The threat runs virtually every second, to do with the idea that no matter who I was and what I had achieved, I will continue to be seen as a smaller black person compared to bigger black persons that were more worthy to be me, if I said that it is only becoming more real as the gimmick about being provoked when told it needed to stop handling me as we were not of the same social class, is going to give way to an outcome where enough got hurt and then their stupidities was no longer a factor in my concerns. For the time being the point of empathy is that the whites become racist when asked to handle the issue such as their insanity that involved picking on others because an idiot with money wanted to hurt people to show how important his money was, on account they only cared about and needed to look after number one, and the black will oh, oh, oh, oh, a scapegoat must die or the air will never be free for all. There is however no respect for the way that I needed to get by handling it, so it is becoming expensive enough for state provided security to assist me with a Bookshop, whilst they continued to make announcements to make sense of their stupidities, blabbing about careers they will eventually steal because it was too big for the owners to keep and inventing ideas about which part was my fault, from a criminal underworld and the stupid celebrities were some sort of Royalty as well. We know they do not care about anybody when shown the way the people they take money from to hurt others are unproductive and they are while they were doing so, as much as the people they caused harm to were because they were doing so, we know the celebrities especially express so many things that showed the thought they ought to care about others was disrespectful as much as the idea they were not equals with me – so it really does need to watch its mouth from the criminal underworld.

It is never true they have been teaching me lessons as claimed - these gimmicks are all over my Job market footprint - take up Factory work and I will live in hell as criminal backyards arrange music CDs on what I did when I went outside of my door until they began to pick up my privacy as well, while building communities that ran me down to make me do their bidding for smell issues - take up door to door sales and it will be all about the money people gave them due to the fact they were hurting somebody, backdrop was same smell issues and sexual context narcissism - take up security guarding and that left me with an understanding that anything else I saw would be a repetition.

Eventually we had to listen to the incessant claim that i will never recover my career and finances until i complied with the stupid civil disobedience, to prove myself against Russians. The real problem on the other hand being that the world of ripping peoples studies to pick up top jobs at Industry, get bored with it and send out sex workers to pick up social lives of people who dare to have careers you didn’t, as a tool for selling sex to you, which creates market and makes people rich, has nothing to do with me, it is not what I do for a living. It rather helped if they showed up here solely to read something I wrote or did not show up at all because they did not like what I wrote, the insults are the cause of it all, since when I say I am engaged with intellectual Property administration, they say I had taken up a career that will get somebody to attack me violently on the streets, now they genuinely believed that if the civil disobedience picked up my assets to seek industry leadership by, I am meant to forfeit my income margin and comply with their stupidities, now I am the one having to put them straight all the time by pointing out the two facts of being persuaded by society gimmicks and having spent enough money at the markets to demand industry leadership, beyond which it is the usual process of listening to their big mouth shoot off the threats and posture all over the place. Even if I had decided that this nonsense was what I wanted to engage with, it would still have meant that I did not place it in a description for my Books and websites and is therefore not what I did for a living, clearly it loved to make a mess for me and is not paying the bills, does not yet appreciate that I will want to extract the cost from them, painfully and unpleasantly.

I. Uno I

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