I am told I don’t like myself very much and want to be a Scorpio, being that I am a Libra, and it is utter nonsense, a stupidity that involved stealing my identity to fight their wars, which will never stop save it really does. No idea how stealing that identity to fight their wars after exploring my civic duties meant that I am a coward, however the stealing my identity on the other hand is about to create some outcomes where people got to see who I really am i.e. that I am a person who thinks they had to reason to build communities that were always issuing accusations at others and abusing people in sexual context for public narcissism and their celebrities had no reason to pick up my PR and then my income margins as well thereof, I hold this view, I exist, I have a complete life, so we can see what they will find when they had successfully removed all I do to ensure I played a part in allowing the world to be conducive for others as well, especially with respect to how hopelessly they relied on this nonsense.

They say they do not know what my view of the world is but it is an old story about their classic case exhibition of insanity: the Scorpios who are always seen doing something to get Government and Industry holding others down for them to attack, like a scorpion catches prey with pincers for the sting inflicts heart disease on me because their stupidities have gotten criminals to pay more attention to my concerns and I had done nothing to get into trouble with the Police – also being aware I am a Libra who works on the scales and does not need to stop people carry on the daily concerns when I want to take revenge, yet they came up with this theory about easy picking libras and will not stop drowning me with insults in public places. It is a matter about which I think that I am going to take them on it the one more time I had to deal with their insults being channelled at me – otherwise I do not get into a fight with others, and we can see how stupid this is as well.

For their part they genuinely believed I was never a threat and if I wanted to show that I am, I needed to provide concrete reasons but we all know that at this stage, the only thing that ensured their stupidities got to factorise me and secure my attention doing it, is the way a bunch of ageist idiots make statements about where I lived and where my bed is located, how it is located, where my bum is likely to be located etc – the idiots are now the only people who had access to job and the outdoors without risk of a smell issue and when I get my hands on it, we will see the beginning of an exploration of how far their big Scorpio mouth is meant to have served them as well. I do get asked about the core reasons for most of these activities and it is a simple matter of these idiots and their Celebrities dreaming of me fighting others to make me feel safe and protected, of which after a 20 year career mess we have ended up in a situation where they controlled me completely and will achieve it, so we can see clearly that it was a bunch of really stupid individuals who really thought that others believed their civil rights looked like that, to attack me whenever they faced difficulties and groom me into something that served them etc, when it all had not yet ended badly, while the community idiots continued to orchestrate stupidities that involved moving into my right hand every time I moved them out of it. I have been told that it is an example of the way I tolerated Celebrities which I don’t; they make money picking up my income margins to serve a bunch of gits who spent money making trouble for others but it is the need to suggest I am a character they handled and abused to make their celebrity money which wrecks my studies, career and finances, while the Politicians had no respect for what I did to earn a living, even though they worked in an environment that was closely linked to the place that helps me pay the bills when I had run into difficulty, therefore assuming I am completely harmless, now that it is starting to develop down the direction of civil service narcissism on their part and a need to make a statement on mine. This is the source of the problem. I mean I do like the way that their need to draw up a connection between Industry and government for the purpose of getting rich fast, gives way to endless processes of getting involved with the Military and security services but what we are looking at here from the incessant abuses, was the fact that the Commanders may think of what they would do if they had more men, thus the gits took advantage of the situation – the abuses and insults are relentless, we know their jobs were not located in the Military and the list of woes grows and grows, most recently it will not win this wars that it starts because it was important to build situations that produced casualties, it had dumped it on Ukraine, a Country by the border with Russia, returned here to shoot off its mouth at me about me being a coward while it at the same time pinched my identity to win its wars, which process was nearly complete and I will burn the society and celebrity culture for it too as it were.

Partly they claim I suggest they were cowards and they are – always either needs to have said and done everything that needed to be said and done religiously and socially before it became an important issue that those it cared about were safe, before that stage its sense of what is right or wrong were badly flawed and it would regularly mock and abuse people who organise communities to deal with public narcissism and get on with life, so it is never clear where it hopes to get all the things that needed to be said and done religiously and socially from. Alternatively it needed to be rich and spend enough money to satisfy its heart before the security, safety, wellbeing and a tidy place for civil activities were considered, otherwise it will spend a lot of time ripping up other people’s career and finances over narcissistic practical jokes that will prove its stupidities was not a coward which with respect to me, especially the one that comes from their Celebrities I am set to end very badly. Always a need to make some sacrifice on something important, beautiful, and valuable, the more security it provides was the more trouble the beneficiaries of such security got into. Its like it is assumed I say what I say to produce a meaningful impact on the subject matter but I don’t – these are a group of people whose involvement with you gets you failing your exams at school and producing the worst work for your career, the problem being that another group of idiots at Industry got off heaping salt on injury claiming they were nice people working to spend money on show business while I tried to rub shoulders with Celebrities and the destruction of my career to get rich fast was justified, at the first sign of trouble, they attacked whatever I had salvaged from my work after their gimmicks, to ensure that I had no other choice but to respond and their American led stupidities were entitled to all I did i.e. when I point out earlier the need to end the narcissism from the Celebrities really badly.

I mean I have never actually discussed it with anybody, a process where terrorists and criminals fancied my work but I had to get them into a position where they thought about handling it while performing a series of activities without legitimacy which took the lives of others, and they did not want to have to think about it while trying to avoid bullets, so I am able to adapt with the enemy – now the source of all my problems is that I am cold as fish and a coward who is inflicted with heart disease because petty thieves paid increasing attention to my concerns and made statements on the streets – I believe the next time I had to deal with tales of cowardice stupidities, I will bring the bad experience of the past 20 years to bear and find out how far their star sign big mouth really goes.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland