The claim I have been beaten down and finished, barely just surviving at this stage is naturally utter nonsense these people have simply found a way to avoid the effects of control processes but before I had to ensure they were followed up and made to think about what I am thinking about, it was a business of arranging music CDs to make the most of my social life, getting hoodlums to challenge me to a fight randomly on the streets, so I could not step outside of my door and following me around with the abuses to trash University studies which fees their stupidities were paying to say the least, like they were paying the bills currently. Its always interesting to start, now we have some huge big massive community project designed to build crowds of people that will help ensure that my control measures no longer affected them right across neighbourhoods, right across counties and their political, media and sex industry idiots have not yet channelled the insolent narcissism where people appreciated it before I got to channel it for them myself all together, when I got to decide where it stopped thereof. If I were doing the same things; I think that I would begin from their insolence getting completely out of hand, about which they need keep it as simple as I have made it for them especially the famous, that when they show up near the Bookshop, buy and read a book, as I am not interested mostly in who they are and then will the society idiots have a sustainable reason to hate my guts and their popularity idiots and stupid girls will stop picking up my concerns to build me a profile whereby I got into a fight. For the time being I am working the matter on the professional basis that their idea of dealing with the narcissism which affects them too whenever they had dished out enough insults to create a publicly used premise for it, was to pick up my assets, make money on my wealth equity public image and spend the money on every twat that engages in the narcissism, talking nonsense about their industrial methods of getting around it, marrying into the Royal family to marry my estate and property with a big mouth, marrying into the Royal family to say they had adopted a disposition where dreams they had about handling my person and concerns would be fulfilled, shooting off the big mouth about the way I could do nothing about them like a handful of idiots with famous fools who really should have made a career for themselves as comedians.

They now claim that my career had no meaning but it is an old story here, what has really happened is that over the years, having set up a Bookshop on conventional market practices while others built Celebrity businesses on immoral society, my Bookshop had stopped and their immoral society set out my wealth equity public image as the means by which people attacked me to befriend wealthy people and to be successful at the Market. I went through all that trouble in a hope that if I were able to bring to their attention, the way my career and their career did not meet anywhere but they picked up my public image to get rich and doubled back on me to trash any finances I had left, they would see reason but they have not, instead made statements about not living in a world where people got to show them things they could not have, picked up my service processes and build me an updated version of the part of my wealth equity public image that sets me out as a character peoples bullied to get rich, based on new assets that had been exposed. So I need to show how mine had since stopped and their immoral society gimmicks was taking up time and priority, hopefully thereafter, I may end it badly too as for the keeping the money never the less gimmicks, I am set to assess my Royal Office and commission between 2006 and 2019, should there be anything amiss, the rest of the world we hear all about my interest in their expensive cars and big Celebrity Houses too.

I. Uno I

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