They do speak of their position being one that controls economic power in the ethnic minority arena and its utter nonsense Ė what it does is see Mr A with a business that gained access to money making processes and has provided Mr A with much needed cash, now that Mr A has cash, he would like to shut it down but there are people making money with it, so Mr A has not bear it and continue getting rich Ė what they do is go there and push and if Mr A lived in a car, it would have had a turbo charger, Mr A would step on it until the gas ran out and they would claim they blazed my trail and prevented discrimination, attack anybody who drew their attention to how much distance Mr A covered when he stepped on that charger. Here they say I am interested in sucking up to white people while what their stupidities do is tribalism raids on people who made a million pounds selling an item which 200,000 persons paid £5 each for, claiming such persons spend time at home thinking about attacking people, while we know such persons hardly spend time with their children. I have no idea how I might get about stopping this tale of me being afraid of them that they bandy around all the time Ė I mean I am currently clearing out a history of working for a German Company in a condition where it was said I did security job in a sexual way, while providing influence for the sort of nonsense I have described above, not surprising when itís the same Country that created 2 world wars by itself. I mean it started with Tony Blair, who spent tax payer funds helping them with their finances and spent some more of it wrecking mine Ė the outcome was that their confidence being at an all-time high, they had decided that I had been detached from my public image and if I tried to stop people getting rich with it would be worth the shooting and stabbing bits, Tony Blair is well aware this is a threat to my life but continues even years after he left Public service, so whilst it is not yet a triangle, I am wondering if the part where Politicians said I was the threat on account I systematically eliminated everything that got people thinking they could grab public image and personality in this place, leaving them no incentive to stab and shoot and beat up, made me the resident threat, is not yet good enough.

They claim I talk like that all the time and do nothing, besides which my disposition is more suited to women and I suppose itís likely so because the relationship some have with women is one where women give them the hugs all the time, in case they did something bad the women will know how to get around handling it. I am talking about showing up here to cracked up out of my league hand me their own advantage talking nonsense about being tough. We are in this situation because the Obama Administration thought it was a good idea to prevent repressive British extending its powers by replacing British with German in the special relationship, so the Germans have been working on it since. Itís an old story where the Americans only find out how much they hate the British after the British had asserted their position in South America, which is usually the hotbed for organised crime happening in British backyard thing Ė it soon develops into a case of low life stealing your loo, so you donít know where you place such things, giving rise to being told that we British underestimate how much some Americans hated everything British but before then itís a gimmick about organised crime, South America and a process where the British are what they are not. In the end it comes to that case all the time; that thing young people do to keep of gangs and criminals is taken, female social life is taken and itís not the one that will continue and get shot by Police one of these days, itís the tall goon in the City getting dangerous with money and then they will claim the White Man does bottom chasing while no white man is doing such things here, the entire time of which they are, knowing black people do not do it like that and that even when white people chase bottoms, you are aware itís how they do it i.e. I am taking my loo with me and yes big head, this is the time that you want to go in there. For my part, I am sure they understand that going out of the door is a serious matter especially when I am dressed up heading somewhere, the prospect of being free of me as long as this nonsense continues while they claim I am afraid of them thereby providing them license, the entire time of which they cannot give it a rest being modern, emulating Celebrities and passing insults at others which is justified when people are afraid, when I mention it like so they become afraid as well as it were. In the end it might not look like it but itís easier for us grownups, itís important to not allow young people look like ĎI would love to be cuddled by a gang memberí or something Ė we can see as such that their women never tire of stories about me taking advantage of pensioner ex-gang members, to hang around somewhere pretending to be tough and that none knows if my actions are a form of discrimination, about which I am fed up with their insults, all that nonsense where racism helps them build herd mentality which gives opportunities to improve their incomes at my expense and get their imagination up my bum needs to be controlled, it needs to keep off my Books and keep its imagination off my bum or what they are complaining about will not be the last time I want to decide how they spent their days on this earth for my part as well Ė I mean ex-gang pensioners will likely do much when I sell the culture and society to gather money for weapons Ė we all know they are a handful of cowards who always want to drag people into a condition of fate where they had the advantage, it is below a condition where people give it as good as they got because their finances are a mess, the higher one where peoples finances are sorted and they are organised or one higher than both where people are wealthy, showing up where I have done the best work for my career with intrusive civil and criminal disobedience insults to express physical prowess, needs keep off the Books and keep its mouth shut.

They do say that I am insane, and I probably am but I rather thought that their stupidities needed somebody that wanted the responsibility of making public discourse for it. They do this all the time; hang around looking like others are animals to be herded as insultingly as possible, the invent some wickedness and drag into mainstream living in order to decide whether people such as myself had a right to access money - now they are blabbing about me taking advantage of pensioner ex-gang members, each time that the claim I am afraid of them loses credibility. They do claim I have fantasies of tackling ex-gang members naturally and itís like when they pass around those insults and get imagination up my bum and I want to decide how they spend their days on earth too as it were - we all know that it has always been about money - that as long as they had some and the Celebrities had some, every goon that spent their youth finding out how tough they can get, will easily spend a little time at the jobs market and show up here will some savings to drag me to hell all day long - I have done this ageist nonsense before but it seems I must now take steps to ensure if I handle it again, it would be the finale. I am told I never talk about these matters as though the actions we see Liberal USA engage in was a threat to British National security but it is only when I had failed to set out the age and social disposition by which it was impossible to oppress others financially save they were damaging property that belonged to people who couldnít kick them as well. Personally, I would like it to run until they remembered where their enemies were when Communist picked it up but above all I intend to match it to ensure damage done to my Books came to a dead stop, once this business of setting out how rich their stupidities would be getting paid for popularity over the personal life, social life and public image or property that belonged to an Arch Prince they thought they could bully and had unfettered access to..

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