The problem remains the same – that years I have spent trying to find out what the fascination of society and culture gits who follow me around over the use of my personality to make popular culture which can make people rich without people having to try by doing some work, until they had wrecked University studies in 2007, had only given way to history of insults by Celebrities because I had written a Book and the history of insults on the part of Celebrities had eventually produced a process of wrecking everything I did for my Royal Bookshop within the three years of 2017 and 2019. The methods of doing this damage still remain the same i.e. we see them and their children hang around making a mess of my work and career to decide how old I should be while I am at it, during which the secret processes of damage involves a business of deciding what my body type should be doing with gangs and criminals to make them feel comfortable and safe – they did it at University along with their silly Children and we have seen them pick up a new one when I picked up a private security Industry job between 2014 and 2016.

I am now left with only the choice of making them keep away from the academic work, my Books and the private security Industry history by hurting them and their Celebrities until it was clear that neither were pals of mine, such that since their civil and criminal disobedience cannot be reasoned with, the matter was then consigned to History – necessary in the face of the fact we hear them claim there is nothing I can do about it all the time while reality is more of the fact that if I sacked everything that existed between me and them in a bid to meet them personally and we did meet in such a circumstances, there was really nothing they could do about me – just like the other gits talking about German influence all the time while it was quite obvious if I followed up their need to build up their foolish culture and society power as a barrier tool for handling me, after spending the last 8 years petitioning the Politicians about my attitude because I sacked the first instalment of it, there was nothing they could do about me, but have built it up and fancied themselves public place bullies earmarked to tackle me every day never the less.

Some people have asked if I am aware of the reasons for these activities but I always believe people have to promise me not to kill anybody if I told them, since it is largely a matter of these fools being able to make money without working for it, like we see the Media and Celebrities have persecuted me for years because they thought I should get into a fight with the gangs and criminals, now I have written a Book which culture and society goons hated and they are in league with those, to build up a public presence for themselves where they got to control me on-behalf of fat cats, Celebrities and Industry goons, simply because they would have preferred such a method of making money and of planning personal finances. So we find that they believe most of us are in agreement with this idea that we have no understanding of the way that the crimes they commit evolves, if we are mostly interested in the idea the purpose of their behaviour is that they were as a society making decisions for all on which were to make the male and female characters harmlessly, while for me the fact I hated it had developed into a passion when I had begun to study the law and therefore got to understand what they were really saying in an academic fashion. Such that it is possible for me to point out that the difficulties they create for others are not part of a thing we call life but something they did deliberately to drive around the insulting saloon cars on the roads the way that we see them do all day – the premise by which these feelings have developed whereby I think that if I found them deploying the Celebrity money made from abusing my patents to run for elections that will help them control me and embark on another process of adding my money to their money, to avoid working for money when their ego is tickled, I will have assumed that they had crossed another line.

In the end the relationship I have developed with my audience are meant to be a personal relationship that they had with my Books, since I had done something such as criticising the activities of muslims in it, which had to be seen and read in a condition whereby I am a Hermit and in the Course of my religious activities had done so, rather than a sense I am meant to be famous and important and wish to fight muslims. This cannot be achieved and I will continue to be penniless for it as long as the business of these gits making comments all over my public image to secure themselves conveniences and running off media which helps them handle my Books and the shop without permission continues. In the end it seems that ultimate salvation for the property will be a process of making sure they cannot in any given 24 hours deploy my work and property for any of their purposes whatsoever – in that way kept them away from the Books, all process of wanting to be part of my story stops and their insults or its comments showed up somewhere else. In the end we know they claim that I interfere with their lives while the reality is that since they invited themselves into my Court of female journalists, they have continued these activities with a sense that although they were aware of consequences associated with such behaviour, it would not have applied in my case due to me being so insignificant, while their stupidities petitioned the Politicians about my attitude each time it made them uncomfortable. The others claim I faced difficulties at the Monarchy all the time while what has really happened is that upon bringing these gits of theirs from overseas to find it was impossible to stop adopting a media presence that allowed them make up stories constantly about being superior to me, I too had stirred up their own communities and societies of gits who get imagination up peoples bums and can never run out of insults that churn the tummy and we know that they have done nothing about it as well.

Eventually with respect to Politics, they claim I am unaware of the dangers China poses to the world while we know that such dangers only exist with respect to the threat China becomes because the USA had made it a threat. The Chinese have done this before make statements about the people of the world getting rich together which brews up a big party in China where they are able to garner a communist authority through which they produce cheaply made goods very quickly for the market during a recession and at some stage when the West felt secure with their interests they will stop going to China and the Party will end but this time the Americans had become so determined that they pushed them up the world power games stage, trained their army and threw money at their Military to ensure smaller countries with power that cannot be justified, were made to behave, then returned to Washington to see what the results for be. The smaller Countries with power that cannot be justified on the other hand have behaved since while getting blamed for their own failures, however. They do say that they expected me to pull my interests out of China before I provided the explanation I just did and it does make me wonder what it is they could have done if I didn’t on account they had said so – whilst the real story is that I don’t understand the Communism – Democracy Politics well enough, whereas we know that none can stop communists deploying the powers of State to produce cheap products very quickly in huge amounts and the only competitive edge that Democracies had against it were Household enterprises that find it most difficult to avoid taxes, whilst if we observed the reality we live in, these goons spend so much of their time destroying this to such an extent that they have been destroying it on a National stage. A bunch of idiots in suits that pick up Government contracts to enforce Tax payment but buckle at the sight of Celebrities every day and cannot tell why Women always need to organise social life, Men always need to organise finances and kids always need to be kids – what their stupidities can tell is that there is a lot going on in the world that prevents them from ruling and dominating characters like me, when I have not yet started my own insults about their stupidities existing in the middle and the prospect they were born to be homosexual.

I am as such entirely finished with the business of tolerating them and we can see clearly that if Celebrities were Celebrities without the money they have, we would not have had to contend with any of this and telling people off making a mess of patents that ringfence me to work in a writers Office would not produce an outcome where they fund and facilitate culture and society trouble makers which tackle me, while appointing themselves representatives of Industry trouble makers, fat cats and Celebrities in order to handle me on behalf of such characters – we know when they play this game to a stage that allows us to talk about what the establishments that pay their wages really do, then will it becomes a game that I got to enjoy more than their stupidities did.

As for the claim I am on and off with Celebrities, what really happens is this business of looking like Daddy of all Millennials, a problem with simple existence and the fact that Peers selected for me especially at the Entertainment Industry have been classified by them as discriminative people while the other goons who get from running off tribalism raids that talk about top industry bosses abandoning their Offices for others to bring about wealth and social equality, only to progress onto a process of inviting themselves into people’s concerns to punish people with LGBT and liaising with Celebrities for it, both getting off to tackle completely innocent people when they cannot get along with each other and now need to keep off my livelihood and academic pursuits lest their civil and criminal disobedience ended up with a response for a process where every time Company owners paid them money to run advertisement, it was spent making videos about passing insults at me to make people feel good and selling products on my public image. They claimed we were discriminating and that these gits were nice people buying products, now when I clear out the organised crime effects I suffer more damage and destruction on their part because they had a problem with commitment and it made them more uncomfortable than it made me because their insanity simply made them more important. This then feeds into the story of their young people constantly being seen making statements about what age I should be to do what I am doing – whereby I have never done anything without taking this matter into account which clearly reflected my age as it were, so it is coming down to a case of a clearly defined showdown between me on one hand and their media/Celebrities on the other. Some have pointed out this is an exemplary instance in which I am a trouble maker but on the other hand people say that I try to prevent people from taking part all the time; the reality being that I don’t prevent people from taking part as what I do is what I find money, look after my body and spend most of my time doing, likewise the stupidities we see them exhibit being something they do when they find money, look after the body and decided what they wanted to spend their time on, hence people needed to be certain about it, not just decide that because I did something they had to take part – the making trouble bit will be that those who find money, look after the body and spend time serving me are facing constant assault, hence there is a problem with simple survival here. I did expect that since I came into the world of Industry as a result of Civil service staff that got into the private sector viewing me as a transit stage for their careers, especially when they were doing Media orientated work, these goons who spend their time invading people’s concerns, running off tribalism raids, telling people how to exist and punishing people with LGBT were always going to make short videos about insulting and abusing me which they claimed added up to advertisement but what I face is that this happens every day and it happens all of the time, no idea what stage being paid money to sell products got to mean making statements to share my public image and Royal Hermitage in the first place anyway but if their Celebrities spent more time on the relationship they had with this nonsense than they spent on me, a lot of trouble would be avoided (I am now at a stage where I believe that I am completely done tolerating it).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland