The Arch Prince Ikpe Uno

The extent to which ethnic minorities have damaged my career and public image playing stupid games with their foolish Politicians at my expense, is such that their popularity fools and that of the white communities running around the City making things happen to peoples finances very quickly, feeding fat for getting paid to be popular and issuing the stupid threats, had long devised a way to say that I now know better than to get anywhere near the interest of the Monarchy or events that are happening there.

I wouldn’t know any way, none knows why they all spend so much time running off the violent lasciviousness, insults and abuses that are used to berate others and run people down until people smelled because they could not eat and rest well, what we know is that word had since come from the highest authority in the land asking them to give it a rest and that had not been complied with, the big mouth making a show of its stupid self at my expense all the time, of which we can see clearly where it is going.

The first time round was the destruction of my University studies to pass their exams and maintain those stupidities where they could not use their freedoms of speech and expression without suggesting they were superior to me, the idiots since became very entitled to my career in terms of all that I did about it as well, this time I think my response will result in a clash with the civil rights boys and girls, along with their stupid Celebrities; so far of which every insult that becomes more important to the Public than the fact I am a writer, is producing a result where I had a vibe which suggested I had seen them try to sort out their finances in the company of people that were larger than they were, and the clash it going to operate on account I am trying to pay my Bills, of which I believe that I will be inclined to make it a global stage phenomenon as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland