving up all I had for women to feel comfortable with while I got myself a tough manís life, hence had to be taught a lesson whereby if I got into a fight and beat up my opponent, I would be bruised and if I got beaten up it would have been the preferred result by being pushed into a certain area of Town (by the way which the other goons at the Monarchy had long taken it up as their one opportunity to get me into trouble with gangs and criminals and itís not just a matter between me and them, as far as they were concerned). Very good at this sort of thing as we can see they are, except they are not good at responding to trouble as grownups which is also not my problem Ė so I am not complaining to any authorities or Tenant management system like they do to show up here to blow off the big mouth about sharing my space to get a good feeling about life and keeping an eye on my body for abuses that will build them the future they want, then get off complaining I disturb the neighbours when I push their own into difficult corners so I might prepare a response I know well if I experienced the slightest whiff of them blabbing about it to others to boost ego and popularity as well. They do claim this happens to every person that is different but I am not different, this is why I understand their gimmicks and stupidities so well Ė I disturb the neighbourhoods because their idiocy takes the leap on this sort of nonsense before thinking about it, in the hope it will cost them nothing and the victim will be happy to do homosexuality and Media, while the problem is that I see the world according to what I hear just like them and if they donít disturb this place while I am trying to write some Books as there is usually no evidence that I can report as well, there will be no reason to petition Politicians and Media about my attitude as if it was not an abusive insult to do so. I mean such things as imagination getting up my anus which is used to make sense of my public image to wreck it because if they cannot use my personality for popularity they will wreck it instead or banger idiots banging my face to wreck the public image after all those abuses really does not disturb anybody with their big mouth.


We have now entered into a stage where the need to follow me around and wreck the academic work and career while maintaining abuses which add up to the destruction of my social life and public image, telling lies that throw people off keeps up the hope of deploying my personality to get rich at popular culture because they and their children donít do very well concerning abuses that churn the tummy which they practice more than everybody else, pointlessly without reason or purpose heaping one on the other until they had created a history. We see the same when they claim they hate the Monarchy as well, one mess after another they claim adds up to a career and then others were at fault, while those who got involved with the Monarchy were asking for trouble save when their children were successful enough to be recognised, then there is no trouble and we see this monstrous nonsense carry on like that with practical jokes at other peopleís expense which is abusive beyond imagination, only to hang around somewhere talking nonsense about a desire for a new Country. So it had started following me around to steal from the Ships whenever I go out buying my supplies as well and this had to be stopped Ė they have claimed their case to be that I am a coward while they were important and brave but we know their world is one fit for utter low lives who do not give it as good as they get because they are facing tough challenges, or whose finances are running well leaving them to get organised or people that are wealthy, whereby it become rather clear, a need to get involved with my Bookshop and express a nasty behaviour every day is producing an advanced stage of this business of resolving the problem that famous hooligans believe they have in this place, getting involved to fund it and abate it and urge their stupidities to do more every day. The coward bits will be the one when we bear in mind every time whether or not we wanted to, that if we were determined enough, we would beat up others no matter how big they were naturally.

They do say that my problem really is a remarkably simple one and yes, it is there is nothing wrong with my Books, only a 7-year process of Media and Celebrities destroying property. They love to boast that I think I can measure up but cannot naturally all the time and there is talk of me getting things done only when I blame others, there is no way in their view that this behaviour has been causing others immense distress in all that time as their version of reality on media rules. So I donít get things done by blaming others, they pick up my projects and get me veering off a corner to resolve an issue that will bite me in the bum while I am trying to build career relationship with other people, so I had realised that dragging them back where they started and pushing them down the line until those issues are resolved was an effective way to clear out the closet, now itís simply creeping under my skin as a method of getting things done because they have not stopped a single day, always have to get involved, behaviour is always nasty. As for the measure up bits, we know Politicians spend tax payer funds wrecking my finances while spending it to build them up for such purposes naturally and now their confidence is at an all-time high at my expense; they have done nothing else since we left school, save rip up everything that adds up to talents people learned at school, especially after when they acquired their stupid media presence. My Books are a special case as this place is never Quiet enough for people to read, they hate my Books I write and think it should never have been written and of course the nasty behaviour has now produced an outcome in which people are unable to engagewith me on grounds I am a writer, which is why I think their blabbing and boasting is set to ensure the matter does not end well. Itís the same story, partly that I have trouble at the Monarchy which is simply a matter of getting people stuck in the machinery of State or Public security in order to access peoples careers and incomes Ė the same case where their Offices and Homes are Godís gift to mankind and mine is dung heap, unless I had an idea where the insults and abuses of their culture and society gits were good, save when I catch them building popularity profiles from it.

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