The claim made recently being that the problem with me and others like me is that I am lazy but also love to blame others for my problems but I donít believe laziness is responsible for the fact that just plodding on for the last 2 hours at the end of the day is something that those who have charged themselves with a duty of watching me, ought to keep an eye on and make me look like I am always catching my breath with eyes glazed and completely detached from reality Ė I donít think laziness is responsible for the fact that all they cared about is the gimmicks that leave people smelling all day long, I donít think that laziness is responsible for their inability to keep their stupid hands to themselves as such. So if I had mentioned it, we hear itís about my abilities and how others got to make use of it as well and itís so difficult to locate how this story about laziness came into the picture anyway, why it is that they are so disobedient when they claim I am a poor person since that was the only thing their stupidities got to show some respect for, explaining that I run the finances of a Hermitage the way I do because itís the best way in my view to get it done, does not appeal to them or change their foolish behaviour guided by a penis. We know that at the work place the real importance of this nonsense is to get people getting along with people who have a Criminal history but itís not as if they donít spend all day churning my tummy, their criminal boys spend all day looking like if they got a criminal history on my account the prison rape they fear so much was never going to happen, while the girls constantly expressed something of being a handful of mean cunts at my expense. I do not think that laziness causes this, I am only interested in stupid business just business disobedient comments being made around my concerns by those who wish to review a Book that they actually paid for.

I have been told its largely now a matter of activities I had performed at the Monarchy which are punishable but there are no such things; what really happened is what Mr Modern does with other peopleís lives and concerns Ė should I travel to Buckingham Palace to pick up changes there which apply to my social life and cultural activities, the idiots will start a National and Global stage campaign once they were done churning my tummy as soon as I got there, claiming that I picked up some of The Queens work because I was trying to help The Queen. The rest of the time it travels overseas to find people that come from the same race as me and set about running off campaigns on which one was superior and more deserving to be me all day at the Palace, now that I have stirred up him own as well concerning the culture and society trouble makers, we find that he is not fixing any of these problems that churn his tummy as well(probably thinks that The Queen should be doing it). In the end it still comes down to the fact that if Celebrities were Celebrities without the money, it would be possible to get along with them to any extent that they wanted, as long as this is not the case, every fool with a history of terrible decisions will have decided at some point that they wanted to get involved with the Jobs market, make some money they saved up and spent most of their time wrecking academic work and finances to provide them with sensations of convenience in this place. So in the end they continue to get their imagination up my bum because they are stupid and are set to find out what they need to know to stop being so stupid on my part as well Ė their involvement with my concerns currently is always uninvited, always loutish and always destroys writers career and we are beginning to witness a process where it stopped the way that I wanted it to as well.

They say the Part where I got a job was shameful but we have had no reconciliation whatsoever on the processes which have caused it - it could not have been that difficult to just get along with people as an Arch Prince and make them feel good about their Social lives and even when I make it easier in the sense that I never really get a job, I am simply involved with an activity associated with paid employment, itís not good enough, the story will be that I am lazy and love to blame others for my problems whenever it is being nice and if the academic work is damaged by such behaviour, it was only an opportunity to get me involved with the Military.

Now it is said that some immensely powerful people are intent on making me poor and homosexual and it is difficult to locate how on earth they hope to achieve such a thing. I mean if I said that I had developed equity processes by which young people chasing me around for support could get involved with Industry property owners and it developed into the creation of popular culture, we know their stupidities over the last 12 years have not been interested in this, we know they have always been interested in what they can do to extract money from this place and oppress me with that money in the future Ė so since there is an explanation for such behaviour and their bottom hurts because their idiocy had found one, now that there has not yet been an experiment to see what will happen if I wanted to be famous on the relationship they had with their parents and or to hang around public places telling members of the public about the importance of prestige associated with earning money where they should have been doing so, since I have done none of these like they have done me and had failed at it to show that they had the power to make me poor and gay, I suppose it has not yet dawned on them that they are blowing off their big mouth again looking for a response.

They do say people hate my guts and itís a real problem but there is no such thing, just unnecessary processes these fools deploy to seek out trouble and blow off their big mouth, most of which leads to the destruction of other peopleís careers, to allow them make popular culture and to facilitate processes where educated gits hung around Houses of Government with ideas about the mess they have made of public living and those they believe should be responsible for the new forms of discrimination and racism that they have discovered, while their fame idiots got rich on the basis they were fighting more of those things than everybody else. The matter in question on the other hand considered, they have become increasingly good at physical contact and love to say that I had made enemies with members of the Royal family but now their stupidities are justice dealers, they had failed to do it properly by making a clear position set out as per the fact they are not my mates either. They claim the way I work attacks my people; previously they were talking about security for Children where people like me with social problems needed to keep away since I am a coward as well, I considered that it was utter nonsense but they had their point, now we are talking about prospects of me being poor and gay, like their stupidities will not accept the reasons they hate my guts mostly is their need to show up where I should have a career and get a social life with somebody I got into a relationship with, to express the fact their stupidities were a big deal, the big one however is still the other bits concerning the process of showing up here to take work roles out of this Hermitage and never get the work done, leaving me to drop out of University, adding up to the fact their lives do not involve finding money to look after the body and serve my interests, so we are lost as per what their attention is being paid to my people for anyway. They do point out this is a matter of people who hated the idea of a low life like me being an Arch Prince but so have I pointed out their case is to find out how strong and capable of winning their own fight the business of handling an Arch Princeís Order and talking nonsense about him handling cultures that does not belong to him will be Ė so every time I make a statement they are not my cup of tea nor are their Celebrities fighting my corner all the time, the complaint towards my corner from National service operatives plummet to the bottom, I simply donít understand the part the other fools claiming they want to make me homosexual are playing in the matter.

I have been told I shouldn't write off the business of making fame from relationship Celebrities have with their parents or extracting money from market they have built but I have not, I simply did not expect some of their behaviour, so I never planned a Bookshop in a way which says I want to get out of bed to do harm to people the Public would like to harm in order to feel good, so I might sell products and services. We can see that I would be abandoning my religion if I joined in as such and this is what they are playing at, so the business of making me gay is largely a matter of insults associated with claims I am abusive in a sexual context towards the angels, who are really a bunch of women with such meanness exhibited on account they have cunts between their legs, which makes me describe them as a handful of mean cunts in the City centre for it as well, having a need to handle me all the time - it goes without saying their case is adding up and we never know which of their insults will trigger a real clash all together.

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