I have been told all these happen because there is a sense that famous people thought I informed others that they worked for me, it is utter nonsense but the problem is that they were a bunch of people so corrupt that they thought all they saw were things to which they were entitled, so for a role in an entertainment project they did not create or manage, they had to pick up my assets to make their own money and trash my earnings at the markets for attention every day, as though their employers were not aware of the said assets. The list of issues is that it complains I loved to drive famous people into security service work whilst what does it is that they tear down my crime control publicity to make money which they spent or organised crime products. They claim new security services recruits were disrespectful, what really happens is that they abuse people at industry so much that is escalates the dangers at the job for the new recruits and get people listening to their feelings when told. They claim that it is not my fault I had no many enemies, but the breach of my patents and the environment it creates for people to engage with my Books had entered a phase where I ma character their idiots on the streets who want to share their fame, bullied supported by German and Italian influence gimmicks in order to befriend the wealthy, which time again with their help, meets up with ageist idiots raising funds to buy shares in companies I involve myself with, in order to handle my earning margins, the prize of which was the disposition to suggest that entertainment producers should think about stepping on me not sucking up to me, as stupidly as possible – they were important people last we checked, hence the two part of their fools getting imagination into my privacy and the ageist gits raising money to follow me around at Industry met up regularly. Then there is the interference with my personal life because it was the best way to counter any instances where I ensured their insults were being funded by their community – the effect being that as an Arch Prince, I am of a disposition where I did not take sides with the societies or the Celebrities, so we had the corrupt elements from either side appearing to have taken up a sensibility that they wanted a piece of me, then the Politicians had to listen to their feelings instead of outcomes where I experienced an end to their insolence and an existence where their street low lives to real jobs instead of pursuing my social and personal life. Eventually they claim I am deluded in my view of what Celebrities are like but it is an old story as they are not deluded in their view of what I am like, since if I am an Arch Prince and my opinions were likely to work in favour of the Church than it did in theirs more often than not, they were not looking like spiritually corrupt twats who form cults to finger my bum, therefore I was facing down a power, it was evil and continues to rile me like something that had to be settled. It does suggest it had built up enough wealth to live out the nonsense I have listed here without a need to be afraid of me but it does not wish to make the choice either to stay away from my Clients or build a public profile for such a statement - priorities remain still and I believe I have been getting my work done at an acceptable schedule, hence I did not do public work to which effect those to whom it applied were too advanced in age for it to be useful.

They do claim I abused my powers which I don’t – there is a laundry list of reasons celebrities end up with sore bottoms and sexual harassment and their need to take over the outcomes of other peoples freedom of association and wreck peoples career for fun, I mean hunting down whole neighbourhoods, to get people born under dangerous birth dates to control the careers of everybody else in a way that served their cause – the list of reasons they ended up with sexual harassment also included outcomes where the Government provided public leadership and some people who knew what to do with careers but had not done yet faced those problems that makes people vulnerable to sexual harassment, so the Celebrities take over the lives of such people and there had to be a way that the outcome where the victims were affected and they were affected was all the fault of the victim. Their society friends that are used to make stupid statements about ways that failure to co-operate with their needs will cost me my career as somebody else would pick it up to serve them, spend all their time on insults, comments, gestures, body language gimmicks and statements which help them to be real Men and to make suggestions they were characters that were like my fathers, so this meant that I found it difficult with financial matters because I looked like a boudoir is supposed to be secret place whereas it is not, I need to build it up and out there, get people involved and stock the Bookshop, they need to find a personal and social life that does not involve me or my responses will be the type that the local authority will take note of as well, with respect to where I stood on their dangerous birth dates; we know the reasons that this course of action will have become necessary is the stupid dangerous birth dates issues was due to an outcome where they used it as a tool to explore other people’s ability to stand up for self and spend it on themselves in some way, since those who read their dangerous birth dates do not tell them the danger was to do with their willingness to take risks with other peoples lives, personal safety and well being instead of their own. Now the damage to my finances meaning that they waste their lives on the stupidities that will help them get tough and are now working with the Celebrities to share fame money, whilst I had ended up in a situation where I was competing with them for attention – It needs to find a personal and social life that does not involve me or I will progress this matter from an initiative that puts them in a box using market, hence creating this outcome where they needed to get out there and spend the money, not show up here pretending there were other versions of me into something which meant that I got them to listen to what I had to say every time I (effing) had something to sell.

It is not true I am finished and done for either, as suggested, I dropped out of University, their children passed exams but were past it, what we are now witnessing was the various destructive activities which would help them make sense of spending their money to buy new shinny cars and homes, such that if I did not have one, then calling me names and working sexual harassment on me, that they have learned from the way their stupidities feed into government activities and affects them thereof, would make sense. Just like the other group that proclaims they would not let their daughters anywhere near me but I was not orientated towards relationships in a way that fits with them either, besides which it seems that creating an environment where young people can thrive and confused teens were given time to spend with their careers well enough to know it back to back and prevent others taking it from them whilst their hormones got everywhere, about which anything which links me to nature was attacked by popularity and fame fools all day, was the aspect of my personality which appears to annoy and provoke them. Hopefully when such statements are made, those who made them will not be engaged in a business of trashing my social status or stifling my personal relationships. The other story I am unable to cope with governmental matters is nonsense too – we know that whilst they loved to complicate things for people in charge, they have never produced an accurate number of people who have died due to decisions made at government buildings, just as we have seen they were unable to tell the difference between society and a bunch of idiots working relentless insults because the insults were the only things they learned at school, relentlessly running people down to show that even a situation where an illiterate did not know what respect was and could not give it, only people who knew what it was not in an academic fashion for perform the nonsense that makes the streets unsafe for everybody, mixing the two for the Government endlessly, which is an example of instances where people complicate matters and I hands off it for them.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland