It is recently suggested that the controversies surrounding my activities are getting out of hand and they are not – there is really no controversy whatsoever: the reality of the world we live in is that I might invent a million and one tricks to avoid oppressing these abusive gits but it still always comes down to a process where they got a real job instead of handling me over their money issues, by making the threatening ones fight my wars and getting the suckers to pick up placards and banners that helped them complain about civil rights incessantly. The point of this mostly is that I see people that are out of my league all the time and they needed to know considering these events, they are not a threat to me. In my case I am working on the matter in this environment where my finances have been burned away, so they didn’t get off claiming that I had wealth and privilege – so the threatening ones want to know and they will know, to help them push me around all the time, the popularity gits on the other hand are seeking a fight that will develop along the lines of what they would have accomplished if the energy that is spent on me, was spent on their wealth and social inequality problems instead. It has always been about the business of how they could cut off an arch prince from his finances to secure their own financial wellbeing into the future, since last they wrecked my University studies, all sorts of Industrial madness have emerged, right up to this stage where it had since become a matter of me, them and the Industries, with them holding back market success for my Books by the sheer amount of abusive stupidities that I had to tolerate and nothing more. The idea that I had a problem with my temper as well is utter rubbish too, as I have been working on the University fiasco for a decade as if it were a problem I had created, whilst we have simply only ended up with an outcome where they never moved on until something violent had occurred. As for the story of how they will fight my wars as well, it was completely reliant on the Prince of Wales having decided he will never listen to those who tell him that working with these gits is not viable and the business of deciding certain matters associated with his claim to the Throne were of such dire importance that they had to proceed with or without the Monarch never worked – they need to stop threatening me or there was a real risk of finding out these facts that show those gimmicks about handling me which they have never backed up in 15 years could be the least of their worries. I had no idea what they were doing, what we are seeing however suggests that we are looking at a case of a handful of effing geniuses chasing power. All they need to say and do hinges every time on the two-part claim that I appear as if I had no control which encouraged them to take risks and that Police relations was in terrible state. In terms of the former, it is a matter of enforcing red lines to prevent the population going off to do the war bits of which the risk was a case of creating a situation in which they were worse off than the Criminals, hence we had to work it together – in terms of the latter, I don’t think that they believed a such a job existed as a case of trusting people to help them feel safe either and even so, if the Police did not do their jobs, I have never known an occasion in which they had to answer to these scumbags for not doing their jobs, except perhaps if the situation was getting worse – it seems that whilst the media and celebrities can mess with jobs and careers of any kind in the country, backed by their goons who cling to my bookshop as a statement that suggested they were entitled to my pensions literally, which is what this is all about but they cannot fool around with the jobs and careers of Police Officers and it is nice to see. All is well mostly provided people avoided this habit of channelling such levels of abusive behaviour and words toward my work and or my person, which is something they could easily stop doing – otherwise the state of affairs will develop into an understanding of what I may have done when I spend more of my time on them, whilst there was really nothing to do if the way I organised my life catered for abusive women, looking like unless there was a showdown with the men this matter will never go away: it is still the old story of the reasons they enlist in the Military to fight my wars and complete some National service I did not do, the demagogue being a progression from the mess the Prince of Wales is making for them, building communities that get imagination up my bum and talking nonsense all the time about battles I never fought, show up here to tell me I didn’t deserve my career because I am not the one that does the thing that presses me, so it is fair to assume that they think I am unaware of what they are chasing when they enlist in the Military at my expense as such, same case of not having a single prove after 15 years that the theory they can handle me was founded on fact.

The story they tell about being a threat to me, where I was wrong about the idea, they could not handle me, was largely developed on an eventuality where they were psychopaths who loved to push away emotional advancements and tell themselves strange things which then becomes the composition of their personality – probability is that they may show up and end up with another which was developed specifically for them. It is how the people who work in the dangerous parts of secret service and Military activity organise their concerns; for each time they engaged in active activity, they had to switch off the emotional advancements and this was the risk, that they will become very disturbed persons if they switch it off often enough for it to shut down all together; what we then make sense of being the destruction of my finances by famous idiots that had switched their own off to make money, about which the ever trusty media had not yet made sense of the warnings I have issued. It all feeds into the fact the Prince of Wales continued to attack those who inform him that he cannot work with them as best-case situation will be to set them out as some filthy work that was done at a certain point and use them as a tool for exerting deterrence but that also will set him out as somebody who loved to punish the public because he could not handle the bad people. They do claim none knows how I get about handling the bad people, but it is largely a business of getting them caught up in the mainstream economy – they really hate the business of paying taxes like everybody else, so this hate for the way I have manipulated them into doing this become the thing that they spent most of their energy on, therefore do not get to follow me around as much. The rest were a handful of gits who think they are very good at working crimes that they got to cheat justice on; the fabled story of characters that can rent your home in certain neighbourhoods, fail to pay rent, make enough trouble and even to a stage where some take your property from you after they ensured that you lost everything you had and of course for every attention they paid me, brought about by the perverted interests Celebrities show in my social life, some twat needed to build them a Media bubble to play with and this is what the main problem here is, since it was clear their need to chase me around to make money at my expense instead of get a job, called for consequences and these consequences should not exempt the millionaire pops star who shares his money with the local communities but make the money the same way in the first place all together, blabbing that I cannot until I did, whereby it would have been impossible for somebody that did not have access to Public authority like I do but they simply have not yet taken a hint.

They do claim young people faced the risk of fighting my wars and yes they do – after routing my University studies, it was a gimmick over my Books naturally, they have now succeeded in building up a public understanding whereby criminals characters can take pictures of themselves making statements about my Public image and that would be the social media profile; the outcome being that again and again, every new thing I did to better my Bookshop was needed by a young idiot who faced a risk of fighting my wars, needs stay away from my Books and make comments about their families, if they must make comments now that they are well and truly out of their depth. I mean a typical problem on social Media for the love of dot com millionaire gimmicks at other people’s expense, would involve a business of resolving it by first producing a solution and of the people that you have engaged with it, the people that have responded according to what the problems was meant to solve, will set the stage for how that problem is solved, which takes months – what these fools did, three year after their celebrities discovered it would be impossible to control my finances without doing damage to mine and my property, was work abuses and insults and make a mess of my Book to an effect such as criminals then showed up to take pictures of themselves making statements about my Public image, which became the social media profile that they were going to keep – a clear statement that an involvement with their profile will produce an outcome in which they acquired license to grab my property but then with the disposition they have, depending on opportunity, they get involved with me and when I handle it, I had inadvertently involved myself with their profiles, of which what people expected must then occur, so I really need them to play out this thoroughly modern gimmick again and fight my wars as much as possible. They do claim I am unaware I have created a lot of Political instability which is utter nonsense: what happens is that they are creating it but I am just fed up with knowing about it and being expected to do nothing about the fact they want to move it off to a different time frame – the time frame issue first of all was that every generation came with its own social structure and this came with problems and crimes, what they have done had created two social structures with problems and crime, then we find that they were incredibly busy being the MPs that didn’t like the way things were done in the Country, soon enough they ended up with a Law Court Case and lost it, so the system had delivered them injustice which determines the reasons they loved to attack the judiciary, here they would then say the Doctrine of Precedent which says that if two cases were the same, they should be treated the same was wrong according to my prognosis while they have not yet sorted out the matter with their ageist mates who didn’t mind playing the ex-convict and criminal cards that Celebrities soon become a part of. Like we see them show up to trash my University studies and now had a need to express something of a way they got around running me down to allow their children get ahead of the weather, which was the only way that they were important people, while the problem was that I smelled. So eventually we hear that I have been fighting the Queen’s battle when HM does not want it – the truth of it being that it started when people married into the Dutch Royal family and my misery was started, after that a South African woman married the Prince of Monaco and my Misery was tripled, so when I do their own as well, they had fabulous ideas. We are talking about the health destroying blackmail gimmicks of Industry gits that get completely out of hand due to such nonsense and more pressing, the way they needed to use environmental destruction as a pressure point to get what they wanted – the irony being the resources of companies being deployed for such nefarious activities which the companies would otherwise not have wanted to lose.

They do claim I really am a character that can get away with anything, but it is not how it works at all. What is happening is that it is a right mess all round and that mess should not have existed – it is not a change that had been approved by the Monarch. I am an example of the effect of these changes, where over the last 15 years I have gotten caught up in several academic institutions of which the pattern of outcomes were the same i.e. dropping out – then there is the bigger controversial matter of celebrities who loved to get involved with me and it was easily manageable by showing the Celebrities what might cause problems and how it might be avoided, so what I have ended up with instead is that Celebrities got involved with me in a manner that I could not control and I could not control Celebrity feelings about getting involved with me either and this the kind of changes we have had, full of people taking photos of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image and a need to pillage my finances because actions of State provided security affected them. They claim they would love to teach me lessons about interfering with their ambitions but it is not a lesson they can teach as such and I am sure they think that I am pretty confident and it’s not about being confident either – what happens is that they tear down my studies and the only way they can be important people is to run me down and build communities that abuse me in a sexual context while their women showered me with insults and their children got ahead of the weather, every time they see me in public it’s all games and practical jokes that will drive me towards severe mental illness while their problem was more a matter of them, their society and the importance of Celebrities of which if I ran it going once, going twice gone, they would git lobotomy as well, hence not a lesson they can teach. A more concrete statement they made concerned how the Queen defended me physically and this was the cause of all problems while what really happened was the endemic popularity problem that the Public faced and how I appeared to be doing well on the matter, while they went off to challenge the Queen’s authority over it: then we had to make sense of the way the popularity abuses crisis began with a need they had to round of people they considered superior, whose parents owned shares in German business, turn up to run people down in the Country and built themselves a footing at Buckingham Palace. Now we assess the implications as a case of National Banking doing most of their work at British Economic backyard of which a very important feature was the very valuable Asian Markets, in terms of their popularity, superiority and footing at Buckingham Palace and if we assessed other matters, we find that they had eliminated the other people that helped work the popularity Diplomacy that were linked to African, Middle Eastern and South American Economies, Governments and Countries, so the question then is one of how a decision may be reached on what exactly they wanted.

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