- This much is clear about the Media and its investors - My Life is not about their problems and how I get off solving them.

- The only exit left for the spate of vandalism by American led Liberalist with Globalisation in mind has left only the managerial exit or running a campaign that will also build an Empire on the basis of informing people of the ill effects of their products, without reason or indeed provocation and on a completely unfounded basis, like I have learned from them.

- There is no Truth in the claim I can be compelled to pick up ugliness or violence like Fans of Communism suggest.

- The Poor peoples Carnal wounding talk is always a self promotional gimmick that has not been earned, which is better seen as evil and not a social or Industrial problem. The Rich persons version is always an intention to harm as some things never change and I am not loved very much because my Books are my main commitment. All else Politics and Civil rights is insultingly waiting for others to work for it especially expected on the internet.

- Other matters in general include the idea that it would have been nice if I ended all these and get back to normal life and yes, I am on course to doing so but my idea of an exit involved turning these abuses on Celebrities and setting out a selfcare routine that will not change much into the future. They however do also claim all I said and did was contradictory which it wasn’t – we know they speak of careers I did not deserve until I did something brave and the reasons were that they were happy to take the risk of getting the Police filling forms with their names on it to baby sit them on-behalf of the state, because they had explored other peoples civic duties to get about a lifestyle that will ensure the prison system was just an incarcerated vacation, what they were complaining about being the little bits that I get away with building up to my own sense of incarcerated vacation too. We see the same behaviour extended to those silly ideas that Libera like myself were fragile and strong at the same time but what really happens is that over 80% of wickedness they want to exhibit at the expense of so called sitting duck characters, came from a prejudice that was channelled at the connection people had with nature, such that the connection will have revealed and brought public attention to bear on occasions where they did things such as stealing government funds to build several idyllic homes for themselves, which government can only respond to when it became a crisis, by which time they must have built several of such mansions for their gimmicks, so it is usually a stage set to show that I am not a fan of financially well of psychopaths, they ought to be poor so each time they shot off their filthy mouths when people were having conversations it will at least make sense. They claim then that I know all this but am still financially worse off which I am for the sole reason that the idiots needed to ensure that between me and every penny I owned were social issues that allowed them take their problems out on me, such that if it hurt badly enough, I would produce a solution and that solution I thought was produced for me, could be spent on celebrities and or used to bribe people in positions of authority with prerogatives, in order to chase my income, such that the real Men Muslims were completely relentless on this issue, to such an extent they didn’t have to wreck my University studies anymore if their stupidities could steal my time instead – when I broker property equity with companies to work Intellectual property administration, the effect becomes that I am the one needing intellectual property administration all together, back to square one for a career I have developed over 20 years and the idiots have also said that I smelled and will be attacked for it; we therefore had these two options where on one hand they and their Celebrities ceased running off involvement with my equity business in a way that suggests I had lost something important, which detaches me from Clients that have been waiting at a Trust and kills off my income or I will need to get out of bed to run down this problem to earn every penny that I owned.

They claim I appeared to have a world of problems which I don’t – I am a property equity, intellectual property administration business Man, this means that Clients are looking for equity processes I have developed for them to place and investment by and I am expected to ensure they could avoid massive security logistics while Celebrities, media and popularity idiots had created an industrial stage where their main obsession was to pass off the way I sorted out social issues as their creation and to ensure that was their only source of fame and income like something I would like to kill. For my part, none asks me to get involved with ideologies that should not be explored, so I am not sharing any sufferings with others either, for their part out of their depth along with the stupid fans who pick up my property to make money and take me round in circles having worked on me well enough to confirm that I was unlikely to do a thing about it, as stupidly as possible, talking nonsense about the way I looked as if I had a world of problems and I believe I had given them a good exit on the matter when I asked them to stay away from my Books and restrict their comments to their own careers. They do claim they are actually worse off with respect to these gimmicks, than previous generations have been and yet the opportunity to be better off by working them was greater in my case but this is how it works, they had never really clashed with somebody who was good enough to negotiate the market when goons that work ideologies that should not be explored, were the ones with money to spend on products (they could slash and burn my income and Empire without consequences, like we see that they give their own to the frugal).

I. Uno I

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