The list of characteristics attributed to me and my operations include the idea that I am anal about government matters, complicit with racism, I criticise the actions of criminal celebrity who are only interested in a process of securing means for those who want to diversify their business from selling class A drugs to giving them money to buy equipment and venues that allow them wear skimpy clothes on my public image to get rich quick but my position is also a liability for other Celebrities who are just Celebrities and nothing more. The truth of it is a matter concerning a bunch of incredibly foolish characters who believe they fundamentally need to prevent my leadership while at the same time deploying it to make themselves financially better off and this is usually the exit through which those who work the other three matters secure a way out of their abusive and destructive behaviour through crowd sweeping and populism, the insults on media which goes on all day, makes a mess of my career and now has to be stopped, thereby creating an outcome in which they are constantly at a point of informing me they know where my Books are located and how to harm me, as though it was all a game while I am left thinking they were fooling around with ground zero. On the question however, I am now anal about government matters, their goons at Parliament always try to ensure every Political issue that arises wrecks my financial well-being. so we find them in a constant state of denying that vital public matters are important, such as the fact we were all heading for the prisons when the teachers got involved and if we fail to see it that way, we will be unable to make sense of the lives of those who are financially successful without having academic qualifications and a different person will get killed by the local people because none said a thing about the reasons people should let alone those that are different for example. The matter of being complicit with racism is largely the one which explains most of what is going on here I.e. criminal activity channelled at me which is too frivolous for the legal system to deal with and traditional but very crude ways in which people have responded to such matters in the past being said to add up to a process of me being served. I am on the matter of being a liability to Celebrities not a Liability, Celebrities have always had a history of campaigning against bullying since school days, so a person might have done some campaigning at some stage but will never be able to match their experience; mine is to ensure that this Hermitage is clear to serve the State and that the fall out produces a good enough public image for the state which is where Politicians work – what happens beyond this is a matter of the fact Celebrities always do what they need to do anyway and I am not a liability to them because I am not actually that closely linked to their operations.

Besides which there is no known way to converse with a plan that involved a process where people were more interested in impoverishing the general public in order to be counted among those who own local wealth, than they were in simply allowing what is done to improve the health of the general economy thrive – so eliminating the part where I understand this because I am a Hermit, it is still impossible to avoid describing it as that which is purely evil. The irresponsibility which causes the social violence being a 100% and total irresponsibility.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland