To address apprehension about getting involved with us, there has been since the Economic crisis of 2007 which exposed much about the personal and financial operations of the people of the world, been one most outstanding source. I am referring to the dual eventuality of an apprehension that people have of starting all over again should I give them some equitable morale on one, hand while on the other, the fear of Media and popularity reprisals that cause them to demand a personal arrangement on my part which makes the apprehension worse as those who work property equity vandalism with Media are usually armed with more ammunition in the form of scandals to work with.

I should start therefore by saying that the fear of Media is usually unfounded as it is mostly built of perception and a little bit of confidence breaking market treachery. Some people will say it is a brave face placed on things but I am not putting a brave face on the fact I am aware and what I write does suggest I am in control of Media communities of civil rights vandals that presume to control the underbelly of Cities and appear not to have the will to get on with anything unless with narcissism and sexual context abuses they are attacking and threatening others, to take up peoples time and dare the busy public into a fight - so am I aware of and in complete control of the advertisement based vandalism that eventually adds up to administrative action which is akin to the control of whole neighbourhoods in order to manage and run a premises.

My vision remains the need to get the Public spending the spare change that is usually set aside by those who are seen behaving in very unusual ways at the market place, whose actions add up sometimes to shop lifting for attrition, who work most of the reasons that vandals with Media access love to think themselves famous on my Books; therefore, rather than a total control of what happens in terms of Business, I have opted for the partnership based operational procedure that we see here. Eventually I dare say it is okay to shop, take part and see how Intellectual Property Administration solutions from the Estate works for you.

I wish you the best of Luck


It gets completely out of hand very quickly, one moment I am grappling with talk of me learning things when I thought I knew everything, led by stupid black men that cannot let people be and I will simply think the problem may be resolved when it eventually earns them a response which means I want a Public image that resolves this one problem where they know where my business and products are located, so they use it to make me live their dream, talking rubbish about how I need to prove myself on violent issues all the time. But it develops quickly into something about how my main problem is still what I boast about but had never done all together and it does not make any sense when we are here because they think Politicians have helped them recover the health they want to do bad things with and this has been achieved by the Labour Party spending tax payer funds to sort out their finances while spending it to wreck mine and make me a target like some pure thing that will be killed so people might be free etc and they are always unto it because they have a Media to play with and a big ego, nothing to do with what I have boasted about but never achieved. The same Labour Party complains all the time of the damage I have done to it and its affairs, looking like their stupidities know what being petty means, which is making me think about their case being resolved when my relations with Family and my finances look the way they found it when their stupidities first began around here as it were. I have never thought this issue to be a problem for my part either, like people say I promise much but I need to be frank as per whether my supposition I can handle them is some sort of false confidence but it is not, they can do the beating up, there is no doubt about that, this nonsense however is progressing towards a time when their girls will keep the insults off me and their stupidities off my concerns because it had resulted in outcomes whereby I wanted them to choose between keeping off my Books and not following me around or being on the side of big brother getting gangs and criminals and hoodlums to chase peoples bottoms wrecking everything people care about on account big brother is getting by, the same issue whereby they wrecked my academic work and finances to make me respond and when I did their bottom hurt, so I became the one they will handle with a big mouth. So I am told that if a person knew what the prognosis of a problem was, then it was possible to get around solving it and its utter nonsense as this matter has no prognosis, save the fact Politicians spend tax payer funds to help them out with health and energy they need to do bad things while spending it to wreck my academic work and finances burning anything that stands in the way of their stupidities on either side, the same Political idiots complaining of how what I do to pick myself up wrecks their Political party, like itís never taken a thing seriously in its stupid life. Much the same as it has always been a matter of how a Country can only exist when it is occupied only by the superior people, but it needs to do this damage to my property and rely on me to do nothing about it while it suckles my Public image and creations to build a self-confidence health that will allow it to do what it knows others cannot appreciate. We hear all the time of that case where they all want to have what I have and are advocates of freedom for the masses but they are not Royalty and unless they are sharing the proceeds of their own jobs know that making a mess of my concerns the way we see them do to top up their superiority means looking for trouble Ė I have just conducted what appears to be a case of moving them out of country and starting to look like I donít want to show mercy until it became a Habit while they did whatever they liked and they have been such a bunch of geniuses they were unable to notice it. I believe they know exactly what the insults and abuses leading to outcomes where they either made me or shut up actually means too; especially as they claim its rebellion in the works and it has grown for years around here in the first place, starting from gimmicks about getting into an argument with me and attacking me if they were proven wrong, into what we have today being that my biggest problem is a matter of me boasting about things I have never done and itís as if the next time they blab like that they are certainly going to get a response for it too; Rebellion is the same thing as Witchcraft, and the point eventually is that we are not friends, we are not mates. The story of their lives is that I pretend I can beat them all, while we know itís the same effect here, that the more their stupidities continue to exhibit itís insulting envy where it says I am no Royalty all the time as well, up to the point where it will need to shut up or make me, is the more the prospects of getting into a fight on the Streets or just getting into a fight that is too much for me, while I am supposed to be completely oblivious to what this means and what evil really looks like.

So I am said to have had a brave face put on the fact I have lost everything and its utter nonsense; I have not lost anything, just the business of the fact we live all our lives with the threat of having an idea that will make us financially comfortable and then having it taken away by obscurity pushing luvvies and their Celebrities, such that we had nothing and they were determined that was the only point at which we were to go free from their insanity Ė so there is a twat that keeps making sure that an occasion exists where he drags my Books and Career into a situation where that was a real threat that was so great that I had to respond to it every day and if the rest of the fools who complain about me all the time want to stay out of trouble, then they only need to refrain from building Publicity for it, as seeing that I already have a history with such stupidities Ė the big mouth about nearly becoming more important than I am using my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved again will not help, it never has. The Celebrities themselves are another story all together; its spends time on the big brother wants to get you caught up with gangs, criminals and hoodlums because he is getting by for his bits and then starts telling five years of lies associated with wanting to handle me a small Daddy Penises in Hollywood and criminal feminism talking rubbish at me, building me a history of insults where my patents and public image should be, claiming that I am responsible for it, while its employer idiots get all over my Public image to make Films on my Assets and claim I spend time rubbing shoulders with more important people while itís the criminals buying Films. I do get told that if I approached this on the prognosis basis, this problem could be resolved but there has always been one prognosis around here; these idiots either want my Books free of charge or they want to get it without reading it because of the problems associated with making time to read it, once done we find them save their salaries and I cannot get a moments peace on grounds they are very important Ė so the only way to deal with it sustainably, save the intense suffering I inflict every time I see them handle my property, would be to tackle the Politicians that spend tax payer funds on them and tell us to hang up somewhere holding our tummy while we say that they were clever people and nobody wants to spend their time tackling Jeremy Corbin or Tony Blair. Even now we see they have shown their stupid children how to get the imagination up my Bum and one day, the bullying will lead to a business of saying or doing something very unusual to me and then it will be my turn to show them how stupid they really are. I do get told I do not take full note of how it has affected the Armed Forces and that is not necessarily the reality as well; the first instance is that they deployed my Royal Order to get things done at the Military or other Security service systems, then set about claiming that it belongs to them, one following up the matter, I have found itís the same goons getting involved with security services and therefore nothing to worry about Ė the second part will be that we have an economy that does not stop experimenting on itself because these goons have means to be fucking famous instead of getting a Day Job, so we see that if we travel to Africa we will meet tribes and people who boast all the time about how their sense of discrimination is linked to the fact they used to trade people from another tribe as slaves, travel to the UK and you see Black America want to teach the British and its Monarchy and Military a Lesson for being involved with slavery and slave trade. If it does not want a conversation about its stupidities, it will stop building publicity for what happens when idiots set about making a mess of my Books to allow Celebrities take advantage of my earnings and if it wants to stay out of all that trouble, it needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. The claim they had found some weedy Black Person on whom they can practice everything that makes racists powerful began in the late part of 2001, we now live in the Year 2019, blabbing nonsense about how they nearly got famous with my Public image before I had the effrontery to get involved with their superior selves like a Caricature. I wrote my Books after I dropped out of University in 2008, I made a new Edition in 2012, we now live in 2019 with me having the Customer base replaced by idiots who want to shower me with a History of insults, so it is quite an interest they have my work, the work they hated in the first place, assuming the person who created it will be less a problem for them and itís not the only example of their need to have these disposition they can build a crowd on to blackmail Public interest because they need money, the blabbing about war all the time is one such. It will get off an angle soon to tell me I am happy now that everybody is on my side which is utter nonsense; what happens apart from their need to attack people who are just trying to get on, goes beyond passing insults at me for years which has now become their civil right and will apply at Industry, it grows into something of the backyards of Companies and people with a tendency to create public issues, an Arch Prince being involved with it since 2003 and their need to attack any Women who are fighting on my side Ė the gits have never once given us an explanation for this behaviour, only interested in who is happy because everybody took their side against somebody else, which then again has nothing to do with showing up here only if their stupidities needs a Book I have written, before it behaves as if I am naÔve of what evil looks like. I would be told none like it is when these problems persist, but they do not, it is just a handful of fortune in the eyes idiots who want my Books free of charge including other property I own and if they follow me around again the next time, they see me attend an academic institution as I have warned endlessly, I will make their lives very tough and very violent too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland