So the Books they hate are not designed to hurt people, they are designed to ensure Companies that get involved with my concerns were confident that they had enough equity placed before them at the Bookshop, to suggest that they were buying into something about which if they relied on me for the work applicable, involving crowds and populations with their Intellectual property, which meant that the bad elements had to be controlled, it was a job that I could handle Ė it needs to get a job and express its stupidities at the expense of its own mates, needs to stop grabbing my work every time I put out these facts to clear it up too.

It is then said that I am a Royal Rebel which is utter nonsense; rebellion is measured by its Witchcraft content Ė the same who make such claims are busy making sure that those who can handle Public matters are not respected to such an extent that the problems they cannot deal with themselves becomes a public problem and therefore serves as a tool for blackmailing populations and Governments into making them rich, with a Media presence that offers them confidence to try millions of times regardless of how many times they failed because there is a sense that there will always be a degree of public support for their activities Ė with an outcome where we get round and round matters that had already been resolved long ago, that they might copy what was done and achieve some form of perverted equality with the Media they have to play with in the process. The boasting is usually that they expect me to lose everything I have naturally but I cannot see that happening either, just as I have become very fed up with those media stupidities trying some on me every moment of their foolish lives Ė they are the ones getting around the Monarchy to spend time pleasing themselves over there, getting hurt and showing up on their foolish Media to follow up something they do with their society gits on what they believe economic Policy ought to become and have covered their tracks well enough in their opinion by claiming I have accepted liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel, in order to facilitate the profitability of their insults and any parameters bearing risks they think is acceptable to take for it while their stupidities and a disobedience with no sense of right and wrong wants to make an insulting statement about themselves on my Public image as criminally as possible, all of the time. This is rebellion, what I am doing is not it. In fact I have taken it one step further to curb the activities of their Celebrities and Fashion goons by looking like I am stealing from them all the time; so whilst I protect intellectual property in my care, they got off building private security Industry developed around setting me up as scapegoat for the theft based discrimination and we know they will fail like they have failed on other matters miserably; hopefully I donít spend my time castigating some silly people at Government Office when they do again as it were, not enough have died yet.

I am now said to be sitting around waiting for somebody to love and its utter nonsense as itís a matter of the fact every attitude these goons put up is designed for two purposes only and they have no other behaviour towards people except i.e. destroy peoples career and keep their own Ė when I have not set up a Bookshop for trading even though I am still prepared for takings at the Market, itís not such an issue but when I have, itís time to spend my hours only with my league, my type and my size. The other story they tell is just as good i.e. that I spend my time creating problems I cannot handle which gets people taking big risks Ė their part is the insults that take advantage of peoples leadership to boost their incomes while they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing and the pinnacle of it is that they are not afraid of the results that come from messing around with public problems, like they are afraid of not being able to take advantage of those they want to look down on with a big mouth, so we find that blabbing coming through all the time, when my views of what is considered to be discriminating differs from their own, followed quickly by stupid threats. We have even seen this case emerge where the sensibility is that the only time their stupidities enjoyed anything that remotely looks like fame was when there was widespread apartheid but the trouble they make to create it relies on me and their whole lives are not built at their own expense. Then we find out that I hurt bottoms but whilst I had stopped everything that appeared to include my career, recent events from the behaviour of their stupid Celebrities have expressed exactly why I did it as it were. The boasting that there is nothing I can do about them being wholly founded on the idea nothing can be done about the fact that unless their women give you physical action to show that their every involvement with your concerns does not mean they are wrecking your career while preserving their own and looking for as much trouble at society to get you stuck in on account they need your public image and its financial benefits, then every involvement with you is aimed at that Ė the financial consequences of their insults being the very reason you ended up looking like that with a Public image to tend and it never becomes part of their stupid complaints either. The other gits who talk about the women problem all the time becoming convinced they had found the victims of bullying through which their stupidities will solve problems while making a name for themselves with Media salvation.

They do not need these activities, they are not engaged in a situation that required them to survive either, it is all plain vandalism and the Mainstream Media of the world engaged with this nonsense had been doing for over 4 years so far at my expense every day, while what I am doing with Society was none of their business altogether. Eventually is the talk of my views on bullying not being exactly clear but they are Ė the reality about bullying is that those who tend to complain about it the most, tend to know what it is more than everybody else and tend to possess the ability to do it as well, for each time that they behave in a way that puts me in a state of mind which suggest I think my rights exist outside of my four walls because itís what they spend their media time working on me for, while I do not think anything of that sort, I will never fail to make them regret it as well. In the end, what we know of it is that itís the Politicians that are now in need of help from the Church more than any other group of professionals, because they have never stopped advocating the importance of letting these goons exhibit their stupidities in mainstream living, making that silly assumption the entire time, that they will be free from the consequences, especially if they had a scapegoat victim to fool around with and had chosen me clearly which is not a bad choice. So in my case it has mainly developed from spending tax payer funds to wreck the academic work and the finances, in order to prepare me for the bullying that their teenage Children will exhibit and have never stopped making good of it for the purpose of handling my personal life and public image over a need for conveniences, which its stupidities work with a stick routine all the time Ė itís the old tale of showing up to practice the bullying that leads through to the racism that it does not have the courage for and then only when the racists had taken it up at some stage and itís a racism that the victims are unable to defend themselves from is there a need to abandon the behaviour, otherwise the entire time, the idiots can never stop telling lies and making excuses which suggest very clearly that they do not expect consequences for the vandalism. It has always been driven by a need to get people working for their careers while Politicians and Media swoon in to grab whatever they wanted; the stupidities especially the Media ones can express as much insults as they would like but what I do for a living is writing some Books and unless they are showing up here to read it, they actually have no business with me all together in the first place Ė their stupidities have always suggested that there is a certain type of bullying that is not a bad thing when they are not complaining and it is not too much for me to ask when I want legitimate purchase and legitimate review from them as a prerequisite for getting involved with my work either. They always claim that I make out what I am saying to be the correct way that a problem can be approached but it really isnít; we all know that is because bullying as a whole is usually in terms of Public Policy, a matter of the small people that get away from big bad people but the problem is that these idiots usually think of Public policy in terms of bullying, as something that should work in the reverse, as a matter of the privileges that wealthy people deserve Ė so we can never be free of seeing them dream or work towards small people who got into trouble with big people think, rounding people up like chicken whenever they were not complaining about their victims. They always say that I believe I can say whatever I like and yes I can, the reality here as I have made very clear is that if I am dragged back to that point where I drop out of University again and again due to the bullying their pubescent idiots are encouraged to perform on me and their insults hanging around with a stick action, beating them up with my own stick action will easily be the least of their worries as well, as I will become very determined to top what I have already done so far. It does this all the time and itís not just the ideas that come from a Business that has an Asset base and a Finance base, about which the owner has decided people who get involved must behave towards both in a specific way, itís the asset base and finance base which is winning them their own contracts with an abusive Media salvation these days all together, which it works stick action on me and blows off the big mouth about me speaking of small people and big people again, while we know that there are many options I have personally devised for this matter, about which I could settle for limited effects such as coming up with a deadline from which thy will stop getting their insult imagination up my anus for follow up a history of insults they have built with me or I can get after the main full course which involves a full of fight with American Democrats. They have been playing their gimmicks with my Bookshop since the late part of 2011, since then they have stifled my job prospects, destroyed my academic pursuit, set up their Community of free idiots to work homosexual permission for existence on me, can never let a day go by without insults which suggest they are able to decide if I can wear some clothes and attend to something important outside of my House and have stalked me well enough to buy shares in Companies I have had dealings with using money they took out of my public image to make their foolish selves more important than I am, in order to get their penises at Celebrity culture controlling me to get rich Ė this is 2019 since that began, as stupidly as possible, while the market I built for this Literary Empire gets smaller and smaller on the back of it like a God given right that their stupidities have got. So obviously it is clear what I would likely get up to if they said I couldnít get into some expensive clothes and attend to an important occasion in the City if I wanted to as it were. In the end I am very well aware that their addiction to handling me is based on the fact getting involved with my person and property feels good, while insults such as claims I steal womanís beauty gets all over the place using Media salvation as expected and that cutting them off feels very sick, so it is always a battle to keep them out for every time that I do and I need to turn this addiction into Book sales as well, which Books do not do their lifestyle any favours for my part too, feels like proper control Ė in the end, I have always been aware that they needed to get involved with me in order to cover their backsides and this is what it is all about but they have people out there who are as tall and bigger than I am as their out of my league stupid selves and this is who their mates really are Ė blabbing that I will be forced to finish what I started wants a fully developed fight with Celebrities for it too as it were. They have been fooling with my finances and academics and now my career as well, since 2003, this is 2019, which makes it a 16 pointless and unscrupulously stupid years but we have ended up dancing around the entire thing because they want the fact this is what they spend their Media time on to be deniable again like it used to be, while the Society ones have been following me around to make it all possible, complaining of my attitude to the Politics, now stuck with Women again like the time they had to get out of it in their teens, started a new one about Celebrities grabbing my Career which is also said to be entirely my fault too and it is fair to say this new one will end very well too.

They do say itís about power and I donít suppose itís as amusing as they think their stupidities are Ė it clearly took them time to set me out as the character that will cover their backsides while they got famous, whose Bookshop never makes progress because they are always taking something out of its Public place effects to make their own personal fame and glory every day, as disobediently as possible. Itís all very well blabbing and rummaging for any blame they can find each time the business of explaining their stupid behaviour according to my work or even Essays I write at University had failed to cover them well enough until they were powerful and rich idiots but I dropped out of University in 2008 and made it clear that their need to chase money around me and get their imagination up my bum was the central factor, we are now in 2019 and it has already robbed me of 2 career opportunities, then set about punishing me for the rest of my life over the new damage but the need to get the stupid imagination up my bum has not yet stopped so I have to guess it will become something of a deadline set out for them to stop it as it were. We have already seen this story develop into something of me being responsible for damaging Western Interests naturally, much as we know that they were friends of Communists and friends with the West whenever it suits them, on account they were doing business but the problem is clearly that I am doing all the work while the fact their penis has a need to take something from this place all the time is destroying my earnings, the same amount of time spent to set me out for it being the same amount of time I have set issuing the warnings, so if I see that having moved them on, they had passed on something from what they gained from me to another, I will destroy that too, it all hinges on my Bookshop and how this Hermitage Literary Empire will be split with no local or global market fool on this planet. It has no purpose and no reason whatsoever, save the need to put up the feet at some Tourism economy where they make more of a mess for me, shooting out the insults that a bird will carry all over the world. It is a matter of grave importance that I got them off everything concerning my Royal Order becoming a means by which cracked up out of my league saves the self from the bottom hurting consequences of its lifestyle, as long as they have it, my Bookshop will never maintain its public arena and the need to take money out of the concerns of this Hermitage will continue to appear as something the Media has and Celebrities have achieved and can continue to accomplish looking into the future.

I. Uno I

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