Now I am said to be badly behaved and it’s never clear what it means as such – we all know if I said they needed to assess what the other characters they were rather fond of, who will show up here and put me through hell due to their need for selling products and chasing sales of market items on my public image, which after I had stopped them from doing so, only provides the means by which they will do it on a premise of civil and criminal disobedience, full of threats and abuses, at the end of which they secure some fine clothes and cosmetics to carry on with life as normal, they would say I never really point out clearly where I had issued a warning, since saying so tended to mean when I am no longer the victim, those who keep blabbing insults such as these will become friends of these goons and then the victims in future.

What has really happened here is that after a decade and a half of inviting themselves into my concerns, they have now successful eliminated everybody else as far as they were concerned and are building me a life to match their taste with respect to what they think my existence should be like, everything they needed to say about how I would have responded to the world if I lived in the same condition they did to provide for their sense of superiority because I wrote a Book that helped them when they read it, is devised on this basis and so far are complaining about the way that I had put it all up on a website to ensure their continued interest in me will leave them with the two personalities to manage and then will they end up with greater problems for it as well.

They claim that the reality is that I had become a monster but it’s not really being considered as a major problem while we know that I have not monster them in any way that involved assessing their social lives and setting off to devise a way of unpicking everything they do to ensure they got round to their concerns in relative safety and security, so that society goons might access them as desired, the way they do me on account my Books had supported them. The same behaviour we see exhibited by the other insignificant goons that always need to show me that their Offices and Homes are god’s gift to the world, while mine is dung heap whereas in reality they are not really important people becoming more disobedient the more it is obvious their behaviour is affecting my finances.

They are not really as much a problem for me as they believe themselves to be naturally – the truth of it is that should I get off handling their Gold digger stupidities in an administrative way, the risk is that it would have been difficult for me to tell exactly when they had crept behind others to chase bottoms where people were doing National level Administration, so it is always best to ensure that the gangs and crime had occurred first before I did anything administrative. To this they will say the Crown will not be happy to hear I had chosen the lesser option naturally but we all know it’s always a tale of criminals, the goons with insults who have probably got their own criminal record too, the middle management idiots with a need to force people to get along with criminals at the work place, a handful of idiots chasing sales and selling products on my public image and Celebrity fools with media gits to play with and nothing done in an administrative capacity has any real effect without an event in which the gangs and criminals had happened before it was done. Their part in the matter is to continue their behaviour while claiming I am good at tackling them and not the gangs and criminals as such but we all know that the backyard of our social lives is always so messy that it’s a very difficult existence for those who spend time thinking about or devising criminal activity, therefore incredibly difficult to do anything about those who have evidence to show that they ended up there because they were made to by these idiots, whilst prepared to pay the price for their activities, will not be bothered by them anymore, as it is most of the time when the worst of the worst had happened. When I say something of this gravity we see them move off and behave in a way which says that there was a life before I established an online Bookshop naturally but until then we find the story to be one which suggests that they are ignorant of the consequences of their activities and need to prevent me being an Arch Prince, sometimes making reference to their German influence gimmicks, especially where access to my Royal order gives them means to fight me with my own strengths and ensure that all who bothered them were made to suffer – now we know they say they are covered for the sorts of things I am talking about and we can see the link between that cover and feedback from Armed service operatives about inadequacy on my part; where the fact I am in control and they are not is expressed in terms of Celebrities wanting to do me favours because of where their insults have ended up and the part where I made it obvious both are not my cup of tea meaning that I no longer had to deal with Armed Forces people thinking I had one job and it was failing too.

Some have pointed out that I have knowledge of what the gold diggers look like apparently but I always have, the problem is the other two groups of idiots – one that tell me what to do to a point where they created access to my career for the gold diggers and can never be seen chasing the daily concerns that gets to their heads for it without making a statement for themselves and beating me down while I followed on my own daily concerns as well, while the others caused the tummy churning and issued the threats with a big mouth all day long; they act all the time as though I have no idea what they have done and that they are within their legitimate rights to behave in a way which suggests they have not created a dangerous situation for me. Soon enough we see it feed into Industry and the breathlessness takes a turn for the worst while they claim they too want to be free of me – free of me when they spend their time on my concerns to make a mess of it if they had media jobs and free of me when they are self-employed but prefer to get me responding to insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, after which I drop out of University and they got to work on me for money, hence making it quite clear that when they had none, matters progressed as God intended.

So we find that statement being made all the time that the economic situation had become an answer for everything while reality was that big businesses evade taxes, they may pick up their concerns and move to another Country at any time and they always expect Public service workers to help wreck the lives of those who find it most difficult to avoid the taxes in order to make them comfortable. So we have ended up in a situation where the bail out and quantitative easing has been done but we appear not to have done anything that sort because in our minds, when we say water is unavailable it means people didn’t have it in their homes, in their minds it means that there is water in the pipeline system but it has been kept away from people by their authorities, reality of which is that when reservoirs are refilled, the pipeline will be supplied first before people had the water and hence usually stupid to get supplies from it – the same behaviour which gets them expecting us to make life uncomfortable for small businesses that find it difficult to avoid the taxes we are collecting from their operations to make them comfortable for wanting to gain access to a huge sum of money without doing any work.

The theory is usually that there is little I can do about them while reality is that when the gangs and crime happens and I handled their case administratively thereafter, it will all feed into the interests of the Prince of Wales who engages with this sort of thing more than all the other Royals. About which they will say I am coming onboard the world of men thing while reality is that where they are likely to get into trouble is when the Queen gets involved and it appears women who know more about the Celebrity culture and can use it to make people’s lives more difficult than they can, are on the Queens side having chosen another life. Then we will hear them claim that by putting up these facts they are able to get around my case and get involved with more important Royals, while what it means is that I have only ended up setting myself out as a character people pick on when they want to suck up to rich people, about which I had made myself quite clear on the reasons they needed to keep off my Books and keep their mouths shut where it came to my concerns being not just that I show up at an online Bookshop to do another job because of the way they handle people over interest in my Books but also a real risk I will bend their own into such a position for my part as well.

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