I have come across this story that people feel crowded out by my activities just like most ethnic minorities and its utter nonsense, we don’t crowd out anything, the problem is that there is risk associated with building my life with the people I build it with and if I am allowed to carry on with that, there is no prospect of people feeling I am pushing them as well and that my financial situation causes me to get involved with people unnecessarily all the time – what these people prefer to do is invite themselves into it and use media to do so, not long after entire days, weeks, months and years are spent on the vandalism of property that belongs to people whose names they don’t know and soon after that they feel crowded out. The others who claim it affects them more than most will then hang around chasing my public image to claim that alongside the other scum whose idea of making use of anything is violence and abuse in practice talking nonsense about being important, will then hang around claiming they were the superior forms of evolution which encouraged their insults and abuses and processes of telling me how to exist alongside the discipline they devised for it and it only stops when I had spent their time deciding what they did with their days in this world for a period of time as well and they had found from the outcome that it is possible for me to do it for their entire life time, then I become a dangerous character that they never stop blabbing about a need to control while still clinging to my public image for it all together. It is done like this all the time and even when they are crowded, do not have the intelligence to get it figured out and yet their stupidities were the future forms of evolution.

I do not think too much of it, I simply want them to understand that the same way their jobs are so important to them they need show up at the concerns of this Royal Hermitage to pass insults at me that then become financially profitable, tends to express the way that the objectification of people really works and when they do me, I tend to remember that I have got a penis as well. They have however said that people like me get involved with what does not concern us and create problems for people everywhere and its utter rubbish – what happens is that the women who get involved with me have codes of behaviour, a lot of the times the partners are not to know about it, so I am somewhere between Partner and work, others whose partners are informed, have a code whereby involvement of partner is either sacrilege of sorts or a form of cheating on me on their part, we know it works this way for obvious reasons and to hang around somewhere thinking about the reasons we end up with society trouble makers on one hand and feminists on the other are supposed to be the reasons for insanity. The rest of the time, the women they are married to consider themselves to live in the lowest possible point and what I am doing with other women is seen as an upgrade, it is usually irritating and annoying because it is quite possible for the men to keep their hands-off other people. They say I objectify for instance, but I do not, it is the sheer intensity the abuses when they are certain that I am unlikely to do a thing about it which produces my own forms of objectification since we are not taught to do such things by the Church – I build it up and integrate it into my concerns and when they suffer, I take responsibility for my part in the matter as well.

They do claim the female community is not productive and its utter nonsense – all I know is that I am not interested in their problems, their only concern in this place should be to buy and read what I have written not abuse and make use of me then hang around somewhere telling lies on Media to cling to my public image for quick money. Those who claim I don’t actually know what women are capable of will be the ones that take up what buzzes away at the background of everybody’s living and set it up on my public image then hang around talking nonsense when they cannot get it fixed, about which they will then say that women needed to stop interfering with their public image while we know what happens is that they reached a stage like everybody else where your tummy issues really should not determine your mobility and their insults and abuses and personal choices mean their stupidities are always fooling around with peoples personal space, however those who have money have reached a stage like everybody else where sleeping in the bedroom, eating on the dining table, using the Home loo when they need to go, was no longer the standard thing but rather than make the decision people need to respect that build a media based public leadership that screws with my Bookshop and blabs about women keeping off their public life. They do say I do not have a chance against them, and we know if I spent all my energy on that stupid society and community of theirs with this bookshop right in the middle of it, we would be dealing with an entirely different story. They also claim women are destructive and it beats the imagination all the time – what really happens being that although they are the people obsessed with getting involved with women, they are the same who get tired when it comes to the business of going the whole length with respect to building relationships with the female community and we know this sort of tiredness happens to people all the time – when you feel it and somebody hangs around singing at the top of their voice for instance, any other time it would make you happy but at that point you want to kill yourself, for my part where they have continued to issue those threats after building the sense I smell into a phenomenon and since neither Politicians nor media makes their personal decisions for them, I had decided to wait and see what becomes of it and after over a decade believe it is time to move on, otherwise they would live up to those stupid threats and I would ensure the fight came to a stop as well – on the whole it does not bother me too much, since clearly some things never change, they are really big and I am always feeling their stupidities in my personal space, after which they knock on wood with a big mouth. So, if women are destructive, I am certain there are enough control measures here to ensure that it did not stop them from showing up here to buy and read what I have written. It is not to say I think women are destructive either, what happens is that these guys tire easily with women but will be the ones to get involved with others and go from fascination to destruction. We see it all the time, where talking about it only gets them making statements – can you tell why that one moves her body like that, why the other behaves the way she does, why the other looks at people like she does and they believe this bothers me a lot while it doesn’t in anyway whatsoever – what is happening is that they clearly enjoy having sex with people every time and everywhere, so I am wondering how I should know why women have the bodies they have and move it like they do when they have been embarrassed for a change.

It is the same story we can see how it has developed in my case from petty stupidities thinking it has a right to get what it wants from people it does not know, to claims that I crowd out its stupid life while its involvement with mine means the risk of building a life with others is ever present. We listen to the boasting all the time – that we female types are learning to accommodate their needs; what really happens being that the insults which are an expression of their society power and can make me poor and make them rich at my expense are relentless, so it takes up about 90% of what people think of it while the remaining 10% runs along the lines that I am a Man, so we can see it would not be farfetched to put in in a hospital for saying that I am homosexual or a woman trapped in a man’s body simply because I feel tired and emotionally drained. We are here while all these matters had been resolved a long time ago because another group of fools have planned their family finances and careers in a way which says that if they can control me on-behalf of fat cats, Industry trouble makers and celebrities, their opportunity to get somebody who is wealthy connecting with their families will be greatly increased, the parents and neighbourhoods have latched onto this and will never stop banging and hitting the imagination to make it work naturally, so we can see they love their jobs if I am a character who thinks broadcasting is about civil service staff liaising with Industry and making a case of how it works on Media, hence do like to keep my distance – I suppose they are making progress so far on their part. The reality here is that this is not a cash intensive investment where it is said I set out money and then backup money and then a product, found somebody to engage with it and ensure emotions do not cloud decisions – it’s all incentive based and it’s on a knifes edge for me at this stage, it’s not that I don’t have lots of people showing interest in my Books, they just need an environment to read it, while another group of goons with ideas about the fact the way it works means I don’t take it too seriously when people do not pay for products they use ensure such an environment does not exist and the blacks will never stop making statements in public about being superior to me, about why the Royal family should ditch a low life and spend time with their superior selves, my whole life has come to a stop because their need to make money in an all-consuming thing three times including what happened at University and they continue to show up all over my concerns because they are convinced I am not angry enough to solve a problem by hurting them seriously. They do say that my activities affect whole countries and yes it does, since they did set it up that way; they rip up my property and earnings, what I do is intellectual property administration, so I get to prevent businesses from heading towards their own. I operate the way I do because the only time I remember being free of American citizen corruption was when I did not feel as if my travel route to Africa and view of the world was interfered with; so it now has to be re-established, especially considering that people have a way to resolve these matters back in Africa before these trouble makers are allowed to travel to the UK, save when they think that UK or American Authorities want to take care of it. I might say it like so but it’s not as simple, what saying this reveals is not that mobility helps to prevent wars and improves peoples quality of living in the poorer parts of the world or that it also prevents the overseas wars that are usually needed to look after ideological interests but that 70% of the time that my disposition would be messy because somebody is hanging around somewhere with strange ideas displayed all over my public image on how he may kill people and fool around with Government Office financial corruption, it is facilitated by Communists.

They now claim that facts are beginning to emerge about me being a threat to Celebrities while I claimed that I am not. The truth of it on the other hand is that 8 years of financial complications have been entirely due to Celebrities who saw Books I had written out of tackling culture and society trouble makers that they claim wrecks everything that have and stand for, meant they created me a history of insults that placed a handle on my person and life for manipulation, turning the process of getting the Lion’s share of the service, getting people to grab my career for them and make me do something else for a living, wrecking the Bookshop to get me working for them makes the way they churn my tummy into a proper global stage phenomenon which they cannot have enough of and has become their answer for everything. So the reality of it is still that each time I hang around somewhere working on what is really a career relationship with somebody else, the big problem I veer off a corner to deal with while both the career and Books which are being damaged because a process of not having any physical contact with me or my concerns doesn’t really make the business of banging away at me effective is the business of fame idiots claiming they are more important while their big brother and big sister army in the City speak of the Lion share they deserve from anything I am doing. For me it used to be a simple question of becoming a punching bag because I tackled culture and society trouble makers which Celebrities found to be useful to them, meaning that that I should stop doing it especially now I have written a Book and if big brothers and big sisters along with their Celebrities needed anything, they are not living on food banks but since they realised that they get little responses from me to make sense of their bullying and decided they wanted to get around to the criminal activity of tackling my Book sales and telling lies about my entire Royal position having the same effect on their stupidities to buy time every day as I am made to keep the secrets of the patent breach and criminal vandalism so their stupidities might continue to be famous, it has required a response from me as well and it seems that it all hinges on everything associated with the results of a Celebrities hanging around somewhere to make a statement about being more important than I am no matter how small. For their part, it started out as stories involving a process where I tended to assume what I saw them do on media is what their lives really were like as insultingly as possible, especially when they had to play the part of other people’s parents while they had their own children and how this developed into being a punching bag because I wrote a Book that assisted them beats the imagination completely – I am therefore tired of it, no such thing as a secret of how I am a threat to them being kept, what is really happening is this massive trouble stirring where I really want to see how culture and society idiots will grab my work, public image and career to share with them in order to teach me lessons, then continue to get imagination up my bum thereafter; which is also none of their business – when they show up here, they need to treat a Bookshop according to the purposes that it was set out.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland