They do claim it is still very difficult for me to deny the part that I play in the matter but we all know I have put to them the question of what makes them take the risks for my part as well Ė mine is that we suffered an economic crisis and I had to do what I could for those who have ability and talent to simply work for money. We can now see that they are so corrupted that even when I have taken measures that I have and made compromises that I have, compromises which allow them engage in economic activity and leaves me sore all over all day long, their activity still comes down to a need they have to assess the system in the Country, the money in it and to take such money Ė having moved it on by a small margin we have ended up with an outcome in which their outlook is to be counted among those who are rich, about which they have made a mess of my social media again. Some people have said that my Books are a difficult read but they are simply a matter of commitment and that means people are predisposed to deal with the psychopath tendencies of their goons to seek out peoples weaknesses and exploit it, about my case of which they are always found petitioning Politicians over my attitude all day long. The tummy churning issues were brought about by years of activity involving other Royals, like when the Prince of Wales wanted to set out a Government in partnership with Celebrities, the Duke of York had a Partnership with the Labour Party, Prince Beatrice had her Career and boyfriends, Prince Harry had his mums legacy and his American wife, such that every which direction you turned, they were planning something about how you may only exist if everybody else loses everything to help you feel safe and they always had Royal support recently or got it in the past. The other question is that I am still single and yes I am Ė should I mention something about being a Hermit and the work I do in the UK, in Europe, in Asia and Africa, alongside my Trust system and how it had shown up in the USA and how that plays into my public image to make me similar to Celebrities, I will end up in a relationship with somebody that had prepared a trap for me but whilst I donít, my entire life is flushed down the loo by Celebrities who need to show they are a big deal using parts of my life that involve personal relationships via abusive scandals and Media. For my part it has become a simple case where Celebrities are okay if they didnít have the money while the culture/society trouble makers are not going anywhere as I have a writing career to provide for at their expense and itís all very simple especially when their Celebrities and young people spend time blabbing about being better human beings than I am which I simply cannot get my head around to in a Hermitage and also keep off my Books and public image in the process, then there will be nothing to worry about.

So they do claim that I would have been more successful if I spent money on what I am doing but am not because I have no money which means I am not successful and am not important but itís an old story where they may move on if they are done Ė since the reality is that their idea on how to get involved with a Bookshop is to cling to an Authors property and spend 5 years of his time showing if he lived in the same environment he would have responded to the world the way they did, particularly in terms of their abusive behaviour towards women, once they wrecked the concerns of their victims and did not get to share the advantages they had from living in the conditions that they did and itís an abusive fantasy that becomes more and more real all the time, complaining about my financial matters at the same time and doing so more than I am, which beats the imagination. So for their part they have said that even when I have mentioned it thus, I am still in league with activities women carry through in order to harm them but we all know I have always had a Court in which women got into alliance with me to punish their Husbands for terrible behaviour, the reasons I am struggling because ignorant Celebrities got involved, about which they would affirm that Celebrities were fighting their corner for them as well and not being ignorant, which has made sense of this conversation as it were.

There is the deeply loved claim that my problem stems from me being hungry and its utter rubbish as what really happens is that my life appears to be more strictly ordered than I gave it credit for i.e. my parents were not business people but they were never unemployed and so my whole life became so intensely structured, I needed people to stop fooling around with the Body if I were doing something out of my schedule - it never stops and eventually I got a security guard job with a German Company where people thought it was musing to build me public image which says that I did security guard job sexually and wrap it up with other public and international stage gimmicks where they got to punish me socially and financially for unprofessional things I did during my time in it. I had considered it a bad history to move away from but have been forced to resolve it by talking only after there is an international stage complain on my side and theirs equally, as otherwise I would not have been able to keep up with the legendary German ability to tell lies. Currently itís a simple matter of sexual security guard gimmicks garnished with punishment for every unprofessional activity on Media settled with the fact I am a writer and require the culture and society to keep the Office quiet enough for it, so there is complain on both sides which get them claiming I am a wise arse which has an answer for everything but a proper wise arse idea will be that self-employed does not mean I can do whatever I like as people follow media abuses and bullying to show up at this Bookshop for something else and this Bookshop is losing money because their stupidities are famous and have got a media presence to fool around with while some of them simply want to find out if they can churn my tummy because I would like to be what they are and are such a handful of parasites that it depends on me as well and the Americans have gone from stupidities about Country ownership by which they wreck the lives of friends and family to looking outward and hence finding me to be a suitable target for it, already built publicity which claims I had written a Book which helps British oppress Americans. I had warned them I will not tolerate it into 2020 and beyond, we have done five months so far and itís the most I can give. I have been told I never really take seriously the fact the Americans hated my guts but its actually not a serious matter as such, unless they can explain how it links up to being successful, ripping up other peoples livelihoods because their Country had a bigger market for them to start up one of their own by Ė ignoring their stupidities really does solve a problem but what goes beyond this was a choice they could make. The latest in the process of replacing careers where they got real jobs with a process of targeting me by Industrial espionage is that they worked with Muslims, Africans and Germans to confiscate my Assets and a Certain Intellectual property administration by which they can ensure that I did not handle their products without paying for it, taking up my time to add to the damage done to my academic pursuits which was never punished.

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