They do claim I hurt myself getting caught up with the famous which I don’t – going off in a caravan with several other people to a location where you gallivant in front of a camera all day and the results were taken to a studio where it was produced into a movie after you had to meet with a buying and adoring crowd, has nothing to do with me, where it does is the part where earlier in my career it was considered in terms of public matters, that they could only stand up for themselves if they had money to buy security, considering the sheer number of twats out there trying to make money by blackmailing everybody with terrorism. They made the money, I have ended up living on social security, my crime control publicity public image has been trashed to make me into a low life that loves to try and rub shoulders with them and they are now in league with the trouble makers. It is becoming such an issue to keep up with this wickedness they were doing in such a publicly displayed manner but that had nothing to do with me either, what now does is that they could cease making the stupid comments and talking into my personal space, backed with short insulting videos they suggest was the way advertisement should be made, so I too may get off social security but if I allowed them some time to adjust their incredibly important career, they could not get it done in 6 years, instead picked up a habit that will help to decide my social status when I suffered enough abusive insults from them for that to have been the case.

Just as applicable to the complain about an unusual relationship with women, we know the reason for it was their perverted interest in my Bookshop and clients coming into possession of the Books there. Now they are the same changing the context of what the women were doing, having been that we were beginning to enter into a stage where the mistresses were not having sex with me but making money by beating them down for unusual interest in my Bookshop.

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