The Arch Prince Ikpe Uno

There is eventually this question of me thinking I can walk on water when it comes to the women, but it is utter nonsense as women that I feel comfortable with do not think my actions and activities are abusive. Some will claim they have been having anal sex with me, which allows the society abuses to get completely out of hand for instance and these goons will get involved, soon there are claims that I do it to them am increasingly becoming a Public menace while we have never made contact in our lives – then there is the main cause of the tummy problems which is not my responsibility in anyway i.e. the idea that an Arch Prince’s personality was never special and that there was an alternative to the abdominal pain that comes with a process of getting involved with me while passing around abuses that they were out of my league, short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement, at the same time which they do not ever want to be separated from me, they will want to pocket me and then I will be their own for all eternity, being that what happens to their appetite and social health is not my responsibility, the idiots also have a need to cling to my public image and get their imagination finger up my bum, proving they were a handful of mean cunts naturally. We find the men facilitate the same things, they have built me a media bubble that comprised of various points at which they picked up my public service to pass off as something else, eventually building up to a character and that version of me is doing some real damage which is the reason I want them to shut it down, but they had been clear that was going to be a problem. In the real world, the claim is that I suggest I can handle the women but have never been with one and it’s not the truth either; the truth is that they make a mess of my concerns and underestimate that I can make them rectify it – in the same world, some women think that involvement with me is more like getting involved with another woman which is ridiculous. The consequences of these people’s insults and believe in their own entitlement, right down to the short insulting videos they claimed added up to advertisement, mixing with an obsessive need to handle me, make use of my person or get involved with my concerns because it felt like a place they never wanted to depart from, are not my responsibility but the violence that their popularity stupidities brings is set to run this matter through to some very serious consequences: first time round was the career and finances being trashed by a process where I was lumbered with the throes of sex, second time was the revenge that was due to me because of how I responded to being lumbered with the throes of crime, now it’s just daily violence and bum fingering to get what they want or provide a provision environment that facilitated it and the mockery is set to develop the stage that decides like an undercurrent what the temperaments of the consequences I shall dish out next will be.

Now I am said to be a character that makes a mess of his life and set about blaming others, it is utter nonsense naturally as most of what I got up to involve a matter of the way my studies had orientated me with a legal career and not a business of wrecking my life in a way that opposes popular culture, to set about blaming popular culture for it as well. In any case we see this all the time, especially when it developed into one of those cases where a Police Officer thought that somebody was a scumbag and felt so strongly about it i.e. he was seen wrecking a person’s career by building support crowd for it, the problem being that the persons diet was disgraceful or the sort of thing that poor people from overseas ate, soon after he is seen alongside criminals, hoodlums and ex-convicts having the same diet in a designated location to work a lifestyle.

It is the same way they claim I had a reputation for messing with peoples women and it will get me into trouble but common sense suggested that if I were known not for being an Arch Prince but for being a character Celebrities and popular gits can push around, tell what to do and once they took what they wanted from my concerns, set about ensuring I understood I am meant to vanish if I can but generally get lost, then they had a problem. Even if I had a habit of handling their women, it is the people whose women do not bother me which had a prospect of being a threat to me, not them and we know I don’t, as what happens is the business of remembering that I started opposing this nonsense where I was a fan of the Church and my personality can be used as a torch light to find husbands and boyfriends, when I was about 19 years old and it has continued around here every day since until my 40s. The details of threat these idiots are likely to pose is more a matter of history where society ones will follow me around to trash my career and get about all I did to recover it, making sense of the injustices they had suffered in life, but it is the business of keeping up insults where communities got imagination up my bum to decide how I was used by the people around me, which causes all the problems – the Media wants to see what kind of lesser peoples mentality can be gained from me if I had a five year project and they picked out 2nd and 3rd year projects for their gimmicks but it is the part where they set about publicity to help them decide what people thought about me, which outcome is that they would be able to decide if I could get a job or trade, hence decide how much money I had, which had caused all problems – the Celebrities will pick up my wealth equity and set about building me a reputation for being a character peoples bullied whenever they had big business deals to reach an agreement on but it is the part where they bash my Bookshop to feed what was an eccentric personality which is the cause of all the problems. We know that these details indicated these idiots were not as much a threat to me as they think they are and that the part that are causing all the problems were easily avoidable. Eventually we have the way the Prince of Wales gets around with ageist idiots who ensure every part of my life and work made sense in terms of their ageism but the threat was a matter of fame and fashion idiots telling me what to do and when they took what they wanted from my work ensure I understood I am meant to get lost but so can everybody see that if it stifled my Book sales, their stupidities had a problem to deal with as well. The idea that they are a threat to me is a joke, I cannot understand why it had not stopped when the complaining was such a phenomenon.

I have built a private equity intellectual property administration business and need to be known for that, because it was the only way to ensure Clients were able to read my Books – the idiots have not explained why they change and short change it all the time, show up somewhere to replace my reputation with the idea I am a popularity fool who snoops around the backyard of industry making assumptions about what he is not; again the parts that are responsible for the problems are easily stopped if they are complaining.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland