They do say that I depend on Media for everything and yet I attack them all the time as well and its utter nonsense; I don’t rely on Media for anything whatsoever – what really happens is that they pick up my career projects and we are talking about picking off peoples career projects as they walk down the streets or that time they stepped out of their door for some fresh air etc – soon they are seen doing strange things with it and have not once done a job they have taken from this place satisfactorily; I am therefore cash strapped and cannot keep even the jobs that others have offered me because I am always veering off to a corner to sort out a mess they had made for me. I for my part realised since the Blair era when they invented spin, that dragging them back to the issues to solve the problems could become an acceptable way to work and it seems that I have gotten addicted to it as well. They don’t make it easier, they must get out of bed every day and run off an abuse that they will go on and on and on about until local people start tackling me because I am the cause of it. I am not nice to the local people either since their case is one where Media makes their personal decisions for them and the wickedness exhibited at me is something which process of evolution and beginnings I am completely unaware of – hence they know what I know and take it with them everywhere they go, so that grabbing my career becomes my idea of what publicity is, since last personal diary was no longer good enough to support me if I needed to write Equities where we had a scenario and there were developed processes of aesthetics, functional sensibility and structure for investors to work with.

They claim my activities damage cultural identity and I am aware that it does but am wondering if they are also aware of how they start the process. I mean the Americans are providing global stage leadership on how to move into people’s right hand side on gimmicks that involve country and land ownership, which grows into business just business gimmicks where people beat up victims from whom they had already taken what they wanted. Then there is my part where somebody may get up and build crowds of hoodlums who are informed that upon sharing a roof with me, I am responsible for peace and quiet by which they get their beauty sleep, assumption being that I don’t respond to it because I am afraid of being beaten up. So eventually we hear them claim I will end up contending with gangs and criminals and so do I also think that I will get to war with the entire community as well, so they might continue to send out their pubescent twats to run me down all day long, over how my public image and social life should be used. The reality is that they have no reason to target people, build up the violent lasciviousness that allows their hoodlums to work obscurity to the stage of getting their imaginary fingers up my anus, sharing my personal space and threatening me over the smell all day long, the smell which happens because its insanity to apply my mind to the processes by which they do it and the assumption therefore being that a lack of response for my part was not an acknowledgement that they are human beings were a separate entity from this gimmick which means I am unable to be angry about it for long enough to take action but that I am worried about being beaten up, while it rather became obvious if they took leave of this to handle me physically I would do what I could to harm them seriously as well.

They do claim I talk like that but what people see in public is that I am afraid of everything that moves but it is their version of what reality looks like – same as being facilitated by Government funds to beat me down for 16 years has not yet given them confidence to move on if their health had never been better with a big mouth. The truth of it is that their activities are criminal and you cannot say people are criminals unless you are expressly seen them commit crimes or you will end up in trouble with the Law yourself, the rest of the time, they fancy themselves a handful of bullies who cannot keep their hands off other people with a big mouth. I mean the fear bit is a business of money issues developing into a case of involvement with security services and making it a matter of my existence to such an extent that racists get involved and hang around somewhere blabbing which Royal Order should be making them strong and which Cultures that are not mine I had gotten involved with like their real Men stupidities had not yet produced them a world where enough had not yet died so far as it were, claiming they were making decisions on which were the superior race to be graded according to the ethnic groups. So it’s always a matter of them, the criminals doing time, silly middle management gits and gold diggers blabbing about the powers of Celebrities to beat you down while you chase your daily concerns with media all day long and you must make it comprehensive if you are really interested in solving the problem. They claim I have a love hate relationship with Americans which is utter nonsense – the need to get paid for being popular at my expense has gotten worse alongside a growing notoriety on my part, making a complete mess of my whole life, hence now it had since become a matter of doing me violent favours with an evil culture to get imagination around my private parts and of course replacing legitimate employment processes with a business of targeting my writing career with Industrial espionage, calling on aspects of my work which they got from University and any other storage materials that I had misplaced but relying on my actual social life and public image to make it work – so I guess when they say that they had British idiots that will work me for them if I suggested it would not have happened if they had no show business, it is either they had drawn the battle lines or they were bluffing but I intend to ensure that they were past the show business and popular culture until we retired from the work force and its no shit.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland